Friday, September 23, 2011

M. Ciddy Interview

M. Ciddy is one of the rising stars being brought to us from the Proving Grounds, a division of URL for battle rappers to prove themselves worthy of taking on the big stage. I must say, going into this interview, I was scared! M. Ciddy is nothing like I expected him to be. His sense of humor cracked me up, but his realness reminded me that he just might be about what he be talking about. This interview really gives battle rap fans the opportunity to see another side of him, not just the stern, quiet-but-deadly side of him. I really had a good time doing it. With that being said, knock yourselves out....

For starters, I’m assuming you haven’t been rapping very long. At least you have been battle rapping very long. I’m just now hearing about you when you came to the Proving Grounds.

Well that’s a big misconception.  A lot of people are expecting me to be a new battle rapper just because of the Proving Grounds, but I’ve been doing this battle rap shit since like 2010. I’ve been on YouTube since 2009 because I started out on Grind Time. I was killing a lot of niggas over there and shit. After that, I started battling on Animal House because I met Miles and X-Factor and shit, so I just was battling in my own state for about 2 years. I kept on battling, and then they invited me to Proving Grounds.  So yea, I’m not really too much of a new battle rapper.
Word! I didn’t know that!

Yea, if you go on YouTube, I got a ton of footage. I got battles with like 50,000 views. I don’ been on World Star twice and all that shit.

Let me find out you just been getting it in while I’m over here thinking you’re just a new nigga and stuff!

[laughs] Yea, but everybody think I’m a new dude because I’m somewhat of an overrated nigga, but I been doing this. You know what I’m sayin? But I been putting in work and shit.
That’s what’s up. I like that. So what battle were you in that got you noticed by people from the Proving Grounds?

The main battles that people fuck with from me is Brixx Belvy from that Conceited group and shit. That battle got me a ton of views. It’s like a little classic on Grind Time.  A lot of people fuck with it. Some people say he beat me and some people say I beat him. After that, niggas had called me and asked me to battle Syah Boy from Grind Time on the Proving Grounds.  A lot of people don’t know this, but I battled Syah Boy, but the footage just never came out. I destroyed him. Like, I killed him really bad. After that, Norbes and them called me and asked me to battle Bill Collector. I was with that shit, and that’s how it all popped off.
Let me just say, you did really well against Bill Collector. I was pleasantly surprised! When I look at you, I just get this really shy vibe and I didn’t know how you would hold up against someone so wild, but you held your own and you did your thing.

Oh thanks, I appreciate it. On some real shit though, a lot of people say that Bill Collector beat me and shit, you know what I’m saying? But I feel like I got him because I had more bars than him. Shouts out to Bill Collector. He did his thing and shit. That was a nice lil classic joint.
It was! I aint gon' even lie. I love that battle. But aye, free Bill Collector while we on that subject.

Hell yea, free my nigga Bill Collector. He got his shit popping off right now, so hopefully that nigga come home soon and get back to doing his thing.
Yea, I look forward to that… You mentioned that you did a lot of battles on GrindTime, and I saw that battle you had on the Proving Grounds. Out of all your battles, who would you say was your biggest competition?
My toughest battle to this day was probably Brixx from the SONS. That was like my hardest battle.  Imma keep it funky, I really feel like Brixx beat me. That’s the only battle I ever lost. It was real crazy though. Two punch line niggas going back and forth.  That shit was a dope joint.

What would you have done differently to feel like you won?

I probably would’ve wrote a little bit more than two minutes. He rapped a little bit longer than me. I might would’ve added more name flips, you know what I’m saying? Other than that, I pretty much thought I did my thing, but I just feel like he had a little more punch lines. I wish I would’ve set up my bars a little better, then that shit probably would’ve been a body bag on my behalf. I would’ve cooked him.
Word! I love the fact that you’re man to actually say that you lost, when you have people going to bat for you saying that you won.

Yea, I mean, real shit though, a lot of battle niggas don’t do that shit. They feel like just because you lost a battle, it means you wack. I’m comfortable enough with my skills to say if a nigga got me or not, you know what I’m saying?   It aint no big deal. I’ll just come back and kill the next nigga. It’s not problem with that shit.
Right. That’s what’s up. Who is your next battle?

I’m about to battle B. Magic. A lot of niggas fuck with B. Magic. He’s one of the top dudes from Proving Grounds right now. I’m going out to STL to battle him. B. Magic is my nigga and shit. I don’t want niggas to think it’s some beef shit with us because I’m real cool with B. Magic, but a lot of niggas don’t know that shit. I was choppin it up with him the other day, and he was like, “yo, come out here and fuck with me. Let’s make a classic.” So I was cool with that. We gon’ definitely get shit poppin.
It’s the Street Status event right?

Yea, it’s Street Status. I think they said Cassidy is supposed to host it. I’m about to just go out there and do my thing.
I know you’re going to do really good. I love B. Magic too, so that should be real good… Okay, so as far as music, do you do music? Do you plan to put out a mix tape or anything?

It’s an album actually, but I’m gon’ release it as a mix tape. Its gon’ be called On the Official. Niggas seen my Bill Collector battle and saw me saying that, so it’s like my shit. I’m just gon’ name the mix tape On the Official. That should probably come out later on this year. Me and my nigga Qleen, a lot of niggas know him as QP, but me and my nigga gon’ do like a duo mix tape. Its gon’ be called Official Lightwork, so niggas should really look forward to that.
That should be CRAZY!

