Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hitman Holla v. Hollow Da Don: Definition of Mediocre


Okay, so anyone who knows me, they can tell you that Hollow and Hitman were my number 1 and 2. Hitman was my favorite battle rapper. Yes, he was. I’m still a Hitman Holla loving machine. Hollow was a close number 2. Well, they were kinda interchangeable. I needed this battle to get a clear favorite. I just knew that it would be an all-out drag out. Like, I just knew shit was gon get cuhh-razyyy!

BOY OH BOY, was I wiggedy wiggedy WRONG!

I had a theory about this battle, and they proved it right. (What was your theory, Bell?!?) Aaight, imma tell y’all what my theory was. The battle was gonna go 2-1 if to Hitman if Hollow went first, or it was gonna go 2-1 Hollow if Hitman went first. That is EXACTLY what happened (it makes me sad to say that. Y’all don’t know how much I luhh me some Hitman, but I must not tell a lie). Secretly, I was rooting for Hitman, but I digress….(How you come up with that theory, Bell?) Ehh, well just from watching both of them battle a lot. From my observations, I have concluded that Hollow CANNOT and WILL NOT be beaten when he goes second. Why? Because has the ability to pick apart his opponent’s entire round and make it absolutely, positively irrelevant, which is exactly what he did. He took some of the highlights from Hitman’s round and turned them around to his advantage. He did this every round. It was crazy. I enjoyed it a lot. Hollow did what Hollow always does. I mean, he was himself—just a watered down version.

Okay, Hitman… based on my observations, I find that Hitman has never lost a second round that I can recall. His seconds are always his craziest rounds to me. It was the same in this case. He edged Hollow in the second. However, they both did a really good job in the second round.

The third round… It just seemed like everything was light weight from both of them. Yeaa, Hollow did the little fake handshake thing. It was all cool and cute and shit. Hitman had his “knock, knock” thing (which I always love in his battles). Everything was just… mediocre. Overall, Hollow took that round.
Thank the lawwd Hollow knows how to freestyle. That was his saving grace. That gave this battle a little excitement. I don’t know why the two went so light. I personally believe that it’s because their cool outside of battle rap. I don’t think they should’ve been the main event if they were gonna go like that. They should’ve put that aside for the fans. Looking at their other battles, they never came that light. Hitman went crazy on Ars. There is no way I’m believing that he got that watered down. Hollow has more ways to kill and torture a bitch than the “1000 Ways to Die” shit.

I can honestly say that the mics handicapped both of them. They are both performers. Neither one of them were able to perform. Performance is a BIG part of what they do and say. When I watch Hollow do his whole arm shit, it gets me super amped. Same for Hitman. We didn’t get that in this battle and it made it even MORE draining. Please, URL staff, make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Y’all were dead ass wrong for that. The crowd looked so tired and drained. They weren’t reacting after some hot ass lines. I think they were just burned out. A couple people looked hot, tired, and thirsty (which reminds me to say, why in the hell are all those people so sweaty looking?! Let me find out it wasn’t no air in there! If it wasn’t, imma need URL to get that shit together. Don’t be having all those people in there and no goddamnit air!).

Overall, I’m disappointed. They both my niggas, but they both let me down. Hollow wasn’t bad, he just could’ve came harder. Hitman, damnnn. My lil boo just really need to get it together. He could’ve done much better. The highlight of the battle to me was Hitman doing that “what you got protection now? Chopper knock his section down! Grab him by his neck and … [insert Hitman sound effect here}… imma save that for the second round! Him doing that and actually FINISHING it in the second round was DOPE to me. He made me proud with that. I must say that NO ONE killed ANYONE in this battle. Hollow won by an inch.

As for them in my top 5, I just don’t know. I gotta see the other battles. They both are definitely still there. I just have to see where my Calico stands. I don’t know…

But yea,

Hollow 2-1.

@kissMYpumpsHO <3