Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ant Stacks Feat. Classic Stylez & Splitz - Day By Day

My boy Ant Stacks and his team spittin some real life bars. Flawless Tracks on the beat. Shout out to Stacks do your thing player!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Tsunami Surf Arrested In Detroit (UPDATE)

In a real fucked up turn of events preceding Ultimate Rap League's Motor City Mayhem event in Detroit today, I just received a text from people out there that Newark, New Jersey artist Tsunami Surf, scheduled to battle Big T of Chicago today, was arrested on a gun charge out there. Allegedly this happened last night. I'll update with details as they become available.

Tsu Surf vs Big T has been highly anticipated for months now and after being postponed, then canceled, then back on, the fans are gonna be highly disappointed to miss out on this one. I'm more concerned about the impact this will have on Surf's personal life, as he is still on probation and has a young daughter to care for. My respects go out to Suge and the rest of his family. Good luck to Arsonal and O-Red in their battles, come back to Jersey safely.


UPDATE 2: The main event, Calicoe vs Arsonal is on. All of the battles of the night have gone down except Tsu Surf vs Big T. Tentatively re-scheduled for tomorrow after a court hearing.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hollow Calls out Iron Solomon

Introducing Neenah

Nowadays I'm not impressed much by today's music. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of good music out there but not enough great music. Music powerful enough to change the way you think and live,  becoming the soundtrack to your daily life. More often than not I gotta dig into classics of the past to find inspiration. It worries me because I think to myself when this generation grows up and need to look into the past, are they really gonna have to look to Chris Brown and Drake for their inspiration?(Sorry Bell)  But every once in a while I still come across a new artist whose music ignites that fire in me that says there's still hope for the youngins. One of them. ladies and gentlemen, is Neenah.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tay Roc Is Back

He's been quietly plotting since his battle with O-Red in March. This Saturday he takes on QP and he's got Tsu Surf and Rich Dolarz on his radar. What's Roc got planned for everyone? He might just shock us all. Stay tuned you know I'm on it.

Video: Math Hoffa - 007

Monday, November 28, 2011


WOW this looks classic, all the battles look dope. K Shines reaction on the Clay Mathews line by Hitman is classic

I'll Bet $100,000 Plus Half My Life That Rich Dolarz Won't Beat X-Factor

I just spent about half an hour debating with a fan, @BrooklynWavy718, about this Rich Dolarz vs X-Factor battle happening this Saturday at URL's Motor City Mayhem in Detroit.. This battle could possibly be one of the best battles of the night. Correction, it will be one of the best battles of the night. Sad part about it is that fact has very little to do with Rich Dolarz. I know that's harsh but I'll break it down for Brooklyn and the rest of you in a second. First, Why does Brooklyn have so much faith in Rich though?

From The Vault: Aye Verb Post Battle Interview

URL's Summer Madness was exhausting. Really. The event itself, being there with all those people and seeing those battles live was amazing but the aftermath drained the hell out of me. Especially the Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips saga. Everyone and their grandmother had an opinion on that battle, why Verb got booed, who really won, etc. From twitter to youtube the aftermath seemed like it would never end. So I was so drained that once the battle was finally released on September 30th I kinda sorta forgot to post the interview I did with that same night. Well here goes another classic from one of my favorite people to interview. We discussed the Clips battle, Goodz, Arsonal, Math and Swave Sevah. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Yung Ill Talks About Battle With Rex and more.

Ill talks about his battle with Rex, his predictions for the Detroit card, who he wants to battle next, and Clash of The St Louis Titans coming in January with Hitman battling Aye Verb.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Charlie Clips Talks Big T Battle & X Factor

Clips talks about his upcoming 1rd unlimited battle with Big T in Atlanta, he also talks about why him vs X Factor isn't going down. I'm interested to see how Clips will do against Big T who will throw some punches at him.

New York Unsigned Hype Cypher (2nd Edition)

@kissMYpumpsHO <3

Video: Summer Leather Vest Feat. Joe Budden - Unison

I still have no clue who, what, when or why. But I'm with it lol. Video directed by Walu. Track Produced by The Klasix.

Download link

Pill - Alive

 Some nice feel good music I stumbled across. I fux with it. So you should too.

Download (props to

Arsonal Talks About Calicoe and Freestyles

With his big battle with Calicoe coming up Arsonal does a blog about him and spits some fire at the end. Calicoe better bring his A game because it looks like Ars is hungry this time around and left squidwards clarinet at home.

Goodz, T Rex, K Shine St Louis Blog

These 3 talk about how the biased STL crowd, X Factor saying Goodz is worst top tier battler, and various other things.

QB, Tori Doe, Jaz The Rapper Cypher

These 3 lovely ladies take turns goin in at this cypher. I personally feel that Jaz went the hardest but QB and Tori weren't far behind. My only knock on this is I wish the ladies would've went longer.

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Matrimony Vs Norma Bayts

Tsu Surf - Surf's Up 1.5 (Mixtape)

Download (Props to

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SMACK/URL Presents - Okwerdz Vs. E. Beasley

So yesterday Okwerdz released a video telling people why he wasn't gonna be battling Midwest Miles in URL's Motor City Mayhem in Detroit. He had some harsh words for URL's staff, specifically Eric Beasly. Fans jumped to conclusions and took his side immediately. Today Beasley responds. Who will prevail on the world's most respected MC Battle blog?

Monday, November 21, 2011

MNF - KC Chiefs vs NE Patriots (Live)

oh yeah

EDI: Game over. goodnight!

