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From The Vault: Aye Verb Post Battle Interview

URL's Summer Madness was exhausting. Really. The event itself, being there with all those people and seeing those battles live was amazing but the aftermath drained the hell out of me. Especially the Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips saga. Everyone and their grandmother had an opinion on that battle, why Verb got booed, who really won, etc. From twitter to youtube the aftermath seemed like it would never end. So I was so drained that once the battle was finally released on September 30th I kinda sorta forgot to post the interview I did with that same night. Well here goes another classic from one of my favorite people to interview. We discussed the Clips battle, Goodz, Arsonal, Math and Swave Sevah. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Alright Let's get into it. We just finished watching your Summer Madness battle with Charlie Clips and the people are talking. What's the word man?

What you see them saying? That's the question.

The people saying niggas lied. They saying that the crowd was biased, they didn't give you a chance, and Clips didn't catch a body. They saying you held it down.

Well there it go that's good enough with me. See if you go to my Summer Madness blog, I never said not one time I won this battle. What I said was I don't know. I don't fuckin know because of the screaming and the booing, non reacting and shit, you can't call that to me. If you ask me the whole battle is wack. But I think most of the battles from Summer Madness turned out wack. You feel me? Because it's a lot of elements that I think were missing. Some things are missing from the equation. So I'm probably only gonna watch it once. I only watched it once so far I don't plan on watching it again. But you heard the intro for my shit finna come out right?

For the album, at the beginning of the video right?

Yeah that's all that matters hahaha! And now what's going on now on twitter as I'm watching is the fans are coming at Charlie now. They're like "Dude, you said you bodied him." Even if they think he won they're like "This is not what you said it was." Because the difference is in that room the things Charlie said sounded massive. When you watch it, just like I told you the other day, they're not massive. Charlie went from "Oh my God he's gotta be a legend top 5" to "Yeah so what?" But that's what I told you. We just had this interview and I said the same shit last week. I said when somebody gettin' crazy on me I feel that. I didn't feel that not once with him and if I don't feel it the camera aint gonna feel it. So people are listening to Charlie's bars and they're listening like "Where's the amazing shit?" This is what I told him. Now ask him this one. I told him about 3 or 4 weeks ago "Aye Charlie you might wanna have people stop getting on camera saying you was incredible because it makes the fans have a perception in their mind of what they wanna hear, it makes it harder for you because when they hear the lines you have all they gonna do is think back to all these Summer Madness recaps of Charlie was incredible he's the best. but when you measure it up with the lines it don't add up."

Alright I gotta keep it real with you because in most of your blogs you said the people booed you before you even started rapping. But when you watch in the beginning of your first round people were dead silent waiting to hear what you had to say and then when they felt like the hot shit wasn't there that's when they started booing.

Alright let me ask you this. You was there right?

Yeah I was there.

Ok now do you remember when Charlie first started his round, and the room went crazy? Remember that?

Yeah they cut that out.

Ok you didn't see that right? Some things you won't see in the video. That you gotta remember. You remember being there when he said "If this battle don't do the views it's supposed to do" and the room erupted. It went crazy. Then when you watch the video how does it come on? It comes on the second time and not the first time right? When they announced me, Aye Verb in the building, they booed. You didn't see that shit right?. Ok the defense rests [laughs]. So see sometimes it's things that's gonna be there but they're not enough to make me mad. Shout out to Smack we had a great time. I had a great time. Overall I think that I won't watch the battle again at all because when you have booing and screaming and non reacting it just makes it not fun to watch. When I'm listening to him and the way they're screaming I'm like "This shit is not cold" and I'm thinking this in my head as a consumer. Then when I'm listening to me and they're just not saying anything it's just like it becomes a throw-away battle. It's an I don't care type of thing. Like who gives a fuck?

Funny thing is I was standing next to one of the niggas yelling "Time!"

Yeah so you gotta think I finished over all that shit. People yelling "time," I finished over everything. I finished over all that shit.

Speaking of that, the fact you was able to finish through all that I was talking to this MC from Brooklyn, I talk to him on the regular. He just watched the battle. I talk to him about battles all the time and he just wanted to give you props for finishing through all the bullshit.

Ok that's a bet. What's up bruh?

