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Aye Verb Interview

Aye Verb is the most enigmatic figure to grace the battle scene. Ever. Since his online debut in a street battle in Harlem against SB in 2009 he's kept his name on the tip of everyone's tongue. Whether through battles, blogs or twitter Verb is always the center of controversy. Fresh off his battle at URL's Summer Madness against Charlie Clips, people anxiously await to see of he really got killed like most reports from that night say or if Verb's side is the real truth: booed before he even started rapping. I caught up with Verb and spoke to him about his history on the battle scene, his new record deal, and why he's the most hated man in battle rap.

Tell me about your album, your record deal and how that came about

Well the record deal, I'm signed to Notifi Records [distributed by Universal], signed acts are Ginuine, Johhny Gil and myself. I'm the only rapper as of right now. (Note: Notifi's website shows that Hitman Holla is also signed to the label as of 9/28/11). The title of the album is called Love, Hate, Fear of The Dark Nite. I get a lot of love, I get a lot of hate. They all scared of me. So that's the title of that, got some dope production on there, shit crazy. It's gonna be available on iTunes on the end of October if I'm not mistaken.

Alright so let's start from the beginning. You've been visible on the battle scene  for the past 2 or 3 years but we don't really know much about you. How'd you get started in the music business

The music or the battles, which one?

Well the music business and how you transitioned to the battles

Well see people get it fucked up because I always been a battle rapper in St. Louis that's no question. I really don't give two shits about battling I just like more to compete, more, you know "I'm better than you" that's more the high from that shit. I been recording. In St Louis I was killing the mixtape scene, I was doing some of everything in St Louis for the past 10 years and shit you know what I'm saying? I always been relevant in St Louis, anybody would tell you that. I always got my name out here. The battles just made it a little more interesting for people to watch. Loaded Lux reached out to us first. I was throwing an event out here called Word War. That was my event, and I had battling. Actually I didn't give two flying fucks about that either I was just trying to get some money. But I was putting the battle rappers on stage and shit and making them rap. I didn't care. It was a success because the whole city knew that I was a top battle nigga, I was cold, so they respected it. That was  just a hustle for me, I didn't care. I didn't think it was gon' go nowhere, who cares. But Lux saw, he actually saw Hitman first and was like "I wanna get Hitman out here." I'm like "bet" I still didn't care I was more concerned with trying to get Lux down here trying to get some money. I still didn't care. Then he found out about me and was like "Aye I checked around in St Louis, they say you that nigga." and I was like "Yeah I'm one of them" but I was more concerned with getting more money. Fuck all that rap shit. But everybody that follow me they know all my battles and everything that ever happened.

So Lux reached out to you and Hitman, got word of your clout on the battle scene and set up the St. Louis vs New York battle event. What  exactly happened that night?

Actually I can't even tell you what happened, I know we pulled up to the first venue and it was people everywhere and shit. But to my understanding they got shut down. So we moved to another location where Lux and everybody got in the building or what not. But when it was time for us to battle, Goodz, Arsonal and Head Ice they had left. Evidently their business with Lux wasn't complete. That's how that happened. Then we went outside to get it poppin and you know it was just some street shit then and they wanted Goodz to battle  but he had some pussy lined up. On Another note aint none of none, aye aint none of them niggas ever brought me no hoes every time I'm in New York either. That shit mind boggles the fuck out of me. None of them niggas have ever sacrificed no hoes. You come to St. Louis, whatever you want I'm's nothing! You feel me? It aint nothing.

[laughs] Alright so you ended up battling SB that night in New York.

SB, I didn't give a fuck about SB either. You see the thing was them rounds was for Ice. But when the shit got shut down SB started coming at Remy. Remy was on it with him but then he wasn't on it with him. He wanted to battle Ars. So I said "fuck it, I done wrote these rounds, shit I'm on this dumb ass nigga." I still wasn't happy when I got on the plane. But it's just when I got back to St. Louis the shit started spreading all over the net and I was like "Damn!" It was the impact of showing them what I thought. I didn't care at the time though.

That second round with that"guardian angels" line, that's the line everybody knows you for.

Yeah people really like that line. At that time I didn't give a flying fuck about that. At that time it was "anybody can die." But as time progressed the competition kind of lightened up. I did love writing those rounds though. Ice dodged a bullet, he Matrixed the motherfucker that night.

What you think would have happened if Ice caught those bullets?

Oh he would have got killed! If anybody would have stood in from of them rounds they would have got killed that night. Nobody could have dodged that shit. Sometimes when niggas load up it's certain shit you can't do nothing about and that was one of them type of things with them rounds. And I had the advantage of I'm a country nigga and shit, I'm a St. Louis nigga I aint supposed to know how to do that shit. He would've got killed man.