King Of The Dot Presents: Illmaculate & Thesaurus vs poRICH & Diaz

All good things must come to an end. In some cases, that end is anti-climatic. A whimper. In others, it's an explosion. After months of build up, the 2 vs. 2 Grand Prix would be the latter. 16 teams had been cut down to 2, with Flatline setting the stage for the final showdown between West Coast legends The Saurus and Illmaculate and GTA underdogs poRICH and Diaz. Saurus and Illmac rolled over the competition every step of the way to the finals, rarely seeming challenged as they added a series of new bodybags to their always growing 2 vs. 2 resume. Diaz and Rich found themselves stuck in a few more dogfights along the way, forced to continuously step up their game and rise to the occasion in making it to the end of the road. By the time this battle had been decided upon, the tensions were already high. They would end up spilling over into the battle itself. Controversial material, lines crossed, a physical altercation and an impossibly close decision all combined together to make this perhaps the most hyped match of the entire Grand Prix. Which only seems fitting, of course. When good things come to an end, it's always preferred that they go out with a bang.

We need more of this in the battle world. Not 2 vs 2 (I like them though). I mean battlers going at it with money on the line. Fuck paying all these rappers ridiculous amounts of money just to show up. Make them go hard for it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who Is JC?

JC is the lil guy from Detroit behind the rumored Proving Grounds battle that will never be released because it was allegedly so bad it will destroy the life and career of Philadelphia's Time Bomb. He's got Rosenberg Raw in Detroit at URL's Motor City Mayhem on Saturday December 3rd. Congrats on making the main stage homie. Good to see more new guys on the rise in URL.

Q.P. Vlog

In this blog, QP talks about a few things. He talks about Suge and his little visiting Detroit sitcho, discusses the battles on the MidWest Mayhem card, goes HAM and cheese sandwich on the OTHER QP, John John Da Don, and some other stuff. I DIED when he got Tay Roc together. Watch it below. 


@kissMYpumpsHO <3

Saturday, November 19, 2011

STREETSTATUSDVD presents: T Dubb O vs. Metta

Thank me later for this post. 

Pay VERY close attention to Metta. Now, i'm not taking anything away from T Dubb O, but he got kill ki ki killed [insert Math Hoffa voice here]. Seriously, he died. Metta fucked him over something crazy. Mark my words when i tell you this: This guy is gonna run through niggas in the URL something crazy. In this battle, he showcased charisma, personality, performance, technique, and just overall SKILL. Yes, yes, yes- yet another fire spitter from my beloved MidWest! Im excited about him... yes indeed! Watch below.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nuborn's BluudyNuckles Interview

Okay, so yea, we all know Nuborn. Whether we love him or hate him, ehh, that's questionable. Be that as it may, im not gonna be a sucker and say that Nuborn dont got bars. Like, when he aint choking, Nuborn is nice. Yea, i said it, NUBORN IS NICE. He choked up a few times, but it happens to the best of them. In his battle against Cocky, he lightweight redeemed himself. (Wait a minute, Bell!! So you saying Nuborn that nigga?? 0_o) No, I'm not tryna gas him or anything, but when he's on his shit, he's good. Anyways, i digress. In the video below (start it at about 2:35), he talk about battle rap politics and calls out a few people. One thing i really respect is that he said he wants to battle up and coming rappers. Like it or not, Nuborn gets views. It doesnt matter WHY he gets them, but he does get them. Battling Nuborn is a great opportunity go get a buzz. Hell, look at Calicoe. No pun intended to him, but after battling Nuborn (and smoking his fucking boots), he became the topic of many battle rap convos. Nuborn called out Yung Ill (which i dont think is his wisest choice. Ill will KILL him) in this interview. He also talked a little bit about battle rap politics. I have to say that i agree with a lot of the things he said. 

Enough me though, watch the vid... 

@kissMYpumpsHO <3

URL Motor City Mayhem Trailer 2 - Big T vs Tsu Surf Is On

After being announced, then canceled, now re-announced for URL's Detorit card, Big T vs Tsunami Surf is officially going down on December 3rd. For some reason there seems to be more excitement over this battle than the main event Arsonal vs Calicoe. I'm not a fan of Big T honestly. He can rap but his raps just don't do it for me. Of course Surf is gonna put on a show (what mask will he wear when he lock picks his door?) and with Arsonal headlining, O-Red getting his shot at Aye Verb and Shotgun Suge likely rolling out with the team, expect Jersey to make headlines the next morning.

As for the rest of the card, Calicoe's gonna beat Arsonal. It won't be an easy win but he's on top of his game right now. Arsonal's gonna have some quotables though.

X-Factor is gonna beat Rich Dolarz but Rich might surprise us. Lately he's been feeling the pressure of being underrated and under appreciated by the fans after having put in so much work over the years so he's not gonna slack on this one the way he did with Tech 9. I think he's tired of being known as just the nigga with "the best resume in the game." He's no stranger to battling in front of a Midwest crowd so he knows what's up. X-Factor is Top 5 right now though. Funny as fuck and lyrically superior getting better with every battle. This is gonna be good.

Aye Verb vs O-Red? Smh. Listen, I love Verb. He's the reason I watch this battle rap culture as close as I do. But you're only as good as your last battle. So if we're going off him and Red's last matches (Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips and O-Red vs Rosenberg Raww) I can't see Verb winning. Red is hungry right now. Been waiting a whole year for this moment and now he's got it locked like a pit bull on a baby's neck. A one-round battle. 5 minutes, one chance to get your point across loud and clear. This slow flow Verb's been on better not show up or Red's gonna come out looking like he battled Rosenberg again. Don't disappoint me Verb. Don't do it man.

B Magic vs Young Kannon. I just watched B Magic teach M. Ciddy a lesson but word on the streets is Magic just took a bad one from Big Will. I'm still rolling with Magic cuz I want these new guys to keep rising up as we go into the new year. Young Kannon aint bad I just wish he'd stay the fuck still. Nigga moves like a chile with Tourettes Syndrome trying to catch a fly. He got some spit to him though so I aint sleeping. Kannon's got years in this so let's see if he pulls rank or gets pulled off out in a stretcher after B. Magic's relentless punchline barrage.