What up brother man what's cracking? Yo man to man dawg I had to tell Nixxx if he threw me on the phone with you, man to man and MC to MC, but even better man to man, I just gotta give you props dawg. I don't know how the fuck you didn't fuckin stumble in one bar through that whole shit. I'm lookin at that shit, I don't know how the fuck you did that dawg.

I appreciate it, I appreciate it. I think at the time, it's kind of a blessing and a curse at the same time because in our world down here we're used to negative shit. So here you gotta tune shit out. But I think it's more the competitor in me to be like like "I can't let yall take this from me like that. I can't give this to yall, yall gotta take this." I can't do that. But I still had a great time like I just said, to me I think the whole thing is wack that's just my opinion.

You mean the whole battle

Yeah just due to the screaming, the non reacting, the booing, all of that makes it not interesting to watch. Because I don't wanna watch that shit again.

Oh yeah I haven't watched any of those battles. Nixxx will tell you I can't even make it through the Hollow-Hitman battle, through the Tech 9 battle, I was telling him like for whatever reason I been watching King of The Dot's battles and I been finding them more entertaining than the Summer Madness battles and it's not just because of the rappers. It's the exchanges, it's the quality, but i think the crowd had a big influence. And it's weird man me being from Brooklyn, being from New York, I used to battle. There was no Smack scene and when I used to battle dudes in Queens and the Bronx if you was from Brooklyn I had to go through what you went through but ten times worse. It was like "Shut the fuck up!" in the middle of a rhyme. Not to mention I'm Peurto Rican so motherfuckers would be like "Why you saying nigga?!

Right and Puerto Ricans aint nothing but light skinned niggas that's all they are.

Yeah we Africans, Taino Indians and Spanish and all that  and  we been oppressed to so it's whatever but I went on stage and I used to go through that but like I was telling him, it was easier to go through it when I went through it. And that wasn't my main staple, but it was easier for me to go through it because back then it was like freestyle, it wasn't prepared, you aint know who you was battling, and you aint know what to expect. But to me in the whole prepared and written format, you probably already have your shit on paper and you like "Alright this is when the crowd gonna spaz. Alright let me change my schemes here because I might fuck up, let me change my schemes here because I know this is gonna get a reaction."

Right, definitely. that's a definite.

But when you there and you aint getting none of that? You aint gettin none of what you expected to expecially in a prepared format and none of it is going how you expected? That shit gotta be disheartening. I would have never finished the rhyme my G and that's just keepin it man to man.

Oh I'ma keep it real with you. You better damn know I felt like throwing that motherfucker in the crowd and there it was. I felt like that but I just couldnt. I could have did what DNA did, just said fuck this. Like when Goodz did it. He did it [at home] with 500 people you feel me? So yeah halfway through my first round I wanted to throw it in the crowd and be like "I'm not even gonna waste yall time. Keep that money. I aint even gonna do this." But I was just like nah I gotta fight through this. We gonna fight through and that's just what it's gonna be. I'ma tell you right now a lot of people from the East coast if they battled in our area and they had to deal with that they wouldn't have made it. You could even see it when Rich Dolarz battled Hitman. Because you in a whole environment where it's all niggas that sound like me. Everybody got gold teeth everybody sound like me. You not familiar with none of these folks and we have to deal with that more than anybody. When we get on that plane and go out there we don't know nobody. So it's harder on us. But it aint nothing 'cause of what we deal with in St. Louis. If yall come to St. Louis you'll see how we deal with each other and it's like you have to tune out bullshit.

Ill tell you right now, T-Rex would have been able to deal with that. And the dude Arsonal he's just equipped. I don't know why. I was telling Phoenixxx the other day he'll battle Math in his kitchen, the dude is just bugged like that. I met Ars twice and he got the mentality he just wanna get busy, he don't care what anybody likes, he gon' get off. I think Ars would have handled it well. I think a few NY cats would have handled it well but for the most part, the bulk of them, they would have folded. I'll tell you right now I would have folded! Man to man I'm telling you now I wouldn't have finished my round. I would have been like I'm out of here!

