Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Street Star Norbes Part 3 - "My Goal Is URL At Giants Stadium"

 In the final piece of my interview with Ultimate Rap League co-founder Street Star Norbes, we discuss the last event Summer Madness at Webster Hall in New York City, some of his favorite battle rappers, mainstream rappers coming to battle on their stage on what the future holds for URL.

Alright lets talk about Summer Madness. Do you feel it was a success?

With every event we can always get better, and that's just me being a perfectionist and Smack being a perfectionist. But just standing there, like this is rap. We had a titantron. I felt like we was at Wrestlemania my nigga. We had a titantron, there were people going crazy. There was like, I dont't know, three thousand people in there. It was nuts. I mean when you start seeing women in there, that's when you know you starting to win. There was a lot of beautiful women in the audience. It was insane. Tech 9 walked out and lifted his hand and just waved and the crowd went stupid. So in terms of that it was incredible and like I said we continue to grow and we continue to raise the bar. We're not satisfied. We're defintely not satisfied 'cause niggas saying The Garden. I wanna do fuckin Giants Stadium.


That's my goal. Seventy thousand people there to watch a battle that's what I wanna see. So like I said nah we're not satisfied. We wanna tour, we want to continue to be the staple of hip hop. That's what I think we are, we're the staple of hip hop. We're the consistent thing in hip hop right now. People buy albums and they're disappointed but people love to come to our shows. That's big.

My only complaint with Summer Madness was the time management, like it was a bit too much for one whole day. People were outside waiting to get in at 1PM, doors opened at 3 and battles didn't start until 7.

Yeah I definitely apologize for that. I definitely feel what you saying but like I said remember we're 2 years old now, not even 2 years old. We learn, we all make mistakes and just try to do what's best for our fans. I know this thing we're working on now to improve that. We're getting better with every event my dude. Like before we were taking money at the door now we do tickets. That was a little smoother. Like I said this is a baby right now this company, still. Everything's happening so fast that sometimes it gets overwhelming. But we'll be fine. All that is fixable. As long as the product is there, all that is fixable.

Who are some of your favorite battle rappers out right now?

Wow, Bill Collector definitely. B. Magic, Math Hoffa, Tech 9 is my absolute favorite, Charlie Clips, I like Calicoe. I mean it depends on what you're looking for. If I want just sheer entertainment sometimes I might just put on Tech 9 'cause that dude he's hilarious. It all depends on what I wanna hear at that time. Hollow Da Don is definitely one of my favorites. Hitman Holla also.

And who do you wanna see on URL that hasn't been on the stage yet?

Shit I think everybody I wanna see is on URL right now to be honest with you. Everybody I wanna see is basically on URL right now.

It's pretty much a full house right now.

Yeah I mean I wanna see some of the new guys on the stage. I mean on the stage, stage. I wanna see B. Magic. I haven't seen a guy with his word play in a long time. I wanna see Bill Collector, QP, I wanna see them. You know what it is? It's like graduation for me man it's like how you seeing your sons graduate, not saying B. Magic or QP are my sons or nothing like that but you see your project progress and when you see these guys start achieving their dreams it makes you feel good about yourself because you helped them achieve that dream. So I'd like to see them dudes.

You guys think that you'll ever get any mainstream artists on URL? Like somebody that's more known for making music?

I'll be honest with you, I just want my artists on URL to be mainstream, and then come back. Because they went through all the steps and it's amazing 'cause people say Jay Z battled and Nas battled in the streets but this is all off camera. The beautiful thing about URL is you're actually seeing the progression of an artist and the steps of what it takes to become a mainstream artist. With the internet you're actually seeing the development of them and that's amazing to me. Before you weren't able to document what Jay Z did in the '80s coming up as a kid. You couldn't document what Nas did. Now with the era of the internet you're watching these kids' every move. You gonna see Hollow Da Don from being on 106 and Park to URL to possible being a big international star. You're gonna see Math Hoffa from the Fight Klub to the URL to possibly going on tour. So me personally in terms of guys like Fabolous coming down to battle I don't care [laughs]. No disrespect to that man but I wanna see our artists go mainstream and then come back as opposed to artists are already mainstream come down to URL. I don't really care about that.

So what's the future looking like for URL? I know you're about to reach your 2 year anniversary.

The 2 year anniversary we're gonna be on the road. I would love to do a tour in Europe. I'd like to hit every state 'cause I know there's a lot of fans in other states that can't make it to some of these events. So I definitely wanna tour the country. Tour the world, man. That's my goal, to make this into boxing. You know how boxing is viewed every where? I wanna do that and make it an international sport. I wanna host battles in Africa. Even though I don't know what the fuck they're saying. That's what I'm aiming for.

Even through music Math Hoffa got fans in Dubai. That's crazy, niggas is sending videos like "Yo we're in Dubai bumping ACMD3!" That's crazy, that's really ill. I'll get a call like "Yo we're from England we love B. Magic he's the man!" People in Japan know who Hollow Da Don is, it's insane. That's something that you gotta be proud of.

Calicoe vs K-Shine

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