Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is Hitman Holla Scared of Tech 9?

We're now halfway through the Summer Madness battles, the latest release being Tech 9 vs. Midwest Miles. Already we've seen K-Shine vs Tsu Surf, Hitman Holla vs Hollow Da Don and DNA vs X-Factor. The debates on twitter, blogs and message boards continue to heat up as we got closer to the release of the final and most anticipated battle from that night: Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips. Yesterday's debate though had niggas ready to fight each other: Hitman Holla vs Tech 9. Lets get right into the break down.

Hitman Holla, last year's battle rap MVP is fresh off his worst performance against Hollow Da Don. Lyrically he disappointed most. General consensus according to the masses is he won the first round but lost the second and third. He's blamed the crowd, the microphones, the time of the battle, Hollow's t-shirts, the ring card girls, Tsu Surf, the camera men and Smack for the outcome of the battle. I think he might have even blamed Jack Thriller's glass eye at some point. Nevertheless, his image (and lyrics) has hit a major low and he's hoping to turn that around in October in a one round battle with Goodz in St. Louis.

Tech 9 wasn't on anyone's radar last year. Though he's had a following for years, the Philadelphia spitter was not a major threat in URL. Every battle was classic, full of hilarious quotables but some were debatable. Until he body bagged and toe tagged Rich Dolarz. After that he skyrocketed to the top and became a fan favorite. People questioned whether his hype was unwarranted and his bars just full of jokes then Midwest Miles got body bagged at Summer Madness. Now Aye Verb compares him to Jay Z and Murda Mook says he's unbeatable.

Hitman's resume includes Yung Ill, Rich Dolarz, Big T, Cortez, Arsonal, and Hollow over a 2-3 year career. Tech 9 has Arsonal, Goodz, Head Ice, Rich Dolarz, T-Rex, Midwest Miles, and X-Factor (Not including the countless people he's faced on the underground scene in Pennsylvania, putting in work since High School) over a career that spans possibly almost a decade. To be frank, Tech is a legend and Hitman is still earning his stripes. They're not even in the same lane. So why does Hitman feel threatened by him all of a sudden?

Probably because deep down in his heart he knows he can't rock a crowd the way Tech does. Tech is far from being the most lyrical battle rapper but in every other category he's a beast. Say what you want about how the battle with Miles looks on camera but unless you were there that night you can't completely fathom what it feels like to have a room around you shaking from screams and boos of 2000+ people. Miles looked like he wanted to fight the whole front row. Tech got the biggest reception. Hitman got boos and blank stares. Is it worth it for him to try to go up against the Jay Z of battle rap?

Who knows. He's still ducking Tsu Surf.


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