That's real, that's real. Listen, my first round I was like I'm out of here. I wanted gone my first round I was like "I can't do this shit yall got me fucked up man. I done came all the way out here and this what yall gon' do me? Yeah right fuck that!" That's what I was on. Now at the end of the day, you gotta just keep it moving the fans see what it is and they talking. They talking like crazy right now they like "we don't accept this."

Verb aren't you glad you went through this? Because now that the footage is finally out people have a totally different tone about the battle.

Yeah but I knew that, I always knew they was. See the hardest thing about dealing with this shit coming from out of town is the fact that we have to deal with the bullshit of the lies for a whole month before it comes out. That's the hard part because you gotta think it's been 9 or 10 Summer Madness recaps that went up from East coast rappers. From DNA to Mook to Goodz to Rex and everybody like "Verb got killed, Charlie was the best thing" and then when you watch it, it's just not true. Then when you go to my Summer Madness recap I kept it funky I said listen Charlie was good but he wasn't great to me and the crowd just did not wanna hear me! They didn't fuck with me! I didn't lie to yall I told yall exactly what it was. So that's the only hard part is dealing with the bullshit afterwards 'cause they get on camera and that's the first thing they do. When I battled Math everybody ran on camera. We don't do that type of shit. When I battled Hollow we aint do no shit like that, that's kind of wack.

Before the battle dropped you was calling out Goodz and he was saying if the fans feel like you won at least one round then he'll do the battle with you in Detroit. But of course he's got the battle with Hitman Holla now. But now the fans are talking and they're saying you didn't get killed. Do you think Goodz should man up now and battle you?

I never really wanted to take Goodz I just didn't like his swag of "yeah Charlie killed you." That's what made me mad. Let me break this down for yall right here: Goodz is not lyrically strong. Goodz also takes battles he feels he has a better chance of being more dominant in. If you look at his match ups they're more in favor for him to win.. He's not gon' take a battle where there's a possible chance he's gon' lose. Now I don't give a fuck. Whoever the hardest in your circle I'm runnin' up on him let's go. Where the fuck he at? Let's get it in. That's how you handle business. I don't like playing with the average. But Goodz know me and him would do numbers 'cause people don't like me and we both talk a lot of shit and people would wanna see it. But at the same time he always thinks that he's gonna take what he wanna win. With him not knowing that Holla gon' kill him the same way in St. Louis.

I know you just said Goodz isn't that lyrical but I see why you was calling him out. Who would make you wanna push the pen? If you had it your way?

Loaded, that's Loaded. Loaded Lux gives you that sense of fear, fear keeps you sharp. Hearing what Lux do it's like, this boy right here special. This aint nothing you wanna really, this is some shit you need 6 months to prepare for, no pussy, shit like that 'cause it's real. He's gonna be that good. So I say Loaded. Loaded is gonna be the most pedal pusher. But at the same time I'ma tell you who's slept on. O-Red is slept on. Red is super talented. It's just the fact that he jams up.

Why wouldn't you battle Arsonal? Ars is in Red's crew.

The Reason why I wouldn't battle Arsonal is because lyrically Ars isn't good either. Arsonal is not lyrically good either. Arsonal says a lot of shit grown men shouldn't say. His thing is different. You got niggas thats strong at different shit, lyrically Ars isn't that strong but all that other shit yeah he's good. Like Conceited isn't strong performing but bar-wise he's very strong.

What about you versus T-Rex?

I think Rex would be tougher to beat than Arsonal. I wouldn't mind killing Rex. What I don't like about the battle shit is the extra shit that come with them. It's just the extra shit that come with these niggas. I wish they'd stop playing these games with niggas. Yall don't understand I had to deal with rumors of niggas choking me and shit. So it's just too much of that shit. Then when you come in our environment, niggas don't wanna see how we move, they don't wanna see how our life is down here. They're not comfortable with everybody around you got a gun on their waist 'cause we can do that. They're not comfortable like that.

See here you pull a knife down here on somebody if you want to and try to cut somebody's face so they can't get them no hoes. Boy you won't make it through the week. And that's just how it go. Like when Math said "I handed him a blade and he said he don't know what to do with it" I told him in them exact words. He offered me a knife in the club, he handed it to me like it was a gun. And I was like "Man I don't know what to do with this shit" and I handed it right back to him. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? This aint gon' protect me is it? You got a gun in that coat pocket or some shit 'cause this aint gon' work. 'Cause we're just not used to it down here. Nobody gets cut down here. You cut somebody if you want to and see what's gon' happen. No one is cool with you cutting their face. No one is cool with that shit, that shit don't happen.

