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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tay Roc Is Back

He's been quietly plotting since his battle with O-Red in March. This Saturday he takes on QP and he's got Tsu Surf and Rich Dolarz on his radar. What's Roc got planned for everyone? He might just shock us all. Stay tuned you know I'm on it.

Video: Math Hoffa - 007

Monday, November 28, 2011


WOW this looks classic, all the battles look dope. K Shines reaction on the Clay Mathews line by Hitman is classic

I'll Bet $100,000 Plus Half My Life That Rich Dolarz Won't Beat X-Factor

I just spent about half an hour debating with a fan, @BrooklynWavy718, about this Rich Dolarz vs X-Factor battle happening this Saturday at URL's Motor City Mayhem in Detroit.. This battle could possibly be one of the best battles of the night. Correction, it will be one of the best battles of the night. Sad part about it is that fact has very little to do with Rich Dolarz. I know that's harsh but I'll break it down for Brooklyn and the rest of you in a second. First, Why does Brooklyn have so much faith in Rich though?

From The Vault: Aye Verb Post Battle Interview

URL's Summer Madness was exhausting. Really. The event itself, being there with all those people and seeing those battles live was amazing but the aftermath drained the hell out of me. Especially the Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips saga. Everyone and their grandmother had an opinion on that battle, why Verb got booed, who really won, etc. From twitter to youtube the aftermath seemed like it would never end. So I was so drained that once the battle was finally released on September 30th I kinda sorta forgot to post the interview I did with that same night. Well here goes another classic from one of my favorite people to interview. We discussed the Clips battle, Goodz, Arsonal, Math and Swave Sevah. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Yung Ill Talks About Battle With Rex and more.

Ill talks about his battle with Rex, his predictions for the Detroit card, who he wants to battle next, and Clash of The St Louis Titans coming in January with Hitman battling Aye Verb.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Charlie Clips Talks Big T Battle & X Factor

Clips talks about his upcoming 1rd unlimited battle with Big T in Atlanta, he also talks about why him vs X Factor isn't going down. I'm interested to see how Clips will do against Big T who will throw some punches at him.

New York Unsigned Hype Cypher (2nd Edition)

@kissMYpumpsHO <3

Video: Summer Leather Vest Feat. Joe Budden - Unison

I still have no clue who, what, when or why. But I'm with it lol. Video directed by Walu. Track Produced by The Klasix.

Download link

Pill - Alive

 Some nice feel good music I stumbled across. I fux with it. So you should too.

Download (props to

Arsonal Talks About Calicoe and Freestyles

With his big battle with Calicoe coming up Arsonal does a blog about him and spits some fire at the end. Calicoe better bring his A game because it looks like Ars is hungry this time around and left squidwards clarinet at home.

Goodz, T Rex, K Shine St Louis Blog

These 3 talk about how the biased STL crowd, X Factor saying Goodz is worst top tier battler, and various other things.

QB, Tori Doe, Jaz The Rapper Cypher

These 3 lovely ladies take turns goin in at this cypher. I personally feel that Jaz went the hardest but QB and Tori weren't far behind. My only knock on this is I wish the ladies would've went longer.

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Matrimony Vs Norma Bayts

Tsu Surf - Surf's Up 1.5 (Mixtape)

Download (Props to

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SMACK/URL Presents - Okwerdz Vs. E. Beasley

So yesterday Okwerdz released a video telling people why he wasn't gonna be battling Midwest Miles in URL's Motor City Mayhem in Detroit. He had some harsh words for URL's staff, specifically Eric Beasly. Fans jumped to conclusions and took his side immediately. Today Beasley responds. Who will prevail on the world's most respected MC Battle blog?

Monday, November 21, 2011

MNF - KC Chiefs vs NE Patriots (Live)

oh yeah

EDI: Game over. goodnight!

King Of The Dot Presents: Illmaculate & Thesaurus vs poRICH & Diaz

All good things must come to an end. In some cases, that end is anti-climatic. A whimper. In others, it's an explosion. After months of build up, the 2 vs. 2 Grand Prix would be the latter. 16 teams had been cut down to 2, with Flatline setting the stage for the final showdown between West Coast legends The Saurus and Illmaculate and GTA underdogs poRICH and Diaz. Saurus and Illmac rolled over the competition every step of the way to the finals, rarely seeming challenged as they added a series of new bodybags to their always growing 2 vs. 2 resume. Diaz and Rich found themselves stuck in a few more dogfights along the way, forced to continuously step up their game and rise to the occasion in making it to the end of the road. By the time this battle had been decided upon, the tensions were already high. They would end up spilling over into the battle itself. Controversial material, lines crossed, a physical altercation and an impossibly close decision all combined together to make this perhaps the most hyped match of the entire Grand Prix. Which only seems fitting, of course. When good things come to an end, it's always preferred that they go out with a bang.

