Sunday, October 23, 2011

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Jaz The Rapper Vs Chayna Ashley

I was at Queen Of The Ring's First 48 event on October 15th, my first ever QOTR and I was highly impressed, I loved it. These women are super talented and are on their way to being household names on the battle scene. One of the highlights of the night was Jaz vs Chayna Ashley. Both being very popular, the batle was supposed to happen at QOTR's Bar Exam event, with Jaz coming in as the underdog. Something prevented it from happening that night and rumors began swirling around as to why Chayna was a no-show. Battle was rescheduled and here we are.

Jaz brings to the battle her wordplay, a ton of wit, charismatic charm and a smile to match. Chayna is highly respected lyrically, a little more advanced than Jaz and a calm presence that pulls people in with every bar. So this battle was highly anticipated. Who do you think won?

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