QP vs Tay Roc. It's no secret I'm the biggest Qleen Paper fan in the world at the moment. He's undefeated in my eyes (yes, B. Magic and Rosenberg Raww took a beating) and Tay Roc aint the one to change that. Nobody remembers Tay Roc's last battle in which he threw up on himself, came back and finished his rhymes and won like $1000. This is QP's first battle on the main stage and it's in his city so he's gonna show off. I just hope Tay Roc makes his rounds worth watching more than once.

There's more to be said but I'm chillin. Share your thoughts and get at me people!


King of the Dot Presents: Dizaster vs. DNA

Let me just say, this has been, in my opinion, the best battle of the year so far. When i tell you that both of them went in, believe me. DNA is back and i have fallen in LOVE with Dizaster! Watch it below and thank me later.

Friday, November 11, 2011

M. Ciddy vs. B. Magic

M. Ciddy vs. B. Magic: The battle we've all been dying for. Of course, after i stayed up until 3 a.m. waiting for it and it didn't come out, i took my black ass to sleep. When I woke up, it was hereeeee [insert Beyonce voice here]. But i digress. anywho, dive into this battle, yall.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Introduction: ALL OUT Ent.

So, I am aware that majority of the viewers are huge battle rap junkies. That’s cool. Please believe that I’m one, too. Hell, I’m the president of the “Yeen Fuckin with the MidWest” club (lol. I made that club up. What can I say? The MidWest is definitely my favorite region in terms of battle). With that being said, all my fellow MidWest heads know of Aye Verb, right? Right. Well, if you know of Aye Verb, I’m damn near positive that you’ve seen his crazy ass videos. If you seen those videos, you are on the right track. Chigga Chase, the other fool who shows his ass in those vids, is the CEO of ALL OUT Ent. The video below is a promo video for some of his artists, Mikey and Robbie.

Just like they are new to yall, they are new to me, too. However, I’ve heard a few Chase tracks, and I must say that I dig them. He has BARSSSSS, so I know for a fact he takes nothing more for his own lable.  I look forward to more vids and music from them all. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Next For Tsunami Surf?

So due to circumstances nobody really knows, one of the most anticipated battles Tsu Surf vs Big T, isn't gonna happen. At all. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it anyway. Big T is alright but Surf was better off antagonizing Hitman Holla until he agreed to battle. That would have been a far better match up. Nevertheless Surf was looking forward to Big T and since its not happening he's falling back on his music for a while. He's not inspired to jump back in the ring any time soon.

But, a few months ago Tsu Surf threw the idea of a 2 vs 1 battle out on twitter. Him versus any team, and he was dead serious. So, me being the voice of the people this is my petition to URL to make this happen. Who would be the team to take on this arrogant ass guy? Let me brainstorm real quick...

Illmaculate & Thesaurus

This is the most feasible team. For one, Illmac and Thesaurus have a history of teaming up to battle, currently beating the shit out of every team they face in King Of The Dot's $5000 Grand Prix (Finals are going down today at KOTD's Flatline event) These 2 vets would bring it hard to Surf. Especially Illmac. Illmac alone would bring some vicious shit to Surf. This would also bring in a whole new audience of battle rap fans to URL. People would come from all over to see this go down. I heard they were in talks with Illmac to bring him over anyway. He'd kill a lot of niggas too. This battle would bring the best out of Tsu Surf. Two veterans with a tag team history who know each other well and would be easily prepared. Yeah, I can see this one happening. Best fuckin idea ever. Get Smack on the phone right now. (Sidenote: I'd rather see this on King Of The Dot but getting Surf past Canadian customs would be almost impossible.)

Hitman Holla & Math Hoffa

Surf's been getting under Hitman's skin for months and was close to actually making this battle happen. I still think Hitman is scared to death. Math had some words with Surf on twitter also and was willing to battle him. Math and Hitman are both aggressive so I can see their styles meshing well with each other. If they collaborated, like really sat down and wrote together, they would put on a hell of a show. I think Surf would win this but it wouldn't be an easy win.

Arsonal & O-Red

Hear me out for a second tho. Yes Surf is cool with them but I don't think their too cool to do this. Could you imagine the bars that would come from this? Arsonal is one of the best and will battle anybody if the money's right. O-Red's on a rampage lately too trying to earn his respect that people don't seem to wanna give him. Arsonal's freestyle ability and energy mixed with O-Red's lyricism make them a great team. Arsonal might be the tougher challenge for Surf since him and O-Red use a ton of sports punchlines in their rhymes, making them evenly matched. The deciding factor would be how personal these guys get.

Qleen Paper & B. Magic

The two most talked about battlers of the new class, this would be crazy. QP's & B Magic's wordplay go well together. Magic being more smooth and witty, QP being more aggressive and animated. Plus Qleen already has Surf in his sights. Surf would be doing them a favor getting them a shot at a big name so soon and he could retire on that note. He'd have to come with his best shit though because these 2 are some of the hungriest MC's out there.

Bonus: Bad Meets Evil

Fuck it why not?


QB vs. Ms. Hustle: Finally Happening?


