Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mickey Factz Guest Blog - X-Factor = Underrated

Long weekend. Blame it on the alcohol. Back to our regularly scheduled programing *passes the mic to Mickey*

Most battle rappers have a specific set style to them. Then they gradually grow into a force to be reckoned as time progresses. Natural evolution is probably the best way to describe it. All artists, not just battle rappers, go through this metamorphosis. But none in the world of head to head, Emcee competition in my opinion has elevated more than X-Factor.

Hailing from Detroit, I was present at the Nym-Dot vs X-Factor battle in Harlem. To be frank, I was bored with X's performance. X-Factor had some lines but it wasn't hitting for some reason. His approach wasn't there. Tons of rambling for a whole bunch of minutes if you ask me. Nym outclassed him. Then he disappeared.

Fast forward 3 years later, URLTV held its first event and he reappeared against Cortez. Despite choking, he defeated Tez 2-1, arguably. His style was still the same. Aggressive, but his punchlines drastically matured. Moving on, there is a folk tale about X-Factor battling Remy D from St. Louis at Midwest Massacre. Apparently, a fight broke out during the battle and X-Factor was KILLING him going into the 3rd round. This is all here say however. But from other reputable sources I have spoken to, this did in fact happen. I'm guessing during this process the evolution begun.

Fast forward to Sept 26th, 2010. X-Factor vs Tech-9. I had Tech 9 beating X before hand. Then something happened. X had matured. Apparently the Ballroom Dancing lessons he had promoted in his Surf battle was coming true. He performed well, his punchlines/double entendres were said with ease, his jokes on point, etc. He choked in rounds 1 & 3 and still managed to beat Tech 9. (Which says a lot nowadays)

After a very impressive one rounder with Amzilla, in which he was more assertive, X was ready to tackle Surf. In a nail biter and contender for battle of the year, Surf and X went to war. Every round was and still is extremely close. I went back and forth trying to pick victor for 3 months. I finally took a tally and in terms of statistics, Surf wins. In terms of a demeanor and all around performance, X wins. Same with his battle with DNA. Not only is he more believable, but he predicted all of DNA's bars in every round, he was creative, created a new catch phrase....and Won. Lol

Then why does it seem as if the people don't appreciate him? (Hiatus, Chokes?)Does he need a top tier battle to get the respect? (Hollow? Arsonal?) A clear cut body bag? (Rich Dolarz?) For some reason people place a negative stigma on the guy the family calls Bub. Whether he stumbles, says wrong punchlines or even ending his 1st round awkwardly with Surf, he still manages to show up and make every battle debatable. Then why is he still... Underrated?

His upcoming battle with the best resume in the business, Rich Dolarz won't be a walk in the park. Rich has been elevating big time since he stepped in with Goodz at the Lionz Den. But will he step up his performance game to make it even or will the excuse "Bars over ________" suffice yet again? We will see. All I know is X's priorities will be in order.


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