The shit about the fans on the battle scene, that battle rappers get it twisted is that a fan from Wisconsin that's watchhing this on youtube or a fan from Wyoming or Tennessee even though there's hoods in those areas, they don't give a fuck who can win in a fight. dudes aint fighting in a battle. They don't care who been to jail for 4 years and who been to jail for 6 months. They don't even care who snitched on who. They just wanna hear who's better, who says better shit. And it's like on the battle scene what gets off in a crowd I was telling Phoenixxx the other day, a motherfucker will be like "His real name is Charles Daniels!" and everybody will start fuckin going crazy!

Oh that is so fuckin, yall don't understand how much I hate that!

"He went to high school with this girl that did this!" and the story has no point and the crowd is just like "Woooooooooo!"

Dude what I tell niggas all the time is everybody got a real name! Jay-Z aint wake up and say his name is [Sean Carter] that's not how that happen. You can't control what your name is. You can't control that shit! When people say "hahaha his name is Chaz" I can't control what my mama chose to write down for me. I feel like a battle should be based on what you can control. You can't control that. I can't control the fact that I have nice hair in real life. I don't have a perm my nigga! I can't control that shit so when they do that to me it's so frustrating 'cause it's like "nigga it's not a fuckin perm" I can't control that my mother slept with a nigga with nice hair! Is that a curse? I can't control that shit! The battle world is not real That's why I took a deal and said I can't take this no more.

You done with it?

Oh nah I'm never done as long as the money is good I'm out here. I can't tell my kids "Aye I can't get this money for this 9 minutes of rap" Bullshit! Let's go who up? 9 minutes of rap and we making what niggas make in a month or two months? Shit let's rock who up first? I'll take a battle every month if that was the case. That could be my job. But at the end of the day man I'm just enjoying it while it's here. 'Cause three years ago I didn't know what the fuck I was gon' do. I was just out here just, out here. Trying to make money. And now shit changed and I'm just happy for it, I'm thankful for it.

Charlie said you sour because you called him out for 2 years and it didn't go the way you wanted. What do you think about him saying that?

Well if you go back to the game tapes Charlie called me out first 'cause aint nobody want no action with me. Then he said Cam'Ron told him he couldn't do it. I said aight cool. Then we was supposed to do it again at Loaded Lux's thing when Goodz battled Tech 9, I said cool again and then  he said he couldn't do it, and that's what it was. Come on it aint like I been chasing a battle with the nigga I don't give a fuck 'cause as you can see I took seven other ones. I made a lot of money on them next seven so I didn't need Charlie for shit. It's just that I'm a competitor. So nah it wasn't that.

But wasn't the battle supposed to go down for like 2 years?

Yeah but that's 'cause he changed his mind not me. The first time he brought it to me, yeah I'm on it. The second time he brought it to me yeah I'm on it. Both times he changed his mind. After I started getting my thoughts together I said fuck it I aint finna keep doing this. Then he called me like a month before I was supposed to battle Miles and was like "I'm ready" and I'm like bruh I got Miles I aint finna switch and take you.

Not to be throwing names at you all night but Swave Sevah he's still calling you out, he wants to get at you in the ring.

Yeah but so what though? That's my thing about it, so what? Swave don't got no other top niggas that he's battled you aint finna just get your light off me.Swave can't call me out 'caise it just don't make sense. Do I think Swave is cold? Yes Swave is cold man. But he can't call me out yet 'cause he hasn't done enough and he's not in demand for people to see him. But like I said they pay me a great number then it is what it is. But like I said people are not begging to see Swave Sevah so therefore it does nothing for me to do it unless you gonm' pay me a lot of money 'cause Christmas is coming up. So lets stack some bread up and lets get that going. Other  than that, no.Aye uhh fellas I had a great time talking to yall I got this lil freak she wanna suck my dick, she's calling me right now so I'll have to call yall right back haha!

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