Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shit Just Got Real

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to my madness. Allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name M. PHOENIXXX. Some say I'm a hater, an asshole, a jerk, a sweet heart, angel, a troublemaker, an idiot, a genius, a gentleman. Truthfully, I'm all of the above. That's the beauty of humanity. Our many contradictions that add to the fullness of my personality. It's the reason 2Pac could tell your sister to keep her head up, fuck your bitch, shoot at cops and speak to the youth, and you STILL love him like you knew him all your life. I wish I could drink with the nigga right now. He'd probably try to play me cuz I HATE Henessey but I bet you he couldnt see me with a bottle of Ciroc tho!

But I digress.

Music is my life, so those 2 things are what this blog is about. Expect plenty of coverage on battle rap culture. If you not a fan of URL Ultimate Rap League) you might as well leave now. Or stick around you might learn something. I listen to just about everything tho so you might see me post a new rap song and a rock or r&b joint right after. You gotta have an open mind to fuck with me. I got a lot to say but I wont prolong this, you'll hear a lot from me. Stay tuned....

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