 Hello viewers! We meet again, ehh? I know I know. “Bell, yeen been on your bullshit in a minute!!” I know, dahlins, I know. See, I be busy and all that, but my, do I have some interesting things for you guys. Eat this for now though. Continue reading below…
UPDATE: SO YEA, THIS BATTLE WON'T BE HAPPENING.... "Why Bell?? They supposed to had been battled!!!" i know, i know, but according to QB, "grown ass men being sensitive" is preventing the  battle from happening. Therefore, its looking like we wont be seeing it at all. -__-

It’s starting to look like it will happen. Yes! Ms. Hustle vs. QB. Admit it: we have all been dying to see it. These two have been bickering back and forth for quite some time now. Right off bat, I can think of a couple times when they were supposed to battle. Why they didn’t? I really don’t know. Word on the street is that there were a few discrepancies on where to battle, price, all that kind of shit. Of course, the bulk of the issue should be done now, seeing as though Norbes, one of the partners in URL, said he doesn’t care if the two battle anymore.  That’s the green light to get it popping if you ask me.  At any rate, leave it to me to find out the truth in my interview with QB. Hustle will be battling the remains of Dutchess at some point on URL. I personally find this absurd! Now, while I don’t like Hustle, I’ve given her her props. Dutchess, on the other hand, is straight up and down hot garbage. “If you ask me, this bitch is ass cheeks [insert hustle voice here].” QB ate Dutchess, and Hustle is coming off a debatable battle with E-Hart. How in the holy hell is Hustle battling Dutchess and not QB? Your guess is better than mine. I blame it all on folks being in their emotions coupled with bad business practices. But hey, who am I….

Aside from all the supposed-to-had-beens, some recent shit talking has led to what looks to be a certain battle. How it started? I couldn’t quite tell you, but I know one thing, I’m taking all bets on QB for the win. I won’t be a biased little cunt and say that Hustle doesn’t have material. That would be a lie. She has bars. I still don’t like her though. She could polish her delivery a little more to me. The arrangement and all that needs work. QB will win because she has that delivery and aggression. Now, QB, of course, could add more bars to the package for more impact.
This is just really heating up, but trust and believe, as it develops, I’ll keep you guys posted.  Twitter went CRAZY when it all popped off today. It is obvious that the fans really want to see it. URL and QOTR both claim to be platforms that “do it for the fans.” If this is indeed the case, we will see QB/Hustle wayyy before Hustle/Dutchess. As a matter of fact, Dutchess/Hustle won’t even happen. NOBODY IS CHECKING FOR THAT!!

 For now, interest yourselves in the tweets and most recent battles below from all the parties involved.

E-Hart vs. Ms. Hustle 

QB vs. Dutchess p. 1 and 2

Friday, November 4, 2011

SMACK/URL Motor City Mayhem Preview


It's about time right? URL officially announces their first (real) battle rap event outside of NYC, Motor City Mayhem. Going down in Detroit at the legendary St. Andrew's hall on Saturday December 3rd, the event features

B. Magic vs Young Kannon
QP vs Tay Roc
JC vs Rosenberg Raww
X-Factor vs. Rich Dolarz
Aye Verb vs O-Red

and the main event niggas been dying to see since last year, Calicoe vs Arsonal. Looks like URL is about to outdo themselves yet again. Been extra busy starting my second job so I been slow updating the blog. Depending on how work goes I may just find myself in Detroit. This looks like it's gonna be crazy. But yo, I'll be back soon. In the mean time check out, Battle Rap Arena with @streetstarnorbe, and to stay up to date. Shout out to all the bloggers holding it down for the battle rap culture I love yall.


P.S. QP killed Rosenberg and he's gonna do Tay Roc just as bad. Stop the fucking nonsense please. #OkBye

Monday, October 31, 2011

SMACK/URL Presents: Qleen Paper vs Rosenberg Raw

Happy Birthday URL. 2 Years Strong. Leta continue to elevate the culture. Shout out to SMack, Beasley, Norbes and Cheeko.

I been waiting for this one here tho.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Jaz The Rapper Vs Chayna Ashley

I was at Queen Of The Ring's First 48 event on October 15th, my first ever QOTR and I was highly impressed, I loved it. These women are super talented and are on their way to being household names on the battle scene. One of the highlights of the night was Jaz vs Chayna Ashley. Both being very popular, the batle was supposed to happen at QOTR's Bar Exam event, with Jaz coming in as the underdog. Something prevented it from happening that night and rumors began swirling around as to why Chayna was a no-show. Battle was rescheduled and here we are.

Jaz brings to the battle her wordplay, a ton of wit, charismatic charm and a smile to match. Chayna is highly respected lyrically, a little more advanced than Jaz and a calm presence that pulls people in with every bar. So this battle was highly anticipated. Who do you think won?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

TODAY: Queen Of The Ring Presents: First 48

 Disregard the address on the flyer because there's been a change of plans if you haven't heard. The event is still going down but it will be at Zab Judah's boxing gym, 400 Liberty Avenue in Brooklyn. My first time at a QOTR event so I'm excited. This should be good. See yall there!

Friday, October 14, 2011

King Of The Ring Presents: Push Pax vs Millenium L's

Aye Verb Gives Battle Rappers A Reality Check

This week's BET Awards show has everyone talking....about the Cyphers. Showcasing the "hottest" emcees in the game, the Cyphers have rappers (some in crews, others just randomly thrown together) spit straight bars to the camera. It's the only portion of the show anyone truly cares about. It's always entertaining with tons of dope bars (and some horrible ones).

Every year around this time, while everyone talks about who killed the cypher, who should be in a cypher that hasn't been, battle rappers feel some type of way because they feel they're the real emcees and were born for these cyphers. I wouldnt say they "cry" and "complain" but I feel their frustration and agree they deserve more shine. But hey, business is business and until battle rappers learn the business, niggas will watch the BET Awards front row in their living rooms while Chris Brown raps.