You think if Head Ice would've battled you that night and lost the battle scene would be a little bit different today?

Nah everything happens for a reason you know? Everything happen for a reason I aint complaining about that. I knew I was gonna kill Ice anyway. Regardless if it would've been 2009 or 2012. I was gonna kill Ice regardless.

Then after that was your battle with Hollow Da Don out in St. Louis

Yeah Hollow Da Don was next up and he came to St. Louis. In my opinion we both kind of broke even. I think I might've took the first round he might've took the second round. A lot of people enjoyed it. I still don't mind killing him for that third round though I can't even lie to you

Yeah I was wondering how come that battle was only two rounds?

It was quick. Hollow was just coming off of battling Illmac so we aint wanna stress him out so it was more like a sparring match than anything.

Oh ok. And I remember earlier this year yall were considering doing the rematch. Are yall still interested in doing that?

Yeah, definitely. I don't like that people can't decide with me and Hollow I really want him gone. That's my boy though.

If yall do do that again is it gonna be that one last round or a full 3-round battle?

It might be one last long round. It don't make no sense to write all those for him again. I don't think so. Then after Hollow I had Marvwon at Grind Time and that was a learning experience 'cause they didn't fuck with me. They didn't fuck with me when I walked through the door. It was kinda like me and Charlie, but Charlie's shit was more magnitude. It was more massive. 'Cause when I battled Marv it was the same shit, everybody had ran back and was like "Verb got killed!" 'cause they aint hear everything I said. Then when it dropped it was like oh, this is a battle! Whatever the case may be whether you think he won or not. It's that I always had that kinda affect on people. Charlie's shit was just more massive 'cause it was more people. So that's all it was it don't bother me. I still don't jam up. You gotta hear that crazy ass shit I told the nigga when that shit come out. Not to take nothing from him though. I think Charlie was good, like I said. I don't think he was great though. I don't think he was great at all.

Yeah we gonna get to Charlie, we gonna talk a little about that and I'm gonna holla at you again when the footage actually comes out so we can really talk about it

Yeah yeah we definitely gonna do that I know you are.We definitely gonna do that.

Alright so after Marvwon you battled Midwest Miles right?

Yeah Miles is my boy though. You know him and X-Factor was the first niggas from this way who got a chance to get on that scene so that was more like an honor, Miles getting in the ring with me. And we had fun with that. As you can tell we was fuckin around it wasn't as vicious but it was still a cold battle though. And that whole event that was some shit we put together that [URL] taped. It wasn't no shit that they put together, that was something we put together as far as a whole. As far as all the Midwest niggas that was our event. So that wasn't an event they put together and said "we gonna take it to the Midwest" nah it wasn't like that.

That was a dope event, it introduced some of us to Yung iLL, Calicoe, who else was on that card?

X-Factor and Remy had battled too they had got one round in but then a riot broke out, you know how St Louis do it.

Is there any footage of that battle lying around?

I think Smack do got that first round somewhere. That was crazy they both was gettin' it in.

Then my next one was with Math. That was cold. See I been doing this for so long I know when a nigga gettin' loose and when a nigga going hard on me it's a feeling that I get. So when a nigga is gettin' busy in his round I know it. Math first round I was like "Woo! I hope he don't got another one of these motherfuckers!" But yeah I still think that was a good arguable one too as well.

Yeah even to this day I still change my opinion back and forth about who I think won that battle.

Yeah because in the room Math won! See people don't understand it's a difference between being in the room and seeing it on camera. It's a total difference. The camera makes things intimate where you gotta sit down and listen to both parties. But yeah in the room Math won. When he passed out changed into Biggie that went crazy!

Also there's always been this rumor about that event where Hanz allegedly attacked you. What's that about?

You should just ask him man. That aint never happened a day in life and anybody who was there that wants to keep it real with they self man, aint no nigga touching me like that man, come on. Sometimes people hate me so much they'll say anything, they'll do anything. You understand what I'm saying? I just saw Hanz at the [previous] event. I just saw him and he know he didn't put his hands on me. He know that shit. That's one thing I don't like about this battle shit, niggas take it out line too far and shit. Like come on don't put that tag on me like a nigga choked me. Aint no nigga put they hands on me and everybody know that. Everybody that was out there they know that they just rode with it against me. That's all it was and nobody kept it real enough to say "Nah dude didn't choke that dude." You feel me?

So why would Rich Dolarz put something like that out there?