We need more of this in the battle world. Not 2 vs 2 (I like them though). I mean battlers going at it with money on the line. Fuck paying all these rappers ridiculous amounts of money just to show up. Make them go hard for it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who Is JC?

JC is the lil guy from Detroit behind the rumored Proving Grounds battle that will never be released because it was allegedly so bad it will destroy the life and career of Philadelphia's Time Bomb. He's got Rosenberg Raw in Detroit at URL's Motor City Mayhem on Saturday December 3rd. Congrats on making the main stage homie. Good to see more new guys on the rise in URL.

Q.P. Vlog

In this blog, QP talks about a few things. He talks about Suge and his little visiting Detroit sitcho, discusses the battles on the MidWest Mayhem card, goes HAM and cheese sandwich on the OTHER QP, John John Da Don, and some other stuff. I DIED when he got Tay Roc together. Watch it below. 


@kissMYpumpsHO <3

Saturday, November 19, 2011

STREETSTATUSDVD presents: T Dubb O vs. Metta

Thank me later for this post. 

Pay VERY close attention to Metta. Now, i'm not taking anything away from T Dubb O, but he got kill ki ki killed [insert Math Hoffa voice here]. Seriously, he died. Metta fucked him over something crazy. Mark my words when i tell you this: This guy is gonna run through niggas in the URL something crazy. In this battle, he showcased charisma, personality, performance, technique, and just overall SKILL. Yes, yes, yes- yet another fire spitter from my beloved MidWest! Im excited about him... yes indeed! Watch below.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nuborn's BluudyNuckles Interview

Okay, so yea, we all know Nuborn. Whether we love him or hate him, ehh, that's questionable. Be that as it may, im not gonna be a sucker and say that Nuborn dont got bars. Like, when he aint choking, Nuborn is nice. Yea, i said it, NUBORN IS NICE. He choked up a few times, but it happens to the best of them. In his battle against Cocky, he lightweight redeemed himself. (Wait a minute, Bell!! So you saying Nuborn that nigga?? 0_o) No, I'm not tryna gas him or anything, but when he's on his shit, he's good. Anyways, i digress. In the video below (start it at about 2:35), he talk about battle rap politics and calls out a few people. One thing i really respect is that he said he wants to battle up and coming rappers. Like it or not, Nuborn gets views. It doesnt matter WHY he gets them, but he does get them. Battling Nuborn is a great opportunity go get a buzz. Hell, look at Calicoe. No pun intended to him, but after battling Nuborn (and smoking his fucking boots), he became the topic of many battle rap convos. Nuborn called out Yung Ill (which i dont think is his wisest choice. Ill will KILL him) in this interview. He also talked a little bit about battle rap politics. I have to say that i agree with a lot of the things he said. 

Enough me though, watch the vid... 

@kissMYpumpsHO <3

URL Motor City Mayhem Trailer 2 - Big T vs Tsu Surf Is On

After being announced, then canceled, now re-announced for URL's Detorit card, Big T vs Tsunami Surf is officially going down on December 3rd. For some reason there seems to be more excitement over this battle than the main event Arsonal vs Calicoe. I'm not a fan of Big T honestly. He can rap but his raps just don't do it for me. Of course Surf is gonna put on a show (what mask will he wear when he lock picks his door?) and with Arsonal headlining, O-Red getting his shot at Aye Verb and Shotgun Suge likely rolling out with the team, expect Jersey to make headlines the next morning.

As for the rest of the card, Calicoe's gonna beat Arsonal. It won't be an easy win but he's on top of his game right now. Arsonal's gonna have some quotables though.

X-Factor is gonna beat Rich Dolarz but Rich might surprise us. Lately he's been feeling the pressure of being underrated and under appreciated by the fans after having put in so much work over the years so he's not gonna slack on this one the way he did with Tech 9. I think he's tired of being known as just the nigga with "the best resume in the game." He's no stranger to battling in front of a Midwest crowd so he knows what's up. X-Factor is Top 5 right now though. Funny as fuck and lyrically superior getting better with every battle. This is gonna be good.

Aye Verb vs O-Red? Smh. Listen, I love Verb. He's the reason I watch this battle rap culture as close as I do. But you're only as good as your last battle. So if we're going off him and Red's last matches (Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips and O-Red vs Rosenberg Raww) I can't see Verb winning. Red is hungry right now. Been waiting a whole year for this moment and now he's got it locked like a pit bull on a baby's neck. A one-round battle. 5 minutes, one chance to get your point across loud and clear. This slow flow Verb's been on better not show up or Red's gonna come out looking like he battled Rosenberg again. Don't disappoint me Verb. Don't do it man.