This Weekend, It's All About Queen Of The Ring

This should be fun. The great people over at Grind Season are having a 3 day extravaganza for battle rap fans. First off, tonight is the red carpet event at Migente night club. Then tomorrow's the main event, Queen Of The Ring's First 48. Some of the best battle rappers out will be in that ring trading bars and I'll definitely be there to document the madness. My first time at a Queen Of The Ring Event so I can't wait. Sunday closes out the big weekend as Queen Of The Ring has their Sparring Session, showcasing some brand new talent. I can barely put into words how crazy this is all gonna be so don't take it from me, just be there. Shout out to Debo, Vague and Babs. I admire yall for all your hard work. People like you inspire me every single day and I'm happy to do my part in contributing to the culture and spreading the word so yall can continue to grow. Lets make this weekend a memorable one. See yall Saturday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slaughterhouse - The Illest + Shady 2.0 Cypher (Explicit)

New music from the 4 Headed Monster called The Illest (produced by The Klasix)

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse - The Illest

Also, The unedited version of their BET Cypher with Eminem and Yelawolf

DOWNLOAD: Shady 2.0 Cypher (Explicit)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slaughterhouse, Eminem & Yelawolf Wanted For Muder

These niggas put that beat's body bag in a BODY BAG. Lol It's great to see my Slaughterhouse niggas where they are now being a fan since day one. They came a long way and people finally seeing what a few of us been screaming since 2008. These niggas can't be fucked with by any crew, period. Em and Yelawolf kill it as expected also.

DOWNLOAD: Shady 2.0 Cypher

props to 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bell's (@kissMYpumpsHO) 1st 48 Predictions

Okay, so everyone is going ape shit about the first 48. Im so excited about that. I strongly support the women doing their thizzle. I do think the event will go nicely. While I do think that it will be a success, I don’t think that some of the battles should be on the card. For instance, I don’t think that the Tori Doe v Royal Honey jawnt should be on there. Debo and the rest of the staff over there should’ve done something like the Summer Madness system. Put the newer folks on another card a day before the event or something like that. This event could be classic, but we don’t know what Royal Honey is gonna give because we have never seen her battle before, and while Tori has bars like her life depends on it, im just not convinced on her yet. But I digress. This card is very diverse though. Lots of different styles and all that... That being said, without further ado, let’s get to the piggedy piggedy point (and yes I did say “piggedy piggedy point." Who gon check me?... oh, okay...)

Ehh, I’m just gonna keep it a stack, I can’t call this battle. Like I said in the beginning, I’m not really sold on Tori yet. She needs to polish herself. Her delivery is iffy at times. The structure of her bars and her content is nice. I just want her to deliver it better. Once she gets that down (and get a new hairstyle) she will be a force for the females. She really will be. I haven’t heard from Royal Honey at all. They say she was supposed to have a few battles and shit, but her opponents were no-shows.

I’m calling that one a question mark.

This is a very, very interesting match-up to me. Their styles are totally different. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing. Lexx Banko is just a fire spitter. She is one of the new chicks that I love. A lot of her bars go over peoples’ heads. I’m not excluded from that bunch. I have to listen a couple times before I catch some of her shit. Don Ladyii is the shit too. She comes from a different angle with the comedy and shit. She is HILARIOUS! The “hit the track ho!” scheme still kills me dead! This battle will come down strictly to preference because they both will come at with their A-game in their particular style lanes.  As for me, I’m going with….


Imma keep it all the way real. I don’t like either of them. Matrimony bores the hell out of me, and Norma be speaking another damn language. If you actually can keep up with Norma though, she be saying some shit. She just needs to work on her delivery! She says things that should hit hard, but they don’t, because says the shit so fast and runs it together. She needs to slow down. Norma puts me in the mind of old school K-Shine. He used to be like that. Rapping all fast and shit, but he slowed it down because it wasn’t doing what he wanted it to do. Honestly, if Norma works on her delivery (and ditch those fucked up ass, stank looking ass, ratchet ass, craft project ass outfits, ohh, and get rid of those dance moves), Matrimony doesn’t stand a chance. I know, I know… “She’s the female Head Ice…” well, ehh, to each his or her own. She bores me to shreds though. The content of her bars is okay sometimes. But I just cant with her. I will say, she has a presence that is unheard of. She can captivate a crowd. The tone of her voice and the way she projects is impressive. Her first battle, umm, yea, not good to me. Lexx destroyed her IMO. So she hasn’t done anything to convince me that she is worthy. I’m just not a fan of Mat. They still both lowkey suck to me (with the exception of a few good lines from Norma), but...

I’m giving this one to…


I must say, this will be a goodie. Yall know I LOVEEE me some Phara. Her whole style and swag is just my thing. I love it. I won’t go on and on about her. I already blogged about how I feel about her and why I think she’s the Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Click here to see it. But Prophet…. She is the most improved female to me. A lot of people don’t wanna give Prophet her credit. She is nice. For some reason though, she never wins. I don’t know why it is. She is always ALMOST there. Her delivery is nice, her style is nice. Its just something that she is missing. She needs to come a little harder, and honestly, I don’t see that happening against Phara. Phara is too wild for her (aye, and Phara wavvy! LITERALLY!). She comes all aggressive and shit, and she is going to overpower Prophet. I do think it will be a close battle. Prophet never goes out without a fight.

This one goes to PHARA FUNERAL for me.

Man, oh man, oh fucking man! Mark my words: THIS WILL BE THE BEST ALL TIME FEMALE BATTLE. These are two of my favs. Like I said about Phara, I already did run-down on them both. Click here to see it. its going to come down to who is more on that night. At Jaz’s best, she can’t be fucked with. Style, charisma, presence, wit, all that good shit. She is just untouchable. On the other end, we got Chayna Ashley. Chayna is arguably one of the best doing it. Like, she cant be fucked with either. She did the damn thing in both her battles. I must say I liked her better her first time out (Same for Jaz). Her second against Raine ended a little awkward for me. Nonetheless, she still got busy! I love her. Bottom line. She has the aggression and presence that gives me chills. She just HAS to step up her performance. This is where I can see Jaz breaking her down at. Jaz knows how to move around very well. She knows how to put on a show. Sometimes, Chayna just stands there and spits. Even then her shit hits hard, and it could be impeccable if she gets her performance down pact. No one is going to kill anyone. This may be one of the closest battles ever.

