Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Aye Verb - "I'll Battle Goodz For Free In Detroit"

2011 is full of surprises now is it? St. Louis battle MC Aye Verb, after facing a tough crowd in NY battling Harlem's Charlie Clips at Ultimate Rap League's Summer Madness event on August 7th, is now calling out Bronx MC Goodz. Rumor's going around that SMACK is having an event in Detroit sometime this fall and Verb is now on a mission for retribution. ""Somebody has to pay from NY for what that crowd did to me" he tweeted to @SMACKWHITE and @URLTV this morning. "I challenge Goodz! and I will battle him for free! In Detroit!"

For those who were not in attendance on August 7th at Webster Hall in New York City, Aye Verb was damn near tortured by the crowd in his battle with Charlie Clips. Booed within 8 bars of his first verse and had audience members yelling "TIME" to throw him off (I was actually standing next to the dumb ass yelling time. checked him and he shut the fuck up upon request). Aye Verb was made to look like a rookie on stage but he soldiered through it and finished his rounds. Since then diss records have been exchanged between Verb and Goodz while Verb had announced he's hanging up his mic in regards to battling. But we all knew Verb has too much pride to let his battle legacy end on that note.

Will Goodz accept the challenge or will he punk out like he did that cold night in Harlem in February of 2009? I'm watching this closely so stay tuned.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hitman Holla v. Hollow Da Don: Definition of Mediocre


Okay, so anyone who knows me, they can tell you that Hollow and Hitman were my number 1 and 2. Hitman was my favorite battle rapper. Yes, he was. I’m still a Hitman Holla loving machine. Hollow was a close number 2. Well, they were kinda interchangeable. I needed this battle to get a clear favorite. I just knew that it would be an all-out drag out. Like, I just knew shit was gon get cuhh-razyyy!

BOY OH BOY, was I wiggedy wiggedy WRONG!

Friday, August 26, 2011

"You A Grown Man As Hell Dog"

Ayo, Detroit's Qleen Paper, better known as QP, is my new favorite battle rapper in case you didnt know. His humor, presence and lyrics is gonna take him very far in URL. But the way he came at NuBorn AKA J. Born, in this video is fuckin hilarious. NuBorn gets so much dirt thrown on his name (especially by Hynaken from True Stories Radio and ThisIs50 Radio) thats its gotten corny. But this shit got too many quotables.

"First off you fucked yourself off cuz you named yourself Nuborn"


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Troubles: A Brooklyn Story

Sometime late December of last year after walking a friend home, I was on my way back to the train station. It was between 1 and 2 AM, cold as death on the intersection of Nostrand and Courtelyou. I wasnt drunk this time I swear. But i was definitely freezing and tired from a long day of work. It's a wrap, got my headphones on zoning out to Mood Muzik 4 while I speed walk as fast as I can to escape this weather. Suddenly I'm stopped by the words of a stranger. "Yo what's up man."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girls Can Battle Too!: Fresh Female Faces

So, let’s call it what it is. The battle rap industry is thought of as man’s world. Yea, I said it, and this is coming from a woman. Though that may be the case, there are women who do their thing. Until Ms. Hustle (who I am not a fan of at all) and E-Hart made it to the URL stage, I was starting to think that women would always be in the background of things. Thankfully, Smack put them on the URL stage, and they got busier than some of these niggas. (E-hart won that battle in my opinion, but I digress.) I was really happy to see two ladies get it on like that. I mean, there have been some pretty good battles with ladies, i.e. Remy vs Lady Luck. Those battles seem like they would be part of a history lesson when putting into perspective the amount of women who go at it today. There is even a battle league that caters only to women (Queen of the Ring). With that being said, I’m gonna go on ahead and jump right in to some of my favorite fairly new females doing it BIG. (Tell us Bell!! Who are your favorite newbies??) OKAY OKAY! Im about to tell yall!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Move The Crowd: How Much Does Crowd Reaction Count In A Battle?

MC. Move The Crowd. Master of Ceremonies. If you know hip hop you know the power behind those 2 simple letters and what they stand for. If you're a rapper, hell if you're a musician PERIOD, and you cant move the crowd, show's over. Exit stage left. Get him the fuck outta here (© @DNA2K10). All you have is your words and your microphone. There's a lot happening on the stage also: DJ, hypemen, lights, but right now it's all eyes on you and the people want to be captivated and controlled.

