Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Midwest Can't Be Stopped

Heart of a New Yorker, soul of a nigga from Chicago. That might be the best way to describe my taste in music. I grew up with my older brother blasting Nas, Mobb Deep, M.O.P. Wu Tang, all the classic grimey New York hip hop of the 90's. Gravitated towards DMX and 2Pac as I grew into my own style in middle school. Eminem turned me into an asshole but discovering Bone Thugs N Harmomy's E. 1999 Eternal album in high school is what really fucked me the fuck up

I love my city and the East Coast in general to death for all it's done and continues to do in music. We've birthed some of the greatest lyricists of all time. But something about that damn Midwest man. Them niggas are a totally different breed of lyrical murderers. From Bone to Eminem to Common to Tech N9NE, niggas get busy out there. Possibly due to them being in the middle of the map, they rap like they got a serious point to prove, and they've been proving it on the battle scene for the past few years. They're not slowing down and I dont see anyone who really can make them and here's why:


I knew Calicoe was a problem when he bodied Shotgun Suge. It was his battle with Heartless that convinced me he was the future. I mean he did great against Yung Ill (and won) and treated NuBorn like the lil kid from Toy Story who strapped M-80's and rockets to his toys to watch them get blown to pieces for shits and giggles, But when I went back and watched the battle with Heartless and he told his girl "I'll catch you at a red light jump in your backseat blasting ten. The First 48 will be like Ray J, on camera getting brains off that car dash she in" I was like

Since Aye Verb got caught slipping and got bodied by Charlie Clips, Calicoe is now officially the general of the Midwest movement. Don't believe me? Wait until his battle with Math drops.


When I saw X battle Tech 9 last year I had no idea who he was. I came to see Tech make a fool out of him like he does to all of his opponents. But despite his slip ups in the first and third round he definitely had the better performance and won. He put on a hell of a show against Tsu Surf but at Summer Madness when he told DNA "I'll blast and put DNA in a bag like a rape kit" me and my nigga Nova was like

He proved his point. X-Factor is a vet but he wasn't getting the respect he truly deserves. So he took it like a stick-up kid with no remorse. He's funny but battle rappers beware: he's not to be taken for a joke.


Qleen Pacino AKA Qleen Paper BKA QP, is the main one of all the new guys that battle rappers need to pay close attention to. 2012 is his year and I'm telling you in advance. With his vicious bars and hilarious sense of humor, his own slang and style like no other, he's a star in the making. He has no losses and I'll put money on him against anybody right now. Did you see his battle with Lance?

I'll creep down Lance's block, cocked, throwing random shots
Grams and pops hearts start dragging 'cause sparks start flashing like camera shots.
Cars crashin, hard clashin, I'm stabbin, clappin out the window lettin the hammer rock.
Aint no spar happenin, I'm guitar clappin. choppers chop him in large fractions
You tryna dance and bop these guitars clappin I hope you a fan of pop
With ya fakin ass, boy I cut snakes in half for tryna scam and plot
And quit it with that hard persona, before they have to call the owner and throw that man a mop
'cause he gon have a damaged spot.
And I aint gon pop this bitch, I'ma drop this clip
cock, knock his shit, bitch! bitch! bitch! Beat him and his man with glocks!

That was just the first round. And don't get me started on his battle with B. Magic. QP has it all. He's got a few rappers in his sight and the moment one of them takes the bait, it's over.

                                                                          B. Magic

Despite me feeling like he lost to QP, don't get it twisted. B. Magic is a lyrical semi-automatic weapon. He came extra crazy in his battle with John John Da Don. Magic is another newcomer in URL that's gonna take plenty of heads off when he gets his shot on the main stage. As a matter of fact isn't he battling Young Kannon in Detroit? Kannon been doing his thing for a minute but Magic just might put a stop to all of that. I can't wait to see that one.

                                                                   Yung Ill

Cortez is about to get slaughtered. Seriously. Yung Ill is not only gifted lyrically, he humiliates niggas. He took it light on DNA and still won. He created the most quoted catch phrase in battle rap against Calicoe.  Rich Dolarz put on the best performance of his life against Ill and because of it people thought he won. Yung Ill's second round is better than every round Rich Dolarz has ever spit on URL. He may not battle as often as others top dogs, but that's only because nobody wants the problems that Yung Ill brings to the stage. Cortez is brave for taking this battle. He's gonna need the Contra cheat code to win.

Honorable Mention: Big T, Big Kannon, Aye Verb, Marv Won, Young Gattas.

Anybody missing from this list? Hate my list all together? Think the Midwest aint shit and I"m just crazy? Holla at me in the comments people. What's up?



  1. qleen getting his shot vs tay roc

  2. I agree. The midwest is building up a buzz right now. I'm just curious as to how far this movement will go or how long it'll last. At the moment though, it's looking hella good for the midwest as far as battle rap goes.

    By the way, good post my g. Keep this shit up!