Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girls Can Battle Too!: Fresh Female Faces

So, let’s call it what it is. The battle rap industry is thought of as man’s world. Yea, I said it, and this is coming from a woman. Though that may be the case, there are women who do their thing. Until Ms. Hustle (who I am not a fan of at all) and E-Hart made it to the URL stage, I was starting to think that women would always be in the background of things. Thankfully, Smack put them on the URL stage, and they got busier than some of these niggas. (E-hart won that battle in my opinion, but I digress.) I was really happy to see two ladies get it on like that. I mean, there have been some pretty good battles with ladies, i.e. Remy vs Lady Luck. Those battles seem like they would be part of a history lesson when putting into perspective the amount of women who go at it today. There is even a battle league that caters only to women (Queen of the Ring). With that being said, I’m gonna go on ahead and jump right in to some of my favorite fairly new females doing it BIG. (Tell us Bell!! Who are your favorite newbies??) OKAY OKAY! Im about to tell yall!

Jaz the Rapper (@JazTheRapper)

MAN! Not only because this is my shawty (like, yall don’t understand, that’s my nigga, my LDBFF, my unofficial little sister. I’ll drown a fish about my lil ma) but she goes so hard in the paint. At just 19 years old, she has to be the hardest working female doing it. She started off back in those ancient MySpace days doing her music. Eventually she made her way over to YouTube. Battle rap came about for her when she decided she wanted to “get her name up.” Well, she has done that and then some. She is two battles in on QOTR. Her first battle was against Skye. To make a long story short, she beat that ass like she had stolen her umbrella (inny. Lol.) Nah, but seriously, she beat her really bad. Skye definitely cannot step foot back in a ring after that. Her second battle was with K. Prophet. Despite a couple stumbles, she had “bars on deck like a cruise ship” like always. Some people find that battle debatable. Giving credit where it is due, K. Prophet had some pretty nice stuff, but she just wasn’t a match for Jaz bar for bar. She was supposed to battle at the most anticipated female event this past Saturday, “The Bar Exam,” which was a QOTR event. Unfortunately, that battle didn’t happen due to her opponent not showing up. I have no doubt that she would’ve done her thing though.

In the ring, Jaz’s performance level is always on point. Her delivery is very cute, different, witty, and refreshing. She is a breath of fresh air on the female battle grounds. I love the fact that she goes just as hard… no, I take that back, HARDER than these other chicks without the over-usage of “bitch,” “whore,” and any other blankity-blank-blanks that could be thought of. She delivers with such class and humor. I love it. She has a style all her own.

Not only is Jaz on her battle shit, but she is a BEAST on the beat! Yess! No bias. She has a couple videos and singles released that will be on her mix tape. My favorite song from her is the Marvin’s Room response that she put out. I absolutely love it. I’m anxious to hear more music from her. Speaking of music, she has a mix-tape that will be out pretty soon entitled Grind Pays. With amazing bars, even more amazing songs, and extra cute dresses, Jaz has landed her way on my list of best female fresh faces. :)

Phara Funeral (@MzFuneral)

Phara Funeral is another one of my favorite fresh faces. Her style just drives me freakin insane! She gives me that grimy shit that I love! She is on the complete opposite of the spectrum from Jaz. She is hardcore. I love her style and flow pattern. She is the protégé of DotMob’s K-Shine, and it shows. She has taken on some of his acclaimed aggressiveness and mixed it with her own style to make an original sound for herself.

Phara made her debut on the battle rap scene against Chayna Ashley. She put on a SHOW! I still get chills when I play back her third round against Chayna. I loved her in that battle. My only critique for her that battle was to get more punch lines. My guess is that someone took notes. She came back to her second battle with BLOOD in her eyes. When I tell you she devoured Norma Bayts!??!? Yes, ate her alive! I was very impressed. I must admit her style changed a little, but I think it changed in a good way. I would have liked to see the same intensity I saw in her first battle though. Overall, she still did her thing. Her third battle was against Shooney the Rapper (whom I also adore). They battled at the Bar Exam. From what I hear, she did her thing. We will just have to wait until that footage drops.

Phara Funeral has shown that she is the total package. She has bars, a crazy delivery, and an overall amazing style. Im sold on her.

Chayna Ashley (@ChaynaAshley)

Chayna Ashley, Chayna Ashley, Chayna Ashley… hmm. Where do I start? I must say that Chayna is the one of the new “it” girls. She is a fucking quiet storm. Hands down, this is one of the coldest females doing it. Not just females, battle rappers period. I LOVE HER! Bar for bar, I cant think of too many chicks who are fucking with her. She and Jaz were supposed to battle. For some reason, that didn’t happen. BOY OH BOY, when they do, it is going to be amazing. Chayna has bars and punches for days. Phara Funeral was her first battle. That was one of the hottest female battles ever! She made a powerful impact just off that one battle. Although she was amazing in that battle, her performance needed a little polishing. She brought it back in a second battle against Raine’s rude ass. She beat whooped her ass (as expected) and walked away with a 500 dollar prize. In that battle, it was clear that her performance had improved, and the bars were still there.

Chayna also does music. I can’t say that I’m as big a fan of her music as I am her battles. Not to take anything away from her music, I just prefer her in the ring. All around, Chayna is definitely in my top 3 female battlers. I look forward to seeing much more of her.

The three ladies mentioned up top are the next big things for the female battle rap scene. Mark my words. They are the poster girls. Of course we have our QB’s and our Young Gattas', but these girls are the future. They will pioneer this movement for more women to come out. They all have different sounds and different looks. Women can be so versatile. Not every woman has to be a size six or have big asses and tits. I love that they all stand for something totally different. These ladies have broken the mold. They have shown that they can be just as good, if not better, than men, and I absolutely LOVE it. It is my hope that women will start to gain more respect in battle rap. Things are changing, but it could be a lot better. My three semi-newbies are playing a major part in making that happen. I look forward to seeing where they take this movement.

Find battles from Jaz the Rapper, Phara Funeral, and Chayna Ashley by visiting the Grind Season TV Youtube page

(who run the world?) GIRLS!

@kissMYpumpsHO <3


  1. U left out Misfit..Even tho she practically mastered Cortez swag she is nice and true to herself which deserves props.. Too many ppl fake and scared to be themselves.. I will have to Say My Fav right now is Jaz the rapper I believe she has the potential to be 1 of the few to make it with her music and of course she rox with streetstarnorbes and thats the home team so I will always be bias.. I grew up watching Mc Lyte kill it like really body it and have doods scared to rhyme.. Ms Hustle reminds me of her..I got a chance to work with Ms. Hustle for the Flash LIfe Aids walk 2011 and I must say she is truly a lady who has that beast side when it comes to rhyming... I can admire and respect that.. Well my point of all this is Until theres a girl who can be respected and really has it to battle one of the Mens Elite the woman have a lot of work cut out for them. They are nice all of them that were mentioned on this article... Butttttt I have yet to see 1 to match up against lets say a Concieted or Hollow da dan... Much respect ladies but Ima need a littel more.. Im a fan for real not these fly by night niggas or these doods who just started watching battles. Cheers to the ladies tho... But I cant sugar coat it.... No church in the wild!

  2. misfit is not "fresh" or "new" by any means. i like misfit, but this article is not about the "vets."

  3. Can't front I havent kept up with Queen Of The Ring in months, ima check out all of their battles this weekend. Make it my homework