Saturday, November 5, 2011

QB vs. Ms. Hustle: Finally Happening?


 Hello viewers! We meet again, ehh? I know I know. “Bell, yeen been on your bullshit in a minute!!” I know, dahlins, I know. See, I be busy and all that, but my, do I have some interesting things for you guys. Eat this for now though. Continue reading below…
UPDATE: SO YEA, THIS BATTLE WON'T BE HAPPENING.... "Why Bell?? They supposed to had been battled!!!" i know, i know, but according to QB, "grown ass men being sensitive" is preventing the  battle from happening. Therefore, its looking like we wont be seeing it at all. -__-

It’s starting to look like it will happen. Yes! Ms. Hustle vs. QB. Admit it: we have all been dying to see it. These two have been bickering back and forth for quite some time now. Right off bat, I can think of a couple times when they were supposed to battle. Why they didn’t? I really don’t know. Word on the street is that there were a few discrepancies on where to battle, price, all that kind of shit. Of course, the bulk of the issue should be done now, seeing as though Norbes, one of the partners in URL, said he doesn’t care if the two battle anymore.  That’s the green light to get it popping if you ask me.  At any rate, leave it to me to find out the truth in my interview with QB. Hustle will be battling the remains of Dutchess at some point on URL. I personally find this absurd! Now, while I don’t like Hustle, I’ve given her her props. Dutchess, on the other hand, is straