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Mz Gracie Interview Part 2 - "Miles, Math & Verb Got Fuckin Killed"

 Continued from Part 1

I can't think of one right now, I think 'cause I'm being asked the question. Who don't I like yall? I don't know who I don't like! Who I don't like Pooh?

Pooh: Man I don't know, I don't know who the fuck she don't like man. Shit I don't know who you don't like, who you fuck with. I think you fuck with everybody! Everybody one hundred, shit I guess!

You know what I don't have no particular person that I don't like as a person right now but I got a couple niggas that I wouldn't say I don't like them as a battler I just think they need to change shit up. But it's nobody I can think of right now. But if I do think of somebody I'ma let you know and you can re-edit this on the blog!

What's your relationship with the URL?

Okay it's funny 'cause niggas think that I'm on the URL roster. My relationship with URL. Cheeko, Beasley Norbes, they all my niggas I fucks with them heavy. My relationship with URL, shit them just my niggas. I'm not even an affiliate to URL. I'm probably about to be an affiliate to URL because it's been some talks about me starting a URL Chicago. So I'm probably gonna be an affiliate soon but I'm not an affiliate right now those just my niggas, I go out and support them at their events that's it. Norbes my nigga I talk to him everyday.

Ok. I remember you once told me that you helped with the first Proving Grounds.

Yeah the first Proving Grounds that took place March 26th, yeah I helped out with that a lot. I got Qleen on the card, B. Magic, my nigga M. Ciddy, I got my nigga out here D. Eagle on that card also, yeah. I helped out with the first ever Proving Grounds card I don't think a lot of people knew that though.

What battles would you like to see happen that haven't happened yet on URL?

My nigga! My nigga, do you see the card they hosting for Detroit my nigga? Listen, real talk I'ma keep it one hundred I would rather see Yung iLL vs Tech 9, I would rather see X-Factor vs Conceited over Rich Dolarz, I would rather see DNA vs K-Shine, I don't wanna see Miles and Okwerdz. That's in the talks my nigga. Big T and Surf, that's cool. I would rather for Cortez to battle Shotgun Suge than Yung iLL. These match-ups are absolutely horrible. And I don't think Goodz should battle Hitman. I'd rather see Goodz and Aye Verb, clearly that's the better match up. Clearly. I kept it a hundred with Goodz. Even though Verb got killed at Summer Madness you can not take the fact away that Verb is still one of the top niggas! You can not take that away from Verb, period. You can't. You can't take none of that away from Verb no matter what you do. Verb is still a dope ass nigga, he can rap! To me, in my opinion, Goodz and Hitman Holla will be like another Hollow and Hitman. In my opinion. I just don't think that's a good match up at all.

Speaking of Summer Madness lets talk about it, you was there that night. What you think about that whole event and the battles that took place that night?

I thought a lot of niggas got they fuckin ass destroyed. Destroyment my nigga. I been seeing a lot of Summer Madness recaps and it seem like...I mean niggas got their opinions and they can say what they wanna say regardless but see me I'm neutral. I'm from the Midwest but I'm not bias towards the Midwest and I think people expect me to be like that. I was seeing a lot of niggas' recaps, niggas will get to Verb and Miles, they'll say Math got killed but they wouldn't say the same for Verb and Miles. They'll get to them and they'll be like "well the crowd and blah blah blah." My nigga, Miles, Math and Verb got fuckin killed. Period. I'm serious, in that room they died my nigga. In that room they died. It's nothing else you can say about that. That's just as clear as it is, they died.

note: Pooh has left the conversation at this point.

In person I feel like Rex beat Conceited 2 [rounds] to 1. In person I had Tsu Surf winning 2 to 1 and I had him winning 2-1 back on camera also. In person I had X-Factor beating DNA 2-1 but on camera I actually think he won 3-0. Niggas can say whatever they wanna say but in my opinion DNA got bars. He has bars, the boy can rap. But I know how DNA is about to come before he even open his mouth and it's like the same thing over and over and over again. After so long you get tired of hearing those same word patterns and word schemes. That's just for me though I'm just tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over. So for me I thought X-Factor won 3-0 on camera. Now I don't know how them other 3 destroyments gonna look on camera but in person niggas died. Niggas know they died in person. I don't know how it's gonna look back on camera. It could be different 'cause you know battles do look different back on camera, but in that room my nigga Math, Miles and Verb took a loss, took a bad loss.

Yeah lets break down those 3 battles individually. Lets talk about first Midwest Miles vs Tech 9. What do you think went wrong in that battle?

I think when Tech 9 walked on stage and put his hand up, and 3000 people went crazy, that's where it went wrong. It was no way Miles was gonna beat him. No way at all. I'm not taking nothing away from Miles. Me personally I wanted to see the Miles that battled Rex and Lux. I wanna see that Miles, back-in-the-day Miles. This new Miles, I don't know. He did good against Verb. To me that was his last crazy performance. I don't think his heart in this shit no more like it used to be honestly. You could kinda tell. The same with Math though. I don't think Math and Miles hearts is in this shit no more and you could kinda tell that night at Summer Madness. It was like no inspiration. And then on top of it they had to use them handheld mics and that did take away from them.