Well he hate me too you gotta understand they all hate me. I understand why they hate me, I talk a lot of shit to them niggas. But come on when you say some shit like that then you gotta deal with the nigga who you talking about. Can I get choked? Yes. But it's gonna be something right then and there though. Once you put your hands around my neck I'm swinging on you. It wouldn't have went "Hanz choked me." It would have been "Hanz and Verb had a fight."It's a difference. Aint no nigga finna put two hands around my neck and just Homer Simpson-Bart Simpson me and just choke me and I'ma be like "okay okay I'm good!" The fuck? Not where we from! You can't be soft like that where we from. That shit don't happen! But that aint even about nothing. Niggas gonna say what they gonna say. They gonna do what they wanna do 'cause they hate me and that's the only way they can try to put something on me 'cause I'm a pretty thug nigga. That's all it is in a nutshell.

Seems like you're the number one bad guy these days.

Yeah see niggas don't like me. And I understand because I don't look like them, I don't have these problems, I get pussy, we chase money. My life is not focused on battling like theirs is. Like if you go through my tweets I don't even talk to rappers I'm trying to fuck some hoes! Even if that shit close to me, you two hours away lets get it. But that just be that, for real that battle shit with the New York niggas shit just be back and forth because we're all competitors aint nothing more than that for real.

So like I said earlier Ima holla at you about your battle with Charlie Clips once the footage actually comes out. Get the real insight and truth about how that shit really looks but as of right now how do you feel about how it went down?

As of right now I was killed in the room. I was killed in the room. But see the difference between me and Charlie is I been doing this a little more actively in the last couple of years so I understand how the camera works which is why I didn't jam up or freeze. Because I know when that lens on you have to hear me. You gotta hear me. The shit that I was saying they didn't catch at all. Charlie was good but overall he was quicker to catch. He was easy to catch, he was very simple to catch. As you can see from the previous battle that came out Tech 9 and Miles was supposed to be a body bag! You seen that?

Yeah I seen it.

Did it look like a body bag to you?

Not the way it went down nah. At that event it really looked like Miles got killed but when the footage came out...

And this is what Charlie don't understand, he might not admit that. But what you have to understand is  the camera brings down every level of intensity. Every single level because you were caught up in the moment of that room.

Yeah honestly when the footage came out I finally got to hear what Miles was talking about in the first and second round and he was saying some shit.

Yeah! But in that room you didn't hear none of that shit though. In that room you heard nothing he said. In that room it was like, like I said Tech 9 said anything he wanted to say and they went crazy. Anything! So in my situation knowing the fact that they hate me a little more as long as Charlie is simple to catch they gonna go crazy.. That's just how it goes. But I can't wait. I can't wait. Like I said then can a nigga be better? Yes he can be better. But the best bet is to just flat out be better than me. But when you're booing and all that shit it takes away from that. But no knock to him though regardless of what it is I think that he was good. I've seen way better. I've faced way rougher nights that's why it didn't affect me. That's why you don't see me freeze up like that girl DNA did when she was in Detroit she quit. You feel me? A lot of people can't handle that pressure. That mental pressure of three thousand people or twenty five hundred people saying "fuck you" a lot of people aint built for that shit. I am. I'm built for that shit. That shit don't matter to me people said fuck me all my life that shit don't bother me. Keep booing motherfuckers suck my dick. I don't give a fuck. Lets go! Haha that's how that shit go with me it aint nothing 'cause a lot of people can't handle shit on the road. I guarantee you if Charlie was in St. Louis and it was 3000 people booing him he would've jammed up. You gotta find the heart of the person. I aint gonna give yall shit yall gonna have to take it from me. I aint giving up nothing.

After Summer Madness went down, word got around about the Detroit event Smack is setting up and you called out Goodz to battle him for free in Detroit. What made you wanna call out Goodz?

Because I just don't like Goodz swag. You feel me? Like this nigga really think he the truth and he's not the truth. Now when you go through my wars, whoever is the top nigga over there I'm coming to see you. Lets go. I'm coming to see you. Where you at nigga? Lets rock. Goodz hand picks his battles. Goodz takes battles he feels like he can have the edge in. Goodz quit at home with five hundred people in the room. he quit at home! I kept rockin with three thousand you can't even talk to me! You can't talk to me! But killing him would have been a personal thing and if anybody knows Smack pays us well. I was gonna waive that fee. If he was a smart New York nigga he would've said "Hey Smack since Verb wanna waive his fee put two more racks on my shit." That's the way you handle business. But that aint what he was looking for though. Like I say though at the end of the day it is what it is. I don't care about these niggas I just do me I got the album dropping, that's finna come out. I don't got the problems these niggas got. These niggas be staying with they mommas and grannies and shit. That aint my thing. I'm just out here doing me. I got a reality show coming out, I got a movie audition coming up, I don't got time for this shit.

