Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mickey Factz Guest Blog - Will Charlie Clips Ever Get The Respect He Deserves?

First off, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou...THANK YOU, to everyone who's shown love to my blog since I started it. It's become bigger than I ever imagined and it's only been a month. I truly appreciate everyone who leaves me comments on here and on twitter, whether positive or negative. Shout out to everyone who's helped out in any way possible. I'm just having fun with this and people are hitting up me and Bell from all over for interviews and to just speak their mind. One being my man Mickey Factz. So let me just pass the mic to him and get back at yall later. Peace!


Welcome to Metaphorsandrealrap.com. Guest blogger Mickey Factz here. I'll pop in occasionally from a fan and business mind point of view.

Today's topic is the headline you see up above. This may seem like a bias blog because ‎​I have known Charlie Clips for over 7 years. I have seen him battle once off camera. I have seen him on Mad Ciphas, which was a popular NYC cipher based television show. I have recorded at least 5 records with him. And have had the privilege of seeing his 2 on camera battles live. He's like a brother to me and I'm glad to know him. (Even though he ducked me when it was time to battle in 2004 in harlem but that's neither here nor there. Lol)

Charlie's last 2 battles. Epic battles. Disastrous battles. But it seems he will never get credit for his two body bags, which he rightfully deserved & earned.

Lets examine Tay Roc. I was present for that battle. I knew Charlie could beat anyone put in front of him. It didn't matter who it was. I like Tay Roc. That night was, to date, his worst performance. He had some good bars, but Charlie out-classed him for 4 rounds, not 3 rounds. (I will be posting the infamous 4th round on URLTV.TV soon)

The argument against Charlie is that Loaded Lux set Tay Roc up, The battle was set in Harlem, crowd was bias etc. First off, both battlers knew about each other. Check both of their rounds, they say something about each other. Name-flips at the least. Harlem was where all the Lionz Den events were held, except for a Detroit/Chicago card that never dropped. The crowd wasn't bias because they cheered for some Roc bars. Charlie just was the better performer. Point blank. Could Roc have come harder? Sure! Would it have mattered? Probably not. Roc fought though. He fought admirably. Lost nonetheless.

Charlie's bars hit Worldstar & that made him an instant star & target... for Aye Verb. 2 years & the words of Aye Verb pierced Charlie. Verb is no slouch. With wins over everyone except Big Will & Marv slightly in my opinion, he's almost a vet.

Summer Madness. Aye Verb died. Horribly. The argument here is... Charlie sat on bars for 2 years, Verb was booed, home court advantage, Charlie is a set up, set up, set up, Punchline rapper, etc. Here are the factz...

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  1. RIP AYE VERB..you will be truly missed

  2. Ima wait for that footage. No doubt charlie did his thing but i just camt believe verb got bodied.

  3. just believe it. Cuz that's exactly what happened.

    trust me.