Friday, October 14, 2011

Aye Verb Gives Battle Rappers A Reality Check

This week's BET Awards show has everyone talking....about the Cyphers. Showcasing the "hottest" emcees in the game, the Cyphers have rappers (some in crews, others just randomly thrown together) spit straight bars to the camera. It's the only portion of the show anyone truly cares about. It's always entertaining with tons of dope bars (and some horrible ones).

Every year around this time, while everyone talks about who killed the cypher, who should be in a cypher that hasn't been, battle rappers feel some type of way because they feel they're the real emcees and were born for these cyphers. I wouldnt say they "cry" and "complain" but I feel their frustration and agree they deserve more shine. But hey, business is business and until battle rappers learn the business, niggas will watch the BET Awards front row in their living rooms while Chris Brown raps.

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