Friday, October 7, 2011

Mickey Factz Guest Blog - Shotgun Suge's Dilemma

Gambling. Betting. Placing Wages. Running Numbers. Some states consider it illegal. Others consider it justified fun. Most people can win big or lose everything from houses, clothing, wedding bands, etc. In the world of Emcee battling however, stakes can be very high. People don't know but battlers used to not only battle for respect, but for money. Random walking on 42nd Street in New York City would turn into prize matches sometimes. Jae Millz vs Murda Mook was a 5k battle. Fight Club staged many side bet battles. But no battle had more controversy than Shotgun Suge's bet and subsequent battle against Midwest Miles.

Suge, who hails from Jersey, is one of the newer battlers on URL. He is brash, tough and volatile. His demeanor has earned him a spot in fans' hearts and some fans' "worst" list. He has had some great showings. Against Hollyhood he recited all of Juice. Against Heartless, he belittled him. Against Tay Roc, he told em "who the f*ck you think you talking to...?". But none was more disrespectful than his battle with Calicoe. He defamed the deceased Detroit artist Proof's name, which led to his last battle with Midwest Miles.

The bet that was placed on this bout was whoever loses, can't battle on URL for a year. As of now, Midwest Miles has battled since March 27th: URL X (Summer Madness) against Philly's Tech 9, while Shotgun hasn't. As URL XI approaches, Suge has yet to find an opponent. There were rumblings of guest judges for the battle after it dropped but nothing ever transpired. There are fans & battlers who feel Suge defeated Miles but as far as the bet goes, Suge has lost.

He has practically called out every battler on URL other than his cohort Tsu Surf. Nothing still. As the Detroit card has already been leaked, Suge's name is nowhere to be found. Besides rumblings of yet another Miles battle against Cali's Okwerdz, it seems everyone is either ducking Suge or they are honoring the outcome of the battle.

Here are the dilemmas: Does URL/Smack feel he lost? Will he find an opponent for URl XII? (Which is scheduled for Dec, tentatively) Who should be his next opponent? Will his next opponent really be on March 27, 2012? Questions that many of us don't have answers to. What we do know is, the dilemma the next battler will receive from this particular shotgun, will be a year's worth of a botched bet.


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