Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is Hitman Holla Scared Of Tsu Surf?

Fresh off their respective battles at Ultimate Rap League's Summer Madness event this past August, St. Louis battle rapper Hitman Holla and Jersey's Tsunami Surf (and both their fan bases) have been going at it on twitter a lot lately. Surf, with his stellar performance against K-Shine is officially the 2011 MVP of URL. Hitman Holla, last year's MVP, has gone down a notch after his sub-par performance against Hollow Da Don. Surf's on the come up and willing to tear down anybody that stands in his way and Hitman's still holding strong to his spot amongst the top competitors. But is Hitman playing the game right in treating Tsu Surf like he isn't worth his time or is he dodging a bullet he knows could put an end to him?

Lets compare the stats. Hitman's ascension might be the fastest in URL history. He made his debut battling Big T at the Midwest Massacre in late 2009 (which he lost) and Cortez in March 2010 (which he won). After 2 battles he got his shot at Arsonal, a battle rapper already established with a ton of bodies under his belt and making a million views. After Hitman beat Arsonal in December 2010 his stock went through the roof instantly. The promo around that battle, hyping up the fact that they'd been at it for 2 years, plus Arsonal's name alone gave Hitman his first battle to hit over a million views on Youtube. Arsonal still has his spot but he definitely helped put Hitman in a different stratosphere that allowed his battle with Hollow Da Don to even happen.

Tsunami Surf made his debut against Yung Ill in early 2010. A classic battle that's still highly debated today, Surf put on a memorable performance against his toughest opponent to date. He then battled DNA in March (I hate that battle to be honest simply because DNA annoys the shit out of me) and was gone for the rest of the year as he spent some time in jail. His fan base was pretty small but they made his name heard loud and clear until his release and he battled and beat X-Factor in March 2011. Now after putting a hurting on K-Shine he's earned a ton of new fans and more respect.

So they both have 4 battles under their belt (not including battles in other leagues), can make a case for both of them being 2-2 or 3-1 but their both super talented. Ask me and I'll tell you Tsu Surf is the better rapper (in battling and song making) and has better sports punchlines. Better story telling, better stage presence and better breath control. Everyone knows about the microphone situation at Summer Madness. Handheld mics replaced body mics and every rapper had to adapt. Hitman cried about it messing up his performance and still does to this day while Surf made the shit work for him. Look at Surf in his second round stepping to K-Shine:

Sitting by his steps with a cig down smoking
Sub-Zero mask and a whopper for the loccin
Gloves for the hands, heat seekers for the motion

Surf's hand gestures were flawless. Using both hands to simulate putting on a mask he still spoke clearly into the microphone and did shit like that the entire battle. Surf is known for talking with hands and moving around the stage as much as Hitman and he adapted to the change without a problem. Hitman just complains about how he's a "performer" and aint use to a handheld mic. How can you call yourself a performer, or even an MC for that matter if you can't hold a fuckin microphone?

Hitman said he wont battle Surf unless he can get someone to back him in a $50,000 bet. Surf matched the money and Hitman just made pedophile jokes.
I'm just saying....


  1. Dick ridin at its finest! Get the fuck outta here wit this stupid ass shit

  2. Surf will kill that nigga I know hitman scared he pussy.

  3. Surf Should win that 1... And Hitman did not beat Cortez ur wilding... Hitman had 1 amazing performance and has the capability to do it again.... I think ppl don't know how to prepare for Hollow that's why his performance against Hollow was Trash... And To me after watching the Surf K shine again that shit was more a tie then a clear win K shine got super busy 1st and 3rd round.... But being that Hitman battled Arsenal and Hollow he's prob feeling himself... Pause... Don't think he's scared of Surf @ all...

  4. I think he's scared of Surf for the simple fact as I pointed out, Surf said he has a backer in the 50k bet that Hitman was adamant about and Hitman ignored that. a few days ago he was talking about considering a one round battle with anyone the fans wanted for URL's Detroit card. Why is he asking the fans to give him another challenge when it's right in front of his face?

    And come on son, Hitman beat the shit out of Cortez lol

  5. Hitman beat cortez 2 to 1 and if he hating anybody can't stop him,that's real talk ,i don't think hitman is scared becouse ,hitman already killed surf's bossman arsonal,i think tsu surf is better rapper on studio clearly and no debating lol but he can beat hitman on the stage remember they're battle rappers

    1. Real talk! Lol. Shut da fuck up!

  6. lol i mean he can't beat hitman