In the world of battle rap, crowd reaction counts a lot. The "oohhs" "aahhs" and laughs is what the rappers aim for when they're spittin. Sometimes rappers dont get the reaction they're hoping for even if the rhyme is good. At URL's Summer Madness, niggas got BOOED if the crowd felt they were hearing some weak shit. As the footage starts to come out you'll see this. So herein lies the controversy, if you will. If the rhymes are good to the people watching the youtube footage even tho the crowd didnt like it, does the rapper still lose?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

VIDEO: Smack & E. Beasley Need Your Support, Donate To URL

To Donate Click Here

Ultimate Rap League co-founders Smack and Beasley are asking the fans to help support the culture and the League itself by making monetary donations. There's been some naysayers who are actually offended by URL asking for help but those same people probably wouldn't put a dime towards their own mother's funeral. Listen, I understand we're all use to seeing the battles for free online, and we'll continue to do so. But this shit aint cheap. URL has been paying out of their own pocket for 2 years to keep us entertained and they improve on every complaint with every event. From day one yall complained about the sound and video quality of the battles. They hired Twizz and Heck. Yall complained about the battles taking long to come out, they started dropping once a week. Yall complained about the venue and not being able to get in. They started selling tickets. Smack and his crew listen to the fans' every word and now they're genuinely asking for our help to continue to grow and give us this shit we love. None of us are rich (especially me) but it doesnt take much to skip that McDonald's meal you were gonna have today and give that 5 bucks to URL. I know that being cheap (while stuntin for the bitches at the exact same time) is what's hot amongst the urban culture but for once, just this ONCE, lets put our fuckin power to good use. I'd hate to see Ultimate Rap League fold because their fans turned their noses up at them

Donations are optional. Do it or dont. But truthfully, if you as a fan have anything negative to say about this, yous a faggot.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hitman Holla v. Tsunami Surf madness


So, I’ve been dying to tackle this subject, and thanks to my lil boo Phoenix, I get a chance to vent to people who actually care (and if you’re reading this, I know you care, and if you don’t care, START CARING!) lol. But nah, seriously, this whole Hitman Holla (@hitmanholla) and Tsu Surf (@tsu_surf) episode is killing me. Like, seriously Surf, have a seat… no, correction, HAVE SEVERAL FUCKING SEATS! Like, right now! Let me just say, I’m a fan of Surf. He is even in my top five, but he is just doing too much for me and really turning me clean to the off. First things first, a couple tweets he tweeted didn't sit too well with me. One in particular, if I recall correctly, said something about what did Hollow (@hollowdadon) have to gain by battling Hitman Holla. Let me just say, it is of my belief that Hitman Holla and Hollow didn’t have any option but to battle to satisfy the fans. That’s what I have noticed since I have been watching battle rap. Sometimes, there are battles that have no choice but to take place. When speaking of number ones on top fives, Hitman and Hollow were at the top of many that I saw. The battle was inevitable because people needed to see it to make a definite choice. I know I’m definitely waiting to see the outcome because they were tied at my top.

 Now, back to the topic at hand- Surf and Hitman. Mannnn, I see absolutely, positively no reason for Hitman to battle Surf. Like, for what reason? I can remember about a month ago a twitter debate that Surf was having about him battling Bill Collector (@billcollectorMH), who is an up and coming battle rapper from Philly. He is my favorite rookie, but I digress. I chimed into the convo saying that I think it would be a good battle. To sum it up, I took a twitter beat down. Lol. I say that to say this: Do I think Surf should’ve battled Bill Collector that same week or on the next card? No. (Why Bell?!?!) Because, Bill Collector hasn’t put in enough work. He hasn’t done enough. He hasn’t battled enough people worth battling to get a battle with Surf (if that makes sense). With that being said, do I think Surf and Hitman Holla would be a good battle? Yes. Do I think Hitman should battle him on the next card? No. (aww mann! Why Bell?!) BECAUSE!! Surf hasn’t done enough. He lost to DNA, he lost to Ill, he did well against X-factor (personally, I think he won, but I see SEVERAL tweets saying that he got edged). Hitman hasn’t taken an L in URL in my opinion. He made himself THAT GUY for the time being. He did have a much-debated battle with Big-T (@BIGTQMB), whom I adoreeee! Aside from that, Hitman has proven himself. He has done what he needs to do. He shouldn’t battle anyone who isn’t on his level. Is Surf nice? Yes, but he isn’t on Hitman’s level. I can recall when it was announced that Math took the battle with Calico (whom I loveee). Math shouldn’t have done that. (Bell, you trippin. Why??) Because Cali hadn’t done enough!! Giii lee! He simply hadn’t put in enough work to get that battle. It was a humble ass move for Math to take it, and I respect him for that, but he went and got his ass kill, ki, ki, killed so I heard (which I also predicted.) But again, I digress.