I can honestly say I don’t know who is going to win this battle, but yall already know who I want to win. MY JAZZY!!

This is another interesting one. Let me just say, everyone knows that E-Hart is my favorite female battle rapper. She is a class act. E-hart is a fucking vet, and it shows. Her delivery and flow is always on point. She does shit with precision. The thing about E-hart is that she is not a bar type battler to me. She can flow, and she is nice as hell, but she don’t do a lot of BARS so to speak. I kinda like that, because when she does say some shit that hits, it HITS. I also love the way she puts her schemes together. Everything just flows so nicely. There is never an awkward moment. She builds up to things very nicely. Misfit, on the other hand, is all hype and shit. She has punchlines galore. She gives me the feel of a female Cortez. She has jokes, bars, and style. She's nice. But on this one, im going to have to go with…


So yea, those are my predictions for QOTR’s 1st 48. Who yall think gon come out on top and shit? Let me know.

                               save the boobs.  go to for more info.

Monday, October 10, 2011

SMACK/URL Presents: Math Hoffa Vs. Calicoe

WWE Monday Night Raw (Live)

Why the fuck not?

EDIT: over

Detroit Lions Vs Chicago Bears (Live)

Get your popcorn and stay tuned for Math Hoffa vs Calicoe during halftime.

EDIT: over.

Mz Gracie's Predictions for QOTR's First 48

This week it's all about Queen Of The Ring. The one and only all-female battle league in the world is back with a huge event going down this Saturday October 15th in Brooklyn. Check back here all week cuz we're definitely covering this. Kicking Queen Of The Ring Week off is the homie Mz Gracie with her predictions of the battles and as always she keeps it realer than real. When she speaks somebody gets their feelings hurt. HA!

(Please note: new address not on the flyer, the event is taking place at 400 Liberty Avenue in Brooklyn)

Ok so apparently I’ve been bullied into doing my predictions for the QOTR First 48 event (taking place Oct.15th at Judah Bros. boxing gym in Brooklyn, NY 4pm-10:30pm) BUT because I love Debo he knows I got him with whatever he needs! First and foremost let me start by saying I don’t event like women that rap but some of these QOTR ladies definitely has caught my eye (Just a few) lol.

Up 1st I got Royal Honey vs Tori Doe…HONESTLY I’ve never heard of this Royal Honey chick, but I fucks with Tori Doe hardbody I like shorty style I knew from the first battle I saw with her (vs Miz Mel) she had potential of being a problem so I got her winning 2-1. Tori sometimes is inconsistent in atleast 1 rd.

Next, K Prophet vs Phara Funeral…I got Phara beating Prophet 2-1 also, Phara red fingerwaves wins off GP though! Sue me! Im bias to the hair *shrugs*.

Lexx Banko vs Don Ladyii…Lexxy might kill her 3-0, I like Don but its something about her that’s missing so idk WE WILL see!.

Matrimony vs Norma Bayts….ummm first of all why does Debo keep doing this ??? Norma shouldn’t be on another QOTR card!!!! SHE ASS CHEEKS (LITERALLY) -_- I have nothing else to say about that battle ya’ll know who winning.

Chayna Ashley vs Jaz The Rapper…OK now everybody knows Jazzy is my boo! BUT in the same sentence people know C.Ash is one of my favorites she will KILL some of these rap niggas (NO LOL). Both Jaz and C.Ash has BARS now what kills me is how much of a UNDERDOG Jazzy is SMH, bar for bar they are going to go crazy, PERFORMANCE ? Jazzy will have to step it up and this is what I’ve told her on numerous conversations. OVERALL I don’t know who will win this but I will say I think it will be a very close battle.

Last but not least the return of E Hart vs Ms Fit….TRUTHFULLY I think Fit is cool BUT when I watch her battles I’m watching Cortez. Now saying that, NO I don’t think Tez writes her bars BUT I do think he’s definitely an influence when she's going through her writing process for preparation. I got Hart smoking Fit socks off.

Make sure you go out and support these ladies! Hopefully no DESTROYMENTS will be held out this night.

DE-STORY-MENT : the act of not being able to come back from one, beyond destroyed. Adjective

-Mz Gracie

Video: Math Hoffa - Double Barrel (Feat. Method Man)

Off his latest project ACMD3, produced by J. Glaze. Shout out to Flash Life clothing on all the wardrobe in this video. Look out for their online store coming soon. Don't forget to tune in at 9PM for Monday Night Football and URL's release of the Math Hoffa vs Calicoe battle.

ALSO: Math Hoffa - Hoffa Baby (From his next project Tupac Juice)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

UFC 136 Maynar vs Edgar (LIVE)

You already know how I do. Lets get it!

EDIT: show's over. goodnight!

Lionz Den Goodz Is Back

Goodz responds to Hitman Holla's recent video and speaks on the microphone problem at Summer Madness and his upcoming battle with Hitman Holla in St Louis on October 29th.

"Hitman you look like a finger with a fitted"

classic Goodz. cllassic.

Aye Verb Calls Loaded Lux - "It's Time To Get Back In The Ring"

Before Summer Madness, Loaded Lux said to Verb "If the fans think you remotely won a round against Charlie Clips I'll give you one round" Will we see Loaded Lux follow through on his word?

Props to Dashliving @ UndeniableTV

EDIT: Lux is shook. He don't want it. and he's a liar.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Math Hoffa vs Calicoe Preview + NY Is Biased

What To Expect:

I honestly can't tell you what to expect. Every battle from Summer Madness was coming out exactly how it played out in person up until the Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips battle. What I can tell you is that all the talk of "NY crowd is bias" will go completely out the window as you'll see Calicoe, a 21-year-old artist from Detroit, control the crowd and dominate Math Hoffa, a 29-year-old artist from Brooklyn who got booed like a teenage white girl at the Apollo Theater.

