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Mz Gracie Interview


One of the most outspoken people I've ever known, Gracie is as real as they come. Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Mz. Gracie, sister to battle rap vet Big Kannon, has had a hand in the making of some classic battles over the past few years. She's one of the biggest fans and critics of the culture and people all over respect her opinion. That's not easy for a woman in hip hop but she's a rare breed which is why people love her. But her visibility on the scene has also made her a target for rappers, having been dissed in at least 5 battles.

I couldn't wait to interview her. Little did I know that when she called me, Pooh Bear, another battle rap veteran from Chicago, would be on the line as well. Classic is the best way to describe this.

Let's jump right into it. Your name comes up in a lot of battle rappers' rhymes and you don't even rap. Why does this happen?

You know what? Honestly, I don't know. I think it's because the opponent they may have. Well I can't even say that 'cause I got dissed all the way in Da Jungle in California by a no-name nigga, I got dissed so I can't even say that but, the majority of the time I think it's because the opponent they may have and I'm targeted because either I'm cool with that person or whatever the case may be. But honestly I don't know 'cause I was dissed like by people I was cool with. Like, Fat Boy dissed me, Moe Dirdee dissed me, a couple other niggas been dissing me. I done had a nigga actually make a diss song about me from Arizona. I don't know like I'm cool with everybody. I don't know why they dissing me. It's like I'm more known than a lot of these rap niggas so they gotta take their shot anyway they can.

Last time you were dissed was in NuBorn's battle against Young Kannon.

Yo! Niggas don't even know that shit got edited 'cause I was in that bitch going off! Niggas don't even know like me and NuBorn was so cool. So when he did that I was like real upset because what's crazy is before he battled Young Kannon we was sitting talking, laughing it up or whatever, and out of nowhere he's like "You gon' be mad at me." and I'm like "What? Nigga you better not diss me" and he just looked at me! So when he did that I kinda took that personal. But I had to think about it like at the end of the day NuBorn's still a rap nigga he gon' do what he needs to do.

So yall relationship cool right now?

Yeah at the moment that's my nigga we still good money but I think he know better next time than to do that to me. But that's still my nigga we good money.

How did you get involved with the battle scene?

I've always loved battling for a long time. For a very long time, and there was this guy out here in Chicago who was like infatuated with the battling world. So he wanted to start a battling company with my brother Big Kannon. Big Kannon was the only nigga he had at the time and he knows Big Kannon can rap so the first ever - a lot of people don't know this - but the first ever Chicago Battlegrounds ever was outside in a park, with a random ass camera phone and Big Kannon was just out there battling random niggas. We threw a couple of events. Well they threw a couple of events, I didn't officially come onto Chicgao Battlegrounds until we threw the April 24th event. That was my first event I did with them.

April 24th of what year?

Of 2010. That was the first official event I did with them and that was one of the biggest events that Chicago Battlegrounds has had, But it was just out of my love just for music period like I'm a crazy Hip Hop head. When I was younger, 12 or 13, I used to order so many mixtapes from New York nigga it was just crazy. It's just my love for music, I just love it. Like, the sport of [battle rapping] it attracts me. Everything about it attracts me.

Is Chicago Battleground still in existence? Are they still in business?

[Pooh Bear laughs, then they both laugh hysterically]

Why's Pooh laughing?

'Cause he know about the, about the...[they both start laughing again]

Uh oh, yall about to go and say some bullshit!

You know what I'ma go and keep this as professional as I can, real talk like, Chicago Battlegrounds is dead. It's still going, but it don't have nothing to do with me no more. I left Chicago Battlegrounds after the last event they had  on October 2nd. I left due to some shadiness within the company. I'm a straight forward person [Pooh Bear still laughing in the background]. I'm a straight forward person I don't deal with bullshit so you know. After I left it basically went downhill. So Chicago Battlegrounds is on life support right now.

What was your role when you was apart of it?

Oh my God! I dealt with everything! I dealt with putting the battles together, I dealt with getting the venue, I dealt with the money. It had got to the point where I was just tired. I talked to rappers every day all day. That's what my life consisted of. Battle rappers all day everyday. Any role you can name, I played it. Every and any role you can name.

Pooh you sound like you wanna say something!

Pooh: Maaaan! Hahahaha!

Pooh Know! Pooh know the work I was putting in for that company, real talk.

Pooh: Yeah she did play a big part in that shit though man. A big ass part in that shit. So I mean you know, shit happens you know, motherfuckers start having different feelings about shit, different all type of shit and shit went downhill man. It ain't really too much to say about the shit man. But, but! And there's always a fucking "but," yes! I will be back in the ring nigga yes I will! Know what I'm sayin, so niggas need to be lookin' out for that shit. You know what I'm sayin', that's what the fuck motherfuckers need to be talkin 'bout!

No we not talkin' about that right now 'cause we talkin' about me right now.

Pooh: Aight aight aight aight aight! Well then we need to be talkin' 'bout Gracie and what's going on with her. hahahaha!

Haha! Alright Gracie who on the battle scene are you cool with? Like who are you close to?

Who am I close to on the battle scene?

Pooh: Poohskie! Pooh-skie! Hahahaha!

Pooh my nigga, real talk! Niggas might see me and Pooh on twitter arguing or going back and forth, going crazy on each other. But Pooh my nigga, I been knowing him for like 8 years, he my nigga for real. Me and him we cool. It's a couple other niggas I'm cool with. Out of town niggas I'm even cool with. Of course Big Kannon that's my nigga. Qleen, a couple out of town niggas on the East coast I'm close with. Spee Dolla that's my nigga, Jai that's my nigga from Block City

Pooh: Shout out to Jai too that's my nigga

Yeah shout out to Jai 'cause you know what niggas be trying to shit on Jai low key but niggas don't know Jai will smoke a lot of these niggas socks off. He would kill a lot of these niggas. But niggas aint trying to give him the shine he deserves real talk. Oh yeah my nigga Juicezilla too I cannot forget him 'cause I talk to him like everyday that's my nigga, real talk.

[Pooh  starts laughing again.]

Niggas be talking shit, niggas be trying to shit on my nigga Juicy Fruit.

Pooh: Haha! What the fuck, what the fuck type of name is that man?!

Shut up Pooh I'm serious! Shut up because that's my nigga real talk. Niggas be tryin to shit on him but Juice my nigga.

Pooh: [Laughing hysterically] Yeah shout out the nigga Juicy Fruit. Aight.

Pooh an asshole! Pooh an asshole yo!

Pooh: Nah nah Juice is my nigga too though yo don't get it fucked up! Juice is my nigga though you know what I'm sayin that name just fucked me up! Juicy Fruit and shit.

Shut up!

Pooh: Hahahahaha!

You an idiot yo!

Who in the battle scene do you not like?

[Everyone laughs]

Pooh: Oh shit! Aww man!

Keep it all the way real! Keep it one hundred!

Like as a person? or just..

Pooh: Just on some rap shit.

As a person, in general, however you wanna put it.

Pooh: Like who you just don't fuckin like lets talk about that.

Who don't I fuckin like?

Pooh: You don't like a lot of fuckin people.


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