You and your man Chase killing the web right now with these videos

Oh yeah that was something I started and I was like I'm definitely gonna incorporate my boy in. That's what we do. We definitely killing it. Niggas liking what they hearing right now 'cause we giving them game. Another one drop Tuesday, get ready.

So you trying to drop a new video every Tuesday?

Every Tuesday. Every Tuesday we in the building.

So you called out Goodz and he turned it down. Who would you wanna battle at this point?

I don't really care about none of these niggas man because you gotta examine your life. Examine your situation I've been relevant since 2009 it's going on 2012 and I aint got a Range Rover yet. This aint gonna work for me. I only battle when the money is good but other than that I don't care shit about that shit. What people don't understand is I hate getting ready for a battle. Mentally it wears you down. Mentally, putting it together and shit. But see unlike these other niggas, unlike Charlie, this will be my eight battle on the internet so I gotta constantly produce new shit and not say the same shit over again. I guarantee you won't see Charlie back in that ring until like 2 years from now. 'Cause that's not how these punchline niggas get ready for action. They don't do it like that. They don't hop back in the ring quick. But yeah I definitely had fun in New York and shit man. Definitely had fun. But I was really in a hurry to get back home.

Yeah despite how that battle went down it seemed like you got a lot of love when you came out here. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah you know I think people just respect it whether they like me or not they respect the fact that I'm telling it. But even at the battle I wasn't mad. I wasn't mad at the battle because this is what happens when you take an away game. These are things that can happen. So that aint no issue with me. It is what it is I had a great time. No regrets from me or nothing. So when it come out, then you just enjoy yourself then you get back at me and tell me some of the cold ass shit I said to that boy. Hey why is yall bottled water so fuckin high can you explain that?

I honestly have no fuckin clue I wish I could tell you son [laughs]

That shit ridiculous man how yall gonna sell dollar bottled waters for five dollars? That shit is ridiculous.

What was your favorite battles that night besides maybe your own?

Oh besides my own? Mine wasn't my favorite I hated that shit [laughs] don't ever get it fucked up I hated that shit! That definitely wasn't no favorite, that shit? Oh baby! That shit there boy that wasn't...ah man! Sheesh!

So what battles did you like out there?

Ima say X-Factor was my favorite. At first I thought K-Shine and Surf was the best thing but I'm rockin' with X-Factor so far that I've seen. I gotta see them on camera to know which ones I like 'cause in that room you don't know what you like 'cause everybody screaming.

Speaking of X-Factor, Mickey Factz just sent me another guest blog talking about X-Factor and how he's come a long way. He wasn't getting the respect he deserves for a minute but after the last 2 battles he's finally up there being mentioned with the top people right now.

X is cold, X been cold. It's just when people see you jam up a few times they don't wanna give you that no more. But nah dude cold man he always been cold. Witty, bars he got all that shit.

Yeah I fuck with X-Factor he's definitely one of my favorites in the Midwest besides you. You, Calicoe, X-Factor and QP from is my favorite niggas right now.

Now QP is a star I'm telling yall right now. I done had fun with this shit for 3 years. QP is that nigga trust me when I tell you like I sized him up when I saw the nigga I was like "oohh this nigga here?!" Now Magic is cold too though. Magic from home so you gotta fuck with him. But QP I like QP a lot though. I think he cold. Him and Magic might be the next 2 niggas.

Oh yeah they already the next 2 niggas. They already on the main stage. QP is battling Tay Roc and B. Magic is battling Young Kannon. So they're on their way.

Oh yeah they definitely on they way. I like QP's whole format shit is crazy.

Especially when his man go "Say it again!"

Say it again! Yeah! "Even if you fam jump in!" Yeah! I like when he said "Hit him with a late reply like maybe why?" That was cold. That shit crazy I fuck with that.

You supposed to be doing a 1 round battle with O-Red at some point too right?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I fuck with Red I think Red deserve a shot. I think Red deserve a shot I think Red is...he's over-skilled. He hasn't had his shot yet I'ma go on ahead and do that. Put that boy over that knee right quick. Show him life is real .

Well that's it man one more time tell the people about the music you got coming, the album, whatever else you got coming.

Album, Love Hate, Fear of The Dark Nite. The shit crazy. If anybody know about my music game they know what I do for real so that shit special. I'm a perfectionist so it's special.

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