An interesting thing to note, in Hitman Holla's corny ass blog about having shootouts with people paid by Aye Verb to perform at his parties (smh), Hitman himself says at one point New York loved Aye Verb. Hitman even gets love from fans every time he comes out here (he didn't even get booed) and Calicoe has everyone saying his slogan (this blog was inspired by it for Chist's sake!). So why do you Midwest niggas, rappers and fans alike, swear up and down NY hates anything that isn't NY? Why do yall overestimate the hate and underestimate the respect? Why are yall stuck with this 90's mentality? Better yet, why the fuck do yall wanna be accepted by us so badly when we barely even matter to the music industry these days?

These are questions I wanna ask every time I see anti-NY and "bias crowd" comments. But what do I know, I just live here and go to every URL event, you out-of-towners know us better than I do right?

UPDATE: Battle drops Monday during halftime of the Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions game. Bring your asses here because you know I'll have Monday Night Football streaming live and the battle soon as it drops.  

Mickey Factz - Mickey Mau5 (Sampler)

On the horizon of his next project, Mickey Factz puts together a sampler of music from the project titled “Mickey Mau5″, he’s been working on. Mickey Mau5 (pronounced mouse) is a psuedo-character created by Factz to tell the tale of a kid growing up in NYC, during the street graffiti era of Fab 5 Freddy, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Jean-Michel Basquiat, etc. Embodying the spirit of the 80’s, Mickey delivers a full concept tape, with a sound-bed sampled from Deadmau5 & Dangermouse production

Mickey Mau5 Sampler by Mickey Factz

Marsha Ambrosius - Later Nights & Earlier Mornings (Mixtape)

Marsha Ambrosius hands down has the best R&B album this year in Late Nights & Early Mornings, and one of the best albums this year period. If you haven't heard it I suggest you do. In the mean time she hooks up with her main man and tour DJ, DJ Aktive, for the Later Nights & Earlier Mornings mixtape featuring a few unreleased cuts and remixes. I love this woman. All her songs make me wanna get a chick pregnant b.

Props to TSS

Later Nights & Earlier Mornings (Mixtape)

Mickey Factz Guest Blog - Shotgun Suge's Dilemma

Gambling. Betting. Placing Wages. Running Numbers. Some states consider it illegal. Others consider it justified fun. Most people can win big or lose everything from houses, clothing, wedding bands, etc. In the world of Emcee battling however, stakes can be very high. People don't know but battlers used to not only battle for respect, but for money. Random walking on 42nd Street in New York City would turn into prize matches sometimes. Jae Millz vs Murda Mook was a 5k battle. Fight Club staged many side bet battles. But no battle had more controversy than Shotgun Suge's bet and subsequent battle against Midwest Miles.

Suge, who hails from Jersey, is one of the newer battlers on URL. He is brash, tough and volatile. His demeanor has earned him a spot in fans' hearts and some fans' "worst" list. He has had some great showings. Against Hollyhood he recited all of Juice. Against Heartless, he belittled him. Against Tay Roc, he told em "who the f*ck you think you talking to...?". But none was more disrespectful than his battle with Calicoe. He defamed the deceased Detroit artist Proof's name, which led to his last battle with Midwest Miles.

The bet that was placed on this bout was whoever loses, can't battle on URL for a year. As of now, Midwest Miles has battled since March 27th: URL X (Summer Madness) against Philly's Tech 9, while Shotgun hasn't. As URL XI approaches, Suge has yet to find an opponent. There were rumblings of guest judges for the battle after it dropped but nothing ever transpired. There are fans & battlers who feel Suge defeated Miles but as far as the bet goes, Suge has lost.

He has practically called out every battler on URL other than his cohort Tsu Surf. Nothing still. As the Detroit card has already been leaked, Suge's name is nowhere to be found. Besides rumblings of yet another Miles battle against Cali's Okwerdz, it seems everyone is either ducking Suge or they are honoring the outcome of the battle.

Here are the dilemmas: Does URL/Smack feel he lost? Will he find an opponent for URl XII? (Which is scheduled for Dec, tentatively) Who should be his next opponent? Will his next opponent really be on March 27, 2012? Questions that many of us don't have answers to. What we do know is, the dilemma the next battler will receive from this particular shotgun, will be a year's worth of a botched bet.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Head Ice Reads My Blog

around the 1:23 mark he says he seen Aye Verb's Dashliving blog where Verb is asked what would have happened if Ice caught those rounds that Verb released on SB. Minor mistake on his part (Verb does lots of blogs and videos), he obviously read my interview with Verb where I asked this question. lol shoutout to Dashliving and Undeniable TV tho they always get my respect.

Should I interview Head Ice?

King Of The Dot Presents: Ness Lee vs Loe Pesci

Aye Verb & Charlie Clips Speak on Their Battle

Aye Verb and Charlie Clips give their point of views on the aftermath of their summer madness battle. Did Verb get killed? Was Charlie's performance over hyped? Let me know what you think. See the battle below in case you missed it (I dont see how anyone could have)

Video - Hitman Holla Had Shootouts With Aye Verb's People

This is what's hot in the streets now? Taking to youtube to talk about shootouts you've had? Come on Hitman. It's just battle rap. Pop a Xanax or something you sound ridiculous right now b.