Surf is a good guy and all that, but i really think that something has gotten into him. Like, he is turning into the battle rap bully so to speak. He has this thing where he feels like he can talk shit to anyone he wants and they will battle him (at least this is the impression that I get. I could be wrong, but oh the fuck well). When he talks that shit, his small cult (Surf Club is what they call it. I admit, I am #DTS. Lol) rallies with him and tortures whomever he targets. That’s part of the sport though, but he is just going too the fuck far. I understand that he is hungry and all that, but he is going about it the wrong way. He has also been trashing Hitman’s music in efforts to prove a point I guess. Well, I have Hitman’s mix tape, and I love it. I also heard Surf’s mix tape. I won’t lie, it’s nice, and I loveeee his videos (except for those hoochie mamas- if he reads this, he’ll know what I’m talking about. Lol). I didn’t really care for the “Unique” video (Hitman’s video), but that’s beside the point. The point is that Surf is taking stuff too far, and Hitman is being foolish by even feeding into it. What he should’ve done was just ignored him. Had I been in Hitman’s position, I would’ve just let him talk his little shit, because like I said earlier, Hitman has proven enough. The only battles he should be taking are those big fellas. I can see Smack (@SMACKWHITE) being forced to bring out the big guns for him (i.e. Lux and Mook (who I think is not all that). He shouldn’t have let Surf get him to the point where he felt like he needed to prove something. In fans’ eyes, he made Surf look relevant. It shouldn’t have been an option for them to battle if you ask me, at least not this soon. It got really ridiculous when he took part in that childish trending topic mess with Surf, which was hilarious (SN: #ShortsUnderJeans < #HandsOnHips)!! The more he entertained him, the more he made it seem like he has to battle him. Surf accomplished his mission. He put a lot of hype around it in a short period of time. Hitman took the bait, so if they do in fact end up battling on the next card, I won’t be surprised. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened before the next big card. I guess we will just have to see though. (Who do you think will win Bell?!) ehh, well, see, umm, I like them both, but umm, yea… #BallGame > #SurfClub. Lol. But nah, it will be a good battle. Very good. I just prefer Hitman’s style over Surf's. Oh, and don’t come with that biased BS, because I’m not from Jersey or STL. I’m millions of miles from both, so im just calling it how I see it.

(@kissMYpumpsHO) <3

Shit Just Got Real

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to my madness. Allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name M. PHOENIXXX. Some say I'm a hater, an asshole, a jerk, a sweet heart, angel, a troublemaker, an idiot, a genius, a gentleman. Truthfully, I'm all of the above. That's the beauty of humanity. Our many contradictions that add to the fullness of my personality. It's the reason 2Pac could tell your sister to keep her head up, fuck your bitch, shoot at cops and speak to the youth, and you STILL love him like you knew him all your life. I wish I could drink with the nigga right now. He'd probably try to play me cuz I HATE Henessey but I bet you he couldnt see me with a bottle of Ciroc tho!

But I digress.

Music is my life, so those 2 things are what this blog is about. Expect plenty of coverage on battle rap culture. If you not a fan of URL Ultimate Rap League) you might as well leave now. Or stick around you might learn something. I listen to just about everything tho so you might see me post a new rap song and a rock or r&b joint right after. You gotta have an open mind to fuck with me. I got a lot to say but I wont prolong this, you'll hear a lot from me. Stay tuned....