Wednesday, August 17, 2011

VIDEO: Smack & E. Beasley Need Your Support, Donate To URL

To Donate Click Here

Ultimate Rap League co-founders Smack and Beasley are asking the fans to help support the culture and the League itself by making monetary donations. There's been some naysayers who are actually offended by URL asking for help but those same people probably wouldn't put a dime towards their own mother's funeral. Listen, I understand we're all use to seeing the battles for free online, and we'll continue to do so. But this shit aint cheap. URL has been paying out of their own pocket for 2 years to keep us entertained and they improve on every complaint with every event. From day one yall complained about the sound and video quality of the battles. They hired Twizz and Heck. Yall complained about the battles taking long to come out, they started dropping once a week. Yall complained about the venue and not being able to get in. They started selling tickets. Smack and his crew listen to the fans' every word and now they're genuinely asking for our help to continue to grow and give us this shit we love. None of us are rich (especially me) but it doesnt take much to skip that McDonald's meal you were gonna have today and give that 5 bucks to URL. I know that being cheap (while stuntin for the bitches at the exact same time) is what's hot amongst the urban culture but for once, just this ONCE, lets put our fuckin power to good use. I'd hate to see Ultimate Rap League fold because their fans turned their noses up at them

Donations are optional. Do it or dont. But truthfully, if you as a fan have anything negative to say about this, yous a faggot.

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