Friday, September 9, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Swave Sevah - "I'll Take Aye Verb In Detroit"

UPDATE: Declined.

Now THIS is a fuckin battle I wanna see! Just to bring yall up to speed, last week Aye Verb announced that he wants to battle Goodz on URL's Detroit card and he'd do it for free. Goodz's response: No. Now in another surprise turn of events, Harlem battle rap legend Swave Sevah has stepped to the plate. Swave announced on twitter that he's willing to battle Aye Verb in Detroit "since no one wanna take Aye Verb cuz he got killed by Charlie Clips."

Swave Sevah's been missing in action on the URL stage since his win against Jersey battle rapper O-Red last December. He's been calling out Head Ice since then but word on the streets is Ice got nauseous off eggs wants to battle Marv Won. If Aye Verb is really hungry for a challenge to get revenge for what happened to him at Summer Madness, this is his only real chance. Will he accept? I hope so. Keep it locked on and I'll let you know how it's going down.

Swave Sevah vs O-Red

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