Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bell's (@kissMYpumpsHO) 1st 48 Predictions

Okay, so everyone is going ape shit about the first 48. Im so excited about that. I strongly support the women doing their thizzle. I do think the event will go nicely. While I do think that it will be a success, I don’t think that some of the battles should be on the card. For instance, I don’t think that the Tori Doe v Royal Honey jawnt should be on there. Debo and the rest of the staff over there should’ve done something like the Summer Madness system. Put the newer folks on another card a day before the event or something like that. This event could be classic, but we don’t know what Royal Honey is gonna give because we have never seen her battle before, and while Tori has bars like her life depends on it, im just not convinced on her yet. But I digress. This card is very diverse though. Lots of different styles and all that... That being said, without further ado, let’s get to the piggedy piggedy point (and yes I did say “piggedy piggedy point." Who gon check me?... oh, okay...)

Ehh, I’m just gonna keep it a stack, I can’t call this battle. Like I said in the beginning, I’m not really sold on Tori yet. She needs to polish herself. Her delivery is iffy at times. The structure of her bars and her content is nice. I just want her to deliver it better. Once she gets that down (and get a new hairstyle) she will be a force for the females. She really will be. I haven’t heard from Royal Honey at all. They say she was supposed to have a few battles and shit, but her opponents were no-shows.

I’m calling that one a question mark.

This is a very, very interesting match-up to me. Their styles are totally different. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing. Lexx Banko is just a fire spitter. She is one of the new chicks that I love. A lot of her bars go over peoples’ heads. I’m not excluded from that bunch. I have to listen a couple times before I catch some of her shit. Don Ladyii is the shit too. She comes from a different angle with the comedy and shit. She is HILARIOUS! The “hit the track ho!” scheme still kills me dead! This battle will come down strictly to preference because they both will come at with their A-game in their particular style lanes.  As for me, I’m going with….


Imma keep it all the way real. I don’t like either of them. Matrimony bores the hell out of me, and Norma be speaking another damn language. If you actually can keep up with Norma though, she be saying some shit. She just needs to work on her delivery! She says things that should hit hard, but they don’t, because says the shit so fast and runs it together. She needs to slow down. Norma puts me in the mind of old school K-Shine. He used to be like that. Rapping all fast and shit, but he slowed it down because it wasn’t doing what he wanted it to do. Honestly, if Norma works on her delivery (and ditch those fucked up ass, stank looking ass, ratchet ass, craft project ass outfits, ohh, and get rid of those dance moves), Matrimony doesn’t stand a chance. I know, I know… “She’s the female Head Ice…” well, ehh, to each his or her own. She bores me to shreds though. The content of her bars is okay sometimes. But I just cant with her. I will say, she has a presence that is unheard of. She can captivate a crowd. The tone of her voice and the way she projects is impressive. Her first battle, umm, yea, not good to me. Lexx destroyed her IMO. So she hasn’t done anything to convince me that she is worthy. I’m just not a fan of Mat. They still both lowkey suck to me (with the exception of a few good lines from Norma), but...

I’m giving this one to…


I must say, this will be a goodie. Yall know I LOVEEE me some Phara. Her whole style and swag is just my thing. I love it. I won’t go on and on about her. I already blogged about how I feel about her and why I think she’s the Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Click here to see it. But Prophet…. She is the most improved female to me. A lot of people don’t wanna give Prophet her credit. She is nice. For some reason though, she never wins. I don’t know why it is. She is always ALMOST there. Her delivery is nice, her style is nice. Its just something that she is missing. She needs to come a little harder, and honestly, I don’t see that happening against Phara. Phara is too wild for her (aye, and Phara wavvy! LITERALLY!). She comes all aggressive and shit, and she is going to overpower Prophet. I do think it will be a close battle. Prophet never goes out without a fight.

This one goes to PHARA FUNERAL for me.

Man, oh man, oh fucking man! Mark my words: THIS WILL BE THE BEST ALL TIME FEMALE BATTLE. These are two of my favs. Like I said about Phara, I already did run-down on them both. Click here to see it. its going to come down to who is more on that night. At Jaz’s best, she can’t be fucked with. Style, charisma, presence, wit, all that good shit. She is just untouchable. On the other end, we got Chayna Ashley. Chayna is arguably one of the best doing it. Like, she cant be fucked with either. She did the damn thing in both her battles. I must say I liked her better her first time out (Same for Jaz). Her second against Raine ended a little awkward for me. Nonetheless, she still got busy! I love her. Bottom line. She has the aggression and presence that gives me chills. She just HAS to step up her performance. This is where I can see Jaz breaking her down at. Jaz knows how to move around very well. She knows how to put on a show. Sometimes, Chayna just stands there and spits. Even then her shit hits hard, and it could be impeccable if she gets her performance down pact. No one is going to kill anyone. This may be one of the closest battles ever.

I can honestly say I don’t know who is going to win this battle, but yall already know who I want to win. MY JAZZY!!

This is another interesting one. Let me just say, everyone knows that E-Hart is my favorite female battle rapper. She is a class act. E-hart is a fucking vet, and it shows. Her delivery and flow is always on point. She does shit with precision. The thing about E-hart is that she is not a bar type battler to me. She can flow, and she is nice as hell, but she don’t do a lot of BARS so to speak. I kinda like that, because when she does say some shit that hits, it HITS. I also love the way she puts her schemes together. Everything just flows so nicely. There is never an awkward moment. She builds up to things very nicely. Misfit, on the other hand, is all hype and shit. She has punchlines galore. She gives me the feel of a female Cortez. She has jokes, bars, and style. She's nice. But on this one, im going to have to go with…


So yea, those are my predictions for QOTR’s 1st 48. Who yall think gon come out on top and shit? Let me know.

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