Thursday, November 10, 2011

Introduction: ALL OUT Ent.

So, I am aware that majority of the viewers are huge battle rap junkies. That’s cool. Please believe that I’m one, too. Hell, I’m the president of the “Yeen Fuckin with the MidWest” club (lol. I made that club up. What can I say? The MidWest is definitely my favorite region in terms of battle). With that being said, all my fellow MidWest heads know of Aye Verb, right? Right. Well, if you know of Aye Verb, I’m damn near positive that you’ve seen his crazy ass videos. If you seen those videos, you are on the right track. Chigga Chase, the other fool who shows his ass in those vids, is the CEO of ALL OUT Ent. The video below is a promo video for some of his artists, Mikey and Robbie.

Just like they are new to yall, they are new to me, too. However, I’ve heard a few Chase tracks, and I must say that I dig them. He has BARSSSSS, so I know for a fact he takes nothing more for his own lable.  I look forward to more vids and music from them all. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted.

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  1. appreciate this love mama real support is hard to come by we def support yo movement