Shout out to @NubianBookstore

Saturday, October 1, 2011

John John Da Don - Fly Memebers Only (Mixtape)

The New York/Atlanta rapper makes his musical debut with his first official mixtape hosted by DJ Kash. Look out for his battle with Hollow Da Don's step sister from Grind Time's Follow The Leader event coming soon.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Aye Verb Interview

Aye Verb is the most enigmatic figure to grace the battle scene. Ever. Since his online debut in a street battle in Harlem against SB in 2009 he's kept his name on the tip of everyone's tongue. Whether through battles, blogs or twitter Verb is always the center of controversy. Fresh off his battle at URL's Summer Madness against Charlie Clips, people anxiously await to see of he really got killed like most reports from that night say or if Verb's side is the real truth: booed before he even started rapping. I caught up with Verb and spoke to him about his history on the battle scene, his new record deal, and why he's the most hated man in battle rap.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Queen Of The Ring Presents: E-Hart Trailer

Here's a quick montage of all of E-Hart's battles on Queen Of The Ring and URL. I fux with Hart she got #BARZ

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emanny Feat. Joe Budden - I Messed Up

Nice smooth joint from Bronx singer Emanny. Him and Budden got a lot of classic records together. Here's another one to throw on the playlist.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Tori Doe vs Ash Cash

From QOTR's most recent event.also peep the trailer for their next event First 48 going down next month. shout out to Debo!

King Of The Dot Presents: Rone vs Nils m/ Skils

Another heater from KOTD's World Domination 2 event. sheesshhh!

Is Hitman Holla Scared of Tech 9?

We're now halfway through the Summer Madness battles, the latest release being Tech 9 vs. Midwest Miles. Already we've seen K-Shine vs Tsu Surf, Hitman Holla vs Hollow Da Don and DNA vs X-Factor. The debates on twitter, blogs and message boards continue to heat up as we got closer to the release of the final and most anticipated battle from that night: Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips. Yesterday's debate though had niggas ready to fight each other: Hitman Holla vs Tech 9. Lets get right into the break down.

Hitman Holla, last year's battle rap MVP is fresh off his worst performance against Hollow Da Don. Lyrically he disappointed most. General consensus according to the masses is he won the first round but lost the second and third. He's blamed the crowd, the microphones, the time of the battle, Hollow's t-shirts, the ring card girls, Tsu Surf, the camera men and Smack for the outcome of the battle. I think he might have even blamed Jack Thriller's glass eye at some point. Nevertheless, his image (and lyrics) has hit a major low and he's hoping to turn that around in October in a one round battle with Goodz in St. Louis.

Tech 9 wasn't on anyone's radar last year. Though he's had a following for years, the Philadelphia spitter was not a major threat in URL. Every battle was classic, full of hilarious quotables but some were debatable. Until he body bagged and toe tagged Rich Dolarz. After that he skyrocketed to the top and became a fan favorite. People questioned whether his hype was unwarranted and his bars just full of jokes then Midwest Miles got body bagged at Summer Madness. Now Aye Verb compares him to Jay Z and Murda Mook says he's unbeatable.

Hitman's resume includes Yung Ill, Rich Dolarz, Big T, Cortez, Arsonal, and Hollow over a 2-3 year career. Tech 9 has Arsonal, Goodz, Head Ice, Rich Dolarz, T-Rex, Midwest Miles, and X-Factor (Not including the countless people he's faced on the underground scene in Pennsylvania, putting in work since High School) over a career that spans possibly almost a decade. To be frank, Tech is a legend and Hitman is still earning his stripes. They're not even in the same lane. So why does Hitman feel threatened by him all of a sudden?

Probably because deep down in his heart he knows he can't rock a crowd the way Tech does. Tech is far from being the most lyrical battle rapper but in every other category he's a beast. Say what you want about how the battle with Miles looks on camera but unless you were there that night you can't completely fathom what it feels like to have a room around you shaking from screams and boos of 2000+ people. Miles looked like he wanted to fight the whole front row. Tech got the biggest reception. Hitman got boos and blank stares. Is it worth it for him to try to go up against the Jay Z of battle rap?

Who knows. He's still ducking Tsu Surf.

**NEW MUSIC** Math Hoffa - Always Love Hip Hop

New joint from Brooklyn' s Math Hoffa, produced by J. Glaze. Off his newest mixtape Pac Juice coming soon. oh shit!

Mickey Factz Guest Blog - X-Factor = Underrated

Long weekend. Blame it on the alcohol. Back to our regularly scheduled programing *passes the mic to Mickey*

Most battle rappers have a specific set style to them. Then they gradually grow into a force to be reckoned as time progresses. Natural evolution is probably the best way to describe it. All artists, not just battle rappers, go through this metamorphosis. But none in the world of head to head, Emcee competition in my opinion has elevated more than X-Factor.

Friday, September 23, 2011

M. Ciddy Interview

M. Ciddy is one of the rising stars being brought to us from the Proving Grounds, a division of URL for battle rappers to prove themselves worthy of taking on the big stage. I must say, going into this interview, I was scared! M. Ciddy is nothing like I expected him to be. His sense of humor cracked me up, but his realness reminded me that he just might be about what he be talking about. This interview really gives battle rap fans the opportunity to see another side of him, not just the stern, quiet-but-deadly side of him. I really had a good time doing it. With that being said, knock yourselves out....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

King Of The Dot Presents Illmaculate vs Bender

The One We've Been Waiting All Year For Is Finally Going DOWN

Can't lie I been slacking with the battles cuz to be honest I'd rather debate with yall and post our opinions on what's going on in the scene, and bring yall the exclusive interviews than post actual battles. BUT....I do watch everything so it's only right I share.

King Of The Dot is the number one battle league in Canada, going on their 3 year anniversary soon and they've had some classic shit. Their most recent event, World Domination 2, has been as entertaining as URL's Summer Madness. Arguably even better.

If you haven't been up on it you better start now, pay attention to what their doing and how their doing it. The production quality of their videos and the way the stage is set up is crazy. Shout out to Avocado, Organik and everybody else that's down with their staff. I'll definitely make my way out their next year. Also shout out to Urbanology Mag and all the producers who were apart of Battle Of The Beatmakers 2011.

Illmaculate Vs Bender

Also worth checking out:
Pat Stay Vs Marvwon

Dizaster Vs SMP