Monday, October 10, 2011

Mz Gracie's Predictions for QOTR's First 48

This week it's all about Queen Of The Ring. The one and only all-female battle league in the world is back with a huge event going down this Saturday October 15th in Brooklyn. Check back here all week cuz we're definitely covering this. Kicking Queen Of The Ring Week off is the homie Mz Gracie with her predictions of the battles and as always she keeps it realer than real. When she speaks somebody gets their feelings hurt. HA!

(Please note: new address not on the flyer, the event is taking place at 400 Liberty Avenue in Brooklyn)

Ok so apparently I’ve been bullied into doing my predictions for the QOTR First 48 event (taking place Oct.15th at Judah Bros. boxing gym in Brooklyn, NY 4pm-10:30pm) BUT because I love Debo he knows I got him with whatever he needs! First and foremost let me start by saying I don’t event like women that rap but some of these QOTR ladies definitely has caught my eye (Just a few) lol.

Up 1st I got Royal Honey vs Tori Doe…HONESTLY I’ve never heard of this Royal Honey chick, but I fucks with Tori Doe hardbody I like shorty style I knew from the first battle I saw with her (vs Miz Mel) she had potential of being a problem so I got her winning 2-1. Tori sometimes is inconsistent in atleast 1 rd.

Next, K Prophet vs Phara Funeral…I got Phara beating Prophet 2-1 also, Phara red fingerwaves wins off GP though! Sue me! Im bias to the hair *shrugs*.

Lexx Banko vs Don Ladyii…Lexxy might kill her 3-0, I like Don but its something about her that’s missing so idk WE WILL see!.

Matrimony vs Norma Bayts….ummm first of all why does Debo keep doing this ??? Norma shouldn’t be on another QOTR card!!!! SHE ASS CHEEKS (LITERALLY) -_- I have nothing else to say about that battle ya’ll know who winning.

Chayna Ashley vs Jaz The Rapper…OK now everybody knows Jazzy is my boo! BUT in the same sentence people know C.Ash is one of my favorites she will KILL some of these rap niggas (NO LOL). Both Jaz and C.Ash has BARS now what kills me is how much of a UNDERDOG Jazzy is SMH, bar for bar they are going to go crazy, PERFORMANCE ? Jazzy will have to step it up and this is what I’ve told her on numerous conversations. OVERALL I don’t know who will win this but I will say I think it will be a very close battle.

Last but not least the return of E Hart vs Ms Fit….TRUTHFULLY I think Fit is cool BUT when I watch her battles I’m watching Cortez. Now saying that, NO I don’t think Tez writes her bars BUT I do think he’s definitely an influence when she's going through her writing process for preparation. I got Hart smoking Fit socks off.

Make sure you go out and support these ladies! Hopefully no DESTROYMENTS will be held out this night.

DE-STORY-MENT : the act of not being able to come back from one, beyond destroyed. Adjective

-Mz Gracie

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