Yea. I was hollering at him the other day, and he told me we gotta get shit popping. We getting crazy. We gotta let these niggas know what’s really going on.
I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward as hell.

Yea, we gon’ definitely get on some nice lil single shit. We putting it on YouTube and pushing it all through the hood. Niggas should definitely look forward to it.
Word. I know you said you’ve been doing this for a while. For those of us like me who aren’t that familiar with you, we consider you class of 2011. We look at you as coming up with the Qleens and the B. Magics and the Bill Collectors. Out yall’s entire class, who would you is some of the best niggas repping for y'all?

I feel like when niggas put me in that class, I feel like the nigga in high school who failed every class, but the nigga be smart as hell. Other niggas be like, “yo man, this nigga is a senior and he bout to graduate and shit.” I be like, “nigga I been supposed to graduate two years ago! I just didn’t apply myself.” That’s how I feel about myself. I feel like I didn’t apply myself. Now I’m on my shit and I’m about to be the Valedictorian. My favorite niggas is of course all the niggas from Michigan. I like Qleen, JC, and Rave… the Philly niggas get crazy. I like Bill Collector and Rosenberg. Who else is new?... I like B. Magic, but B. Magic been doing this thing. I can’t believe I forgot my nigga Magic. He get real crazy. John John Da Don. He aint really new. Brixx Belvy get crazy.
Okay. So Hollywood niggas. I know all y’all got this one nigga that y’all really want to battle. Who would be like your ultimate opponent?

If I could battle anybody, I know the shit probably wouldn’t happen, but I want to battle Dumbfounded, the Asian dude from GrindTime. I would also like to battle Serious Jones if he came back. That would be crazy. All that shit probably would never happen. They’re way up there and they probably won’t come back. But that would be crazy. I like going against different people.
So you did a lot of battles on Grind Time. When I think of Grind Time, I think of like jokes and laughs. However, when I think of URL, I think of punch lines and shoot-em-up, bang bang type shit. How was it to make the transition from Grind Time to URL?

GrindTime, for my style, was a lot harder. My style really aint GrindTime type of bars. My first battle was a jokey cat. I had a whole lot of punch lines. Niggas really couldn’t fuck with it. I went back to the drawing board. When I came back, I had a lot of jokes and shit. GrindTime gave me the skills to be funny if I want to. I don’t usually go the joke route, but I can if I want to. You know what I’m saying? So GT helps people out in the joke aspect. I just think URL is a little bit better because it’s more fit for my style and shit. I feel more comfortable being myself, you know what I mean? On Grind Time, I gotta go all the way out and talk about “you’re black like charcoal” and this and that. [laughs]. I gotta do that kind of shit just to get a win. On URL, I can just spit mad punch lines and get creative with bars and shit. The people will respect that at the end of the day. I think a lot of people should just expect all types of style. There is no specific style niggas should expect. I don’t have a problem with niggas using jokes. I just prefer bars.
I do too. I guess it just depends on what league I’m watching a battle from. More versatility in the leagues would help that so we as fans won’t be expecting a certain sound from a certain league.

True shit. I definitely feel you on that.
I know you were really young when you first started. What do you think your biggest growth area has been since those earlier battles?

Before, my bars didn’t have a lot of structure to them. They weren’t set up that good. They have more of a body to them. They were all hot lines, they was just random. They was all over the place. One minute it was this and that, and the next minute it was something else that didn’t even go with what I had said.
Word. Your whole scheme just got better.

Yea. Before I just had one liners. Now my shit is set up better.
Right… I know we talked about your toughest opponent, but who do you think is your weakest opponent?

I fuck with the nigga, but Supreme Court was my easiest battle. I battled twice that day. I didn’t wear the same clothes at two battles! I’m not one of those niggas. Niggas probably think I don’t got no gear. [laughs] I wanna get that shit clear. [laugh]. Like forreal though.
[laughs] When I watch you, I get a really shy vibe from you. But I didn’t get that vibe watching the SC battle.

I’m like a real laid back dude and shit. I just go out of town to battle and do my rap shit. I battle then do my own shit. I’m not like a lot of them other niggas. They change when they get on camera to get attention. I just want people to pay attention to my bars. I don’t give a fuck about that other shit,
Word. They be wrestlers and shit.

Yea! Like my nigga Cali said, behind cameras they be giving dap to niggas. They wanna do songs and shit. Wanting to email tracks and shit.
[laughs] Yea! PSA to all the wrestlers. We know you fake.

Yea, shoutout to them all.
[laughs] When I watch you, you seem different. Your whole swag is different. Like, you don’t give off that tough vibe like other battlers. What influenced your style?

Really, just growing up in Michigan. I’m from the D. I grew up in Ann Arbor and in the Ipsy. I fuck with real street niggas that get busy, and then I fuck with niggas with 9 to 5s and who go to school. So one minute I’m cool, and one minute I be ready to knock a nigga out.
Word. Well that’s all the questions I have for you. I really enjoyed it! I aint gon’ lie, I thought it was gon’ be boring because you seemed so shy.

[laughs] You thought I was gon’ be boring and telling you I like long walks in the park.
[laughs] Well yea. I was asking Qleen were you shy and shit.
I’m not shy. I just do my own thing. I keep it blunt as hell.

 Word. What’s your contact info?
Everybody can hit me up on twitter @MCiddy.

Okay. Well thank you, I enjoyed it!
Good lookin’!


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