Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mickey Factz Guest Blog (Part 2) - Will Charlie Clips Ever Get The Respect He Deserves?

Continued from Part 1

Summer Madness. Aye Verb died. Horribly. The argument here is... Charlie sat on bars for 2 years, Verb was booed, Home Court Advantage, Charlie is a set up, set up, set up, Punchline rapper, etc. Here are the factz...

If you sit on bars for 2 years and spit those 2 year old raps, your wack against fresh bars. Point blank. Because current events happen all the time. Charlie had bars that were extremely recent due to current events, a hollow rebuttal (which happened 3 months prior), and story bars. Fred The Godson told me Charlie didn't use the bars he had for Verb initially. Crazy.

Verb was booed. But not because NY hated. The ticket sales show that NY was only 53% of the crowd. The other 47% were from different regions of the country. He was booed because they followed Conceited Vs T-Rex - a punchline heavy battle - and a phenomenal 1st Round by Clips. Verb took as long as the 13th bar for a punchline. We were restless and wanted fire. Verb looked a tad nervous but confident. Didn't matter. We wanted BARS! Verb spit some of his bars to me after and I must admit, It was verrrry impressive. But not enough to beat Charlie.

Home court advantage changed at the last minute. Charlie begged for the battle in detroit, st louis & miami. Wishes weren't fulfilled and he had to do it in NY. Charlie wasn't a favorite cuz he got booed a lil too. Math got booed, everybody got booed. Which makes it an even playing field. Just wait till the Detroit card. Yall gonna see bias at its finest. Ask Amzilla.

Charlie's style. Despite what people said about him, he changed his performance, delivery, punchline format and story raps dramatically. People will be surprised and to be honest might call him the greatest afterwards. I ran downstairs after Verb's last round and the faces on every battle rapper was distraught. Big T couldn't even speak. Yung ill was silent. Murda Mook just stared. We all were amazed. One of the best performances I ever seen.

And because of these faults, Charlie will never get the credit he deserves. No matter who he battles or who he faces he will always be second to only him and the trials put before him. Sad revelation but true. If he was to 3-0 Lux & Hollow the same day, there would be excuses made. He has to except the fact that he will never get a "fair" win in the eyes of a battle rap fan. Heavy is the cross to bear. But clips bears it. Just wait till you see Verb get the same treatment Jesus got.

- Factz

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  1. I agree with pretty much everything you've said 100%. Verb has been saying any and everything to cushion the impact of this battle since that night because he knows it was THAT BAD. When that shit drops people are gonna be just as speechless in front of their computers as most of us were on August 7th

    I tell people all the time. I was Charlie Clips' biggest hater from day one. Verb is the reason I watch URL. I came into this expecting him to beat the shit out of Charlie Clips and put the nail in the coffin of this debate. The battle starts and Clips had the crowd hype in round 1. Verb then begins his 1st round. Contrary to Verb's accounts, the crowd was dead silent when he started rapping, hungrily anticipating some monstrous bars to take the sting off Charlie's 1st round. When people realized that those bars were not coming, THAT is when Verb got booed.

    All we can do now is let the footage speak for itself. Verb's my nigga but got bodied. Eat that and step your bars up.

  2. hmm, i wasnt at SM so idk what happened with the crowd. all i know is that everyone said that the crowd was indeed booing Verb when he started rapping. i just have to see the footage. no one is going to convince me that Verb got killed unless i see it with my own eyes. he is a legend to me. im not saying that he cant take an L. anyone can at anytime. but get killed? i have to see it to believe it. simple.

  3. I wasn't at summer madness either (wish I could've went) but when I first heard that Charlie was suppose to battle verb wen he was fresh off the Tay rock battle in 09 I was like this nigga Clips is gonna kill him. I started looking at some battles with verb vs..... and verb came heavy in mostly every battle he had leading up to Summer madness, so now I was like, Charlie isn't gonna get killed but he's may have a little competition. After I heard what happen at summer madness I said my first thought was right, Clips killed him, even the battle rappers that were headlined at the show said so themselves and all of them were not from NY. The reason why I said Charlie was gonna kill verb in the first place was because of the shit charlie use to say, he was so consistent and up to date with shit, witty as hell, and bar from bar was something to look forward to, I have never heard to this day, one bar from charlie that was wack, from his mix tapes to those chyphers. He will never get the respect he is deserved until people can understand how and why he does the shit he do.

  4. Nah chill I heard some of his mixtape he got some wack bars lol. I couldn't listen to the whole thing son it was that bad