Monday, November 21, 2011

King Of The Dot Presents: Illmaculate & Thesaurus vs poRICH & Diaz

All good things must come to an end. In some cases, that end is anti-climatic. A whimper. In others, it's an explosion. After months of build up, the 2 vs. 2 Grand Prix would be the latter. 16 teams had been cut down to 2, with Flatline setting the stage for the final showdown between West Coast legends The Saurus and Illmaculate and GTA underdogs poRICH and Diaz. Saurus and Illmac rolled over the competition every step of the way to the finals, rarely seeming challenged as they added a series of new bodybags to their always growing 2 vs. 2 resume. Diaz and Rich found themselves stuck in a few more dogfights along the way, forced to continuously step up their game and rise to the occasion in making it to the end of the road. By the time this battle had been decided upon, the tensions were already high. They would end up spilling over into the battle itself. Controversial material, lines crossed, a physical altercation and an impossibly close decision all combined together to make this perhaps the most hyped match of the entire Grand Prix. Which only seems fitting, of course. When good things come to an end, it's always preferred that they go out with a bang.

We need more of this in the battle world. Not 2 vs 2 (I like them though). I mean battlers going at it with money on the line. Fuck paying all these rappers ridiculous amounts of money just to show up. Make them go hard for it.

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