Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nuborn's BluudyNuckles Interview

Okay, so yea, we all know Nuborn. Whether we love him or hate him, ehh, that's questionable. Be that as it may, im not gonna be a sucker and say that Nuborn dont got bars. Like, when he aint choking, Nuborn is nice. Yea, i said it, NUBORN IS NICE. He choked up a few times, but it happens to the best of them. In his battle against Cocky, he lightweight redeemed himself. (Wait a minute, Bell!! So you saying Nuborn that nigga?? 0_o) No, I'm not tryna gas him or anything, but when he's on his shit, he's good. Anyways, i digress. In the video below (start it at about 2:35), he talk about battle rap politics and calls out a few people. One thing i really respect is that he said he wants to battle up and coming rappers. Like it or not, Nuborn gets views. It doesnt matter WHY he gets them, but he does get them. Battling Nuborn is a great opportunity go get a buzz. Hell, look at Calicoe. No pun intended to him, but after battling Nuborn (and smoking his fucking boots), he became the topic of many battle rap convos. Nuborn called out Yung Ill (which i dont think is his wisest choice. Ill will KILL him) in this interview. He also talked a little bit about battle rap politics. I have to say that i agree with a lot of the things he said. 

Enough me though, watch the vid... 

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