Monday, November 28, 2011

I'll Bet $100,000 Plus Half My Life That Rich Dolarz Won't Beat X-Factor

I just spent about half an hour debating with a fan, @BrooklynWavy718, about this Rich Dolarz vs X-Factor battle happening this Saturday at URL's Motor City Mayhem in Detroit.. This battle could possibly be one of the best battles of the night. Correction, it will be one of the best battles of the night. Sad part about it is that fact has very little to do with Rich Dolarz. I know that's harsh but I'll break it down for Brooklyn and the rest of you in a second. First, Why does Brooklyn have so much faith in Rich though?

From @BrooklynWavy718's point of view: I think Rich Dolarz is gonna win on camera. 1, there's no pressure on Rich and 2 X is known for choking. 3rd, Rich got barz and I can see him edging X 2-1. Yes Rich choked once, [but] X 2 times. And no pressure is on Rich cuz like everyone says whether he wins or loses who cares. 

 Now X has had 2 tough back to back battles (against Tsu Surf and DNA) Rich has been MIA for a little minute. He's sitting on bars. As for X choking, If a person misses 2 game winners what do you label them as? In battle rap you have to account for all variables. I'm not saying X isn't good, I just have a feeling just like I did with the Rich Dolarz vs Calicoe battle that Rich is gonna pull the upset. The pressure that's on Rich is nowhere near the pressure that's on X for the first URL in Detroit.

I don't know where to begin with this. So let's start the "win on camera" thing. Yes battles tend to look a little different on camera as opposed to seeing it in person but generally what happens is exactly what you see. Summer Madness proved that. While Midwest Miles and Aye Verb's losses didn't look as in the footage since you could hear what they were saying, they still loss. DNA who also got booed looked better, but he still loss. Hitman looked the worst. He loss. The camera doesn't change the outcome of a battle.

Another myth is battle rappers "sitting on bars." Nobody does this. Ask any battle rapper. These guys make music too. They don't have the inclination to write bars for rappers they never battled "just in case." That's ridiculous. So what Rich hasn't been on URL since March? X-Factor isn't running out of steam just cuz he's had 2 battles in a 5 month span. He's a vet he doesn't need a year to prepare.

Lastly, there is no pressure on X-Factor. None whatsoever. X is home kicking his feet up knowing he's gonna win and the whole city's behind him. His "chokes" happened 1 and 2 years ago because he was off the battle scene for a long time. Even with those "chokes" you can't possibly say he lost to Cortez or Tech 9. He's the most improved battle rapper this year and he keeps getting better. Now that he's home he's ready to put on a show for his people.

I could go on, but bottom line Rich Dolarz isn't as talented as X-Factor in any category. He won't even come close to winning this. Anyone who bets against this will is gonna be mad when the footage drops. Quote me on this, X-Factor will win by a landslide. Get at me.



  1. I don't agree X-Factor is sitting comfy. If X-Factor loses all those prior battles against Surf and DNA are overshadowed. Not only that he is in detroit at the 1st URL event. And people like you are expecting him to win hands down. So question if Rich and X were battling in NY would it be the same prediction as a easy win for X?

  2. Yes if this was happening in NY I'd feel the same way. Rich is not on X's level to me. X is better lyrically, he's funnier, has better stage presence, is a better performer, all around he's just a better rapper than Rich. What quotables does Rich have? Nobody quotes his bars. The past year X went from "just ok" to Top 5.

  3. Ok, so this should be a 3-0 correct? And Rich has quotables come on lol, he had a bunch in the Ill battle and in the Tech battle.... Top 5 not sure about that yet.... Definitely 6th off the bench or 7th man though...

  4. @brooklynwavy718 first off u buggin if u think richie gonna win on camera. My nigga they in Detroit. If x says some bullshit about the ndumakong suh or megatron the crowd gonna go ape shit. That alone might b better than any shit rich say that whole night. The only quotables rich has is chill lol. He nice tho but at the end of the day he doesnt have a presence.

  5. Crowd dont mean shit on Camera...If your opinion on a battle is based off crowd reaction your opinion is flawed off the back... Rich has alot of quotables "Since he think im pussy ima cum squirting" "He thought he was nuts-so... He died clapping" "Im like Jamie Foxx I dont stay in hotel's unless their's fancy in em" etc just to name a few... Im not saying Rich is the GOD of BARZ... But come on with that no quotables lol... Yes he may not have had presence in the past, but he has acknowledge that and he knows he has to step his presence up. Case in point look at Con vs Rex... Con presence was the best it has ever been in that battle...

    P.S. @E_DGAF still got a Picaso in his house.

  6. My nigga I know crowd reaction don't mean everything but niggas def take that into acct. just like @ summer madness. Niggas was like so an so got killed so when u actually start to watch the footage u already have a preconceived notion that whoever got bodied. That ain't always the case. Niggas was screaming body bags I didn't see any on camera. Even the battlers were like nah so and so ain't get bodied he had some shit just the crowd wasn't fucking with him. Nigga u prob had to go and research those richie bars which means They not quoatables. He got bars but I can pull up a nuborn battle where he might of said some clever or slick shit. That means nothing. How the fuck u a battle rapper and gonna admit u got no presence. Nigga go sit the fuck down. Nigga had tons of battles to work on that shit.