Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mickey Factz Guest Blog - How Great IS Loaded Lux? Really...

Still editing some interviews my bad, I got yall tomorrow. BUT....this one is a goodie... *Passes the mic to Mickey*

Another guest blog from Mickey Factz. Todays topic is above and to some it may possibly be blasphemy. But after my clear cut arguments, people may agree with said topic.

Loaded Lux is regarded as one of the greatest battle rappers ever. But why? What has he done that has surpassed anybody else? He has 2 battles on camera. One being either debatable or he lost and the other being a body bag due to a drunk and tired opponent.

Lux vs Murda Mook. 8 round opus. I scored it 4-4. But if you wanna have a clear winner it can be 5-3 Mook easily. Lux chokes close to 5 times in the battle. 5 times?! He even ends his 1st rd with the middle of his 7th round. He also has a round with 12 bars. Smh. Mook started off slow and became consistent and turned into Mayweather. Lux, at that time had some crazy bars. Complex and witty. Yet he couldn't hold off the less lyrical Mook. Watch the battle again and judge it based off performance, wittiness, stamina & lyrics. Mook edges him.

Lux vs Young Miles. Miles died that evening. Even with a strong 1st round, it seemed like Lux went home and practiced and perfected his "writtens". Those bars that were spat are actually verses off of his mixtapes as were the Mook verses toward the end. I digress. They were potent regardless. Very distinct and complex. A drunk and visibly tired Miles choked twice and made Lux seem invincible.

So invincible that he starts a battle league, hosts it, and "retires". He returns to battle on 106 where the competition is like Lions against baby deer (sorry Nuborn) and one other battle on cam against Harlem's Cash which we can't count in reality. Where is the real comp?

His ciphers show he can clearly hang and compete with anyone. Also his diss track to Math Hoffa was impressive. But can he last and hang in a big arena? Is his complexities, agility & constant movement too much for a big crowd? Or can a guy like Calicoe who is so used to big crowds, pick him apart? Remains to be seen. I can't count Lux out because as a rapper he's deadly. But as a fan, I reluctantly count him in. Let's see what he does...

"Quiet! I need to hear this!"



  1. Basically he's slightly overrated is what you're saying. Been tellin niggas that since like 2008. Son is nice lyrically but he aint that nice when it comes to battling.

    and yes, Calicoe would hurt his feelings.

  2. Calico is lyrically inferior to Lux. While Cal beat Math, his bars in that battle werent exceptional at all. Cal uses a lot of old punchline concepts and has very basic straight forward wordplay. No pure battle enthusiast should think Calico has an advantage over Loaded Lux.

  3. I agree beefnbrockz.. and I don't really know why this peon of a brain M. Pheonixxx even thinks differently. Ignorance is NOT bliss.