Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Official, Your Favorite Battle Rapper Can't Actually Rap

Smack should start teaching lessons in Microphone Etiquette

So I got this interview I did with someone from the battle world many people know and love dropping tomorrow, and from our conversation a sad bit of info was revealed. As most people know now, at Ultimate Rap League's Summer Madness event on August 7th the rappers had to use traditional handheld microphones as opposed to URL's usual set up of body mics. This was done to make sure all the people in attendance could hear the rappers clearly. The body mics weren't working well enough. But what we didn't know is that some of these rappity rappin ass niggas were so upset about having to hold microphones that they threatened not to even battle. The fuck? Really?

I've seen plenty of them complain (and complain, and complain again) about the situation on twitter since the aftermath but I didn't think it was that serious. For niggas who label themselves rappers/MC's/lyricists/artists/performers to get offended by the notion of having to hold a microphone for a few minutes is blasphemous to me. Hip Hop was built on the foundation of (2 turntables and) a microphone. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

Look I get it, SMACK/URL always uses wired microphones and attach it to dudes like they're CI's. I get it, certain guys are heavy on body language and hand gestures that require both hands to be free. But you mean to tell me you niggas was scared? You rap for a living (or hobby for some of you nine-to-five'ers) and you were fuckin scared to rock a mic? You should just hang it up now. Stop battling. Stop rapping all together. Because if you can't hold a mic for 9 minutes you can't do a 45 minute or hour long show performing your own songs and making real money. You aint built for this.

Will names be said in this interview? Oh most definitely. It might shock some of you. As stated I've seen specific battle rappers complain on twitter about the mic situation but I'd like to see them really openly speak on it. Tell us how they really feel before I drop this. Because I think it's pretty sad that people who are paid money to rap don't know how to use a microphone.

See yall @ 10AM


P.S. I heard DNA was the first one to step up and say "fuck it I'm grabbing a mic" when sound check revealed all this. Props to him. D and X-Factor performed flawlessly.

Slaughterhouse - Microphone

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