B Magic vs Young Kannon. I just watched B Magic teach M. Ciddy a lesson but word on the streets is Magic just took a bad one from Big Will. I'm still rolling with Magic cuz I want these new guys to keep rising up as we go into the new year. Young Kannon aint bad I just wish he'd stay the fuck still. Nigga moves like a chile with Tourettes Syndrome trying to catch a fly. He got some spit to him though so I aint sleeping. Kannon's got years in this so let's see if he pulls rank or gets pulled off out in a stretcher after B. Magic's relentless punchline barrage.

QP vs Tay Roc. It's no secret I'm the biggest Qleen Paper fan in the world at the moment. He's undefeated in my eyes (yes, B. Magic and Rosenberg Raww took a beating) and Tay Roc aint the one to change that. Nobody remembers Tay Roc's last battle in which he threw up on himself, came back and finished his rhymes and won like $1000. This is QP's first battle on the main stage and it's in his city so he's gonna show off. I just hope Tay Roc makes his rounds worth watching more than once.

There's more to be said but I'm chillin. Share your thoughts and get at me people!


King of the Dot Presents: Dizaster vs. DNA

Let me just say, this has been, in my opinion, the best battle of the year so far. When i tell you that both of them went in, believe me. DNA is back and i have fallen in LOVE with Dizaster! Watch it below and thank me later.

Friday, November 11, 2011

M. Ciddy vs. B. Magic

M. Ciddy vs. B. Magic: The battle we've all been dying for. Of course, after i stayed up until 3 a.m. waiting for it and it didn't come out, i took my black ass to sleep. When I woke up, it was hereeeee [insert Beyonce voice here]. But i digress. anywho, dive into this battle, yall.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Introduction: ALL OUT Ent.

So, I am aware that majority of the viewers are huge battle rap junkies. That’s cool. Please believe that I’m one, too. Hell, I’m the president of the “Yeen Fuckin with the MidWest” club (lol. I made that club up. What can I say? The MidWest is definitely my favorite region in terms of battle). With that being said, all my fellow MidWest heads know of Aye Verb, right? Right. Well, if you know of Aye Verb, I’m damn near positive that you’ve seen his crazy ass videos. If you seen those videos, you are on the right track. Chigga Chase, the other fool who shows his ass in those vids, is the CEO of ALL OUT Ent. The video below is a promo video for some of his artists, Mikey and Robbie.

Just like they are new to yall, they are new to me, too. However, I’ve heard a few Chase tracks, and I must say that I dig them. He has BARSSSSS, so I know for a fact he takes nothing more for his own lable.  I look forward to more vids and music from them all. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Next For Tsunami Surf?

So due to circumstances nobody really knows, one of the most anticipated battles Tsu Surf vs Big T, isn't gonna happen. At all. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it anyway. Big T is alright but Surf was better off antagonizing Hitman Holla until he agreed to battle. That would have been a far better match up. Nevertheless Surf was looking forward to Big T and since its not happening he's falling back on his music for a while. He's not inspired to jump back in the ring any time soon.

But, a few months ago Tsu Surf threw the idea of a 2 vs 1 battle out on twitter. Him versus any team, and he was dead serious. So, me being the voice of the people this is my petition to URL to make this happen. Who would be the team to take on this arrogant ass guy? Let me brainstorm real quick...

Illmaculate & Thesaurus

This is the most feasible team. For one, Illmac and Thesaurus have a history of teaming up to battle, currently beating the shit out of every team they face in King Of The Dot's $5000 Grand Prix (Finals are going down today at KOTD's Flatline event) These 2 vets would bring it hard to Surf. Especially Illmac. Illmac alone would bring some vicious shit to Surf. This would also bring in a whole new audience of battle rap fans to URL. People would come from all over to see this go down. I heard they were in talks with Illmac to bring him over anyway. He'd kill a lot of niggas too. This battle would bring the best out of Tsu Surf. Two veterans with a tag team history who know each other well and would be easily prepared. Yeah, I can see this one happening. Best fuckin idea ever. Get Smack on the phone right now. (Sidenote: I'd rather see this on King Of The Dot but getting Surf past Canadian customs would be almost impossible.)

Hitman Holla & Math Hoffa

Surf's been getting under Hitman's skin for months and was close to actually making this battle happen. I still think Hitman is scared to death. Math had some words with Surf on twitter also and was willing to battle him. Math and Hitman are both aggressive so I can see their styles meshing well with each other. If they collaborated, like really sat down and wrote together, they would put on a hell of a show. I think Surf would win this but it wouldn't be an easy win.