Not making no excuses for no niggas 'cause I feel like if you're an artist, you're a battler, you're a rapper, you should be able to battle on mics regardless. Even though performing and battling on mics is 2 different things but you should be able to adjust to anything you see what I'm saying? A lot of niggas solely dependent on their performance so when they had to use them mics that shit fucked them up. Like Verb he's a nigga that uses his hands and shit, Math is another nigga that use his hands and shit. So when they had to hold them handheld mics that fucked their performance up a little. But I just don't think Miles would have beat Tech 9. Tech 9 is just a different type of nigga. I don't even know how to explain it. That's all I could say to that 'cause it aint no words for that 'cause that was bad .

Yeah that was crazy. I've seen Tech 9 perform before but that night it was something different about him

My nigga had bars. See niggas expected him to come with all them jokes. That nigga had bars. That nigga just had everything that night. In that room that night I dont think anyone would have beat Tech 9 or Charlie Clips.

What you think of the Math and Calicoe battle?

Honestly, I was surprised. When it started happening I was surprised. I was listening and Math had some shit. But I think by the time he was going in, I think it was too late. I think he had already lost the crowd. I'ma keep it a hundred you could just tell Math did not care about that battle. I'm not making up no excuses 'cause shit, that's on him. Calicoe a top 10 nigga now because he did what he had to do. Calicoe got in that ring and did what he had to do. It was bad for Math, yes but at the end of the day it is what it is. Niggas know they took their L's, Then you know he's another performer so when  he had to use them handheld mics, I don't think a lot of people know when they felt they had to use them handheld mics a lot of niggas didn't wanna battle no more.

Didn't wanna battle?

I'm not saying Math. When niggas found out they had to use them handheld mics,  a couple niggas was like really mad to the point where they didn't even wanna battle no more. 'cause that do takes away from the feel and eveything.

That's crazy I didn't even know that.

Yeah Hollow was going in about the mics and I don't blame him because that's crazy like, who wants to rap on handheld mics though my nigga?

I mean but at the end of the day these niggas are rappers. You should know how to hold a microphone regardless of whether you're performing a song or you're battling.

You're absolutely right, but you gotta understand when niggas is dependent on their performance of course they're gonna be mad. Hollow is performance. Math, performance. Verb is performance. Hitman, performance.

But Tsu Surf is performance too. 

But you could tell though like if you look at Surf and K-Shine's battle when it started  you could tell Surf was kinda uncomfortable with that mic though

But by the second round he was completely adjusted, you could see. That part where he does that "lock pick" shit he says "Subzero mask and a whopper for the loccin" he put both his hands up with the mic in his hand and simulated putting a mask on his face and he did that shit perfectly.

But you also hear how that audio sound too though. That audio wasn't that good. DNA and X-Factor has had the best audio so far that dropped.

I think that partially had to do with how some of them were holding the microphones because there were parts in Tsu Surf's round you could hear him clearly and parts where you couldn't hear him that clearly, and K-Shine you could him clearly though out his entire 3 rounds. 

I don't know. It is what it is.

Alright Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips, Body bag number 3.

That was supposed to be a classic battle. Verb and Clips was supposed to be a classic battle. This what be crazy: niggas be on twitter, they hit me up talking bout "well Clips been sitting on 2 years of material and blah blah blah" and it's like my nigga, Verb had the same amount of time to write. They was supposed to battle, what, over a year ago? They had the same amount of time to write so when niggas be saying that I be bugged like what do you mean? How can you say he had a longer time to write for Verb when they was supposed to battle over a year ago? How can you say that? Clips had everything to lose first of all. The odds was already against him. Niggas was saying "he only had one battle, is he gonna be able to come back and do it, blah blah this." Clips came back and did what he needed to do. Period. There's nothing you can say. Niggas can come up with all the excuses in the world. Niggas can say what they wanna say. Nigas was talking about the crowd was biased when clearly the crowd wasn't biased. You was there, New York niggas got booed. So clearly the crowd wasn't biased. Niggas can come up with all the excuses in the world but at the end of the day Clips did what he needed to do. It just wasn't Verb's night that night. Do I think it would have been different without the mics? Yes. I think it would have been a little different without the mics 'cause Verb would have been able to perform and do what he needed to do. But at the end of the day aint no "should've would've could've" it is what it is and Clips did what he needed to do.

Yeah Clips definitely did what he needed to do because I was definitely going for Verb. I was on twitter getting at Clips every other day telling him he's gonna get bodied.

Oh yes you was!

Then that night I had to eat my words, gave the nigga a pound like " bad son." Hahaha.

Yes you did! Yes you did 'cause my nigga, that was crazy. That was crazy.

That shit was unbelievable how that  battle turned out

 Come back tomorrow at our usual time, 10AM for Part 3 of my talk with Mz Gracie, the controversial interview with Pooh Bear, and another guest blog from the homie Mickey Factz, exclusively on the world's most respected MC battle blog, *BeasleyVoice*

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