Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mz Gracie Interview Part 3

Continued from Part 2 Read Part 1 here.

Another battle I was disappointed in too was the Hitman and Hollow battle. Looking back on that I think that was just a battle thrown together because the fans wanted to see it. But I think overall that wasn't a good match-up. That was a battle that should have been a classic battle. But it wasn't. I was disappointed in that. I was real disappointed.

I think that battle wasn't as good as it could have been because they didn't really have much material for each other. They're real cool with each other. There was no tension there, no build up before the battle.

Yeah they wasn't trying to kill each other that's what I'm saying. That was just a battle that the fans wanted to see 'cause niggas felt like those were the hottest niggas at the time. So they just threw that together but I don't think that was a good match-up

What do you think of the comparisons between URL and Grindtime?

Honestly you can't really compare them. I feel like Grindtime has over-saturated themselves with all these rappers. I think Grindtime needs to go back to what they was doing when they first started. Grindtime is trying to become urban and I think they need to go back to what they was doing before all this with their Dizasters and Okwerds'. Dizaster is amazing by the way. But with their Dizasters and Okwerds' and all their top niggas over there, they should have just ran with all their top niggas and did what they need to do instead of over-saturating their company with all these rappers. Grindtime has so many rappers it's ridiculous. But I don't really think there's a comparison. URL speaks for itself. URL is URL, clearly it speaks for itself. I think Grindtime, I don't know they need to do something 'cause with all these rappers it's dying out. I know Poison Pen is about to have a crazy event on the 17th (Follow The Leader on September 17th in Brooklyn) and I fucks with him. Grindtime needs to go back to the old Grindtime like when they first started.

Do you follow Queen Of The Ring?

Yeah! Real talk I don't even like rap bitches, I don't even like bitches that rap but I fucks with Queen of The Ring. Jazzy (Jaz The Rapper) everybody know that's my boo, I fuck with Jazzy,  I fuck with Chayna Ashley. Chayna Ashley is fuckin incredible dawg. She's fuckin incredible. She will kill some of these niggas. I fucks with Jazzy, I fuck with Chayna Ashley, I fuck with E. Hart. That little new girl the skinny one, I think her name is Tori Doe, I like her I think her style is crazy. I like her a lot, I think her style is crazy and I think she has potential to be a problem, for real. Debo my nigga. Debo a fool but he's my nigga. He doing his thing with Queen of The Ring, hats off to Debo 'cause he doing his thing with the female shit.

What you think of the new guys that are coming up in the URL through the Proving Grounds like Qleen, B. Magic, John John and the rest of them?

I think John John is good, that's my nigga. Niggas see me talk my shit to niggas and be like "damn but don't you fuck with him?" But when I fuck with niggas I talk my shit 'cause that make them go harder. I wanna see all the niggas I fuck with at their best. Over a hundred percent. But John John he good money. I saw his latest battle, I thought he destroyed dude whoever the fuck he is. I been looking for that nigga's twitter for like a week now to tell him he got fuckin killed. Half Past 7 or some shit like that. He fuckin killed him. But he was supposed to kill him. If he would have lost then it would have been a problem. John John was supposed to kill him so I'm not gonna pat him on the back 'cause that was something he was supposed to do. Qleen and B. Magic I think they are incredible. I think JC, a lot of people don't know who JC is but if they was at that battle on August 6th they know what I'm talking about. JC is incredible. My nigga when I tell you JC is fuckin incredible, he's great. B. Magic, Qleen, JC is incredible. My nigga Jai about to come over from Block City. When you get a chance watch his battles 'cause my nigga Jai from Block City about to come over. Niggas sleeping on him. Niggas be sleeping crazy on him. But Jai will fuck these niggas up though. Jai is gonna be one of them niggas. Who else from the Proving Grounds? My nigga M. Ciddy! Listen my nigga, my little brother that's what I'ma say 'cause that's my little brother. My nigga M. Ciddy...Look when I tell you, after this B. Magic battle niggas is gon' stop sleeping on him because he don't get the respect he deserve either and I thought he smoked Bill Collector. Bill Collector is great though, he is great at what he do. I aint gon' take nothing away from Bill Collector 'cause he's great at what he do but I feel like M. Ciddy was just amazing that night on that camera. He got crazy. Niggas don't show my nigga the respect he deserves. Niggas talk about all the new and up-coming niggas, they don't mention him and he damn sure should be mentioned with these niggas. He should be mentioned with Qleen, B. Magic and John John. He definitely should be mentioned with all of these niggas.

He's battling B. Magic?

He's about to battle B. Magic in St Louis. Shout out to Owe. He's about to battle B. Magic on Street Status in St Louis on September 25th. I'm definitely thinking about going out there.

Where do you think the battle scene is headed in 2012?

Honestly I don't know, I can't say 'cause anything can happen. You see how Grindtime was the biggest thing since sliced bread and look where they at now. So I don't know honestly. Anything can happen. You never know.

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  1. I def agree with the part about Hollow and Hitman...Hitman vs Ars was an "I hate you" match similar to what I hope Verb vs. Clips will be on cam.