Arsonal & O-Red

Hear me out for a second tho. Yes Surf is cool with them but I don't think their too cool to do this. Could you imagine the bars that would come from this? Arsonal is one of the best and will battle anybody if the money's right. O-Red's on a rampage lately too trying to earn his respect that people don't seem to wanna give him. Arsonal's freestyle ability and energy mixed with O-Red's lyricism make them a great team. Arsonal might be the tougher challenge for Surf since him and O-Red use a ton of sports punchlines in their rhymes, making them evenly matched. The deciding factor would be how personal these guys get.

Qleen Paper & B. Magic

The two most talked about battlers of the new class, this would be crazy. QP's & B Magic's wordplay go well together. Magic being more smooth and witty, QP being more aggressive and animated. Plus Qleen already has Surf in his sights. Surf would be doing them a favor getting them a shot at a big name so soon and he could retire on that note. He'd have to come with his best shit though because these 2 are some of the hungriest MC's out there.

Bonus: Bad Meets Evil

Fuck it why not?


QB vs. Ms. Hustle: Finally Happening?


 Hello viewers! We meet again, ehh? I know I know. “Bell, yeen been on your bullshit in a minute!!” I know, dahlins, I know. See, I be busy and all that, but my, do I have some interesting things for you guys. Eat this for now though. Continue reading below…
UPDATE: SO YEA, THIS BATTLE WON'T BE HAPPENING.... "Why Bell?? They supposed to had been battled!!!" i know, i know, but according to QB, "grown ass men being sensitive" is preventing the  battle from happening. Therefore, its looking like we wont be seeing it at all. -__-

It’s starting to look like it will happen. Yes! Ms. Hustle vs. QB. Admit it: we have all been dying to see it. These two have been bickering back and forth for quite some time now. Right off bat, I can think of a couple times when they were supposed to battle. Why they didn’t? I really don’t know. Word on the street is that there were a few discrepancies on where to battle, price, all that kind of shit. Of course, the bulk of the issue should be done now, seeing as though Norbes, one of the partners in URL, said he doesn’t care if the two battle anymore.  That’s the green light to get it popping if you ask me.  At any rate, leave it to me to find out the truth in my interview with QB. Hustle will be battling the remains of Dutchess at some point on URL. I personally find this absurd! Now, while I don’t like Hustle, I’ve given her her props. Dutchess, on the other hand, is straight up and down hot garbage. “If you ask me, this bitch is ass cheeks [insert hustle voice here].” QB ate Dutchess, and Hustle is coming off a debatable battle with E-Hart. How in the holy hell is Hustle battling Dutchess and not QB? Your guess is better than mine. I blame it all on folks being in their emotions coupled with bad business practices. But hey, who am I….

Aside from all the supposed-to-had-beens, some recent shit talking has led to what looks to be a certain battle. How it started? I couldn’t quite tell you, but I know one thing, I’m taking all bets on QB for the win. I won’t be a biased little cunt and say that Hustle doesn’t have material. That would be a lie. She has bars. I still don’t like her though. She could polish her delivery a little more to me. The arrangement and all that needs work. QB will win because she has that delivery and aggression. Now, QB, of course, could add more bars to the package for more impact.
This is just really heating up, but trust and believe, as it develops, I’ll keep you guys posted.  Twitter went CRAZY when it all popped off today. It is obvious that the fans really want to see it. URL and QOTR both claim to be platforms that “do it for the fans.” If this is indeed the case, we will see QB/Hustle wayyy before Hustle/Dutchess. As a matter of fact, Dutchess/Hustle won’t even happen. NOBODY IS CHECKING FOR THAT!!

 For now, interest yourselves in the tweets and most recent battles below from all the parties involved.

E-Hart vs. Ms. Hustle 

QB vs. Dutchess p. 1 and 2

Friday, November 4, 2011

SMACK/URL Motor City Mayhem Preview


It's about time right? URL officially announces their first (real) battle rap event outside of NYC, Motor City Mayhem. Going down in Detroit at the legendary St. Andrew's hall on Saturday December 3rd, the event features

B. Magic vs Young Kannon
QP vs Tay Roc
JC vs Rosenberg Raww
X-Factor vs. Rich Dolarz
Aye Verb vs O-Red

and the main event niggas been dying to see since last year, Calicoe vs Arsonal. Looks like URL is about to outdo themselves yet again. Been extra busy starting my second job so I been slow updating the blog. Depending on how work goes I may just find myself in Detroit. This looks like it's gonna be crazy. But yo, I'll be back soon. In the mean time check out, Battle Rap Arena with @streetstarnorbe, and to stay up to date. Shout out to all the bloggers holding it down for the battle rap culture I love yall.


P.S. QP killed Rosenberg and he's gonna do Tay Roc just as bad. Stop the fucking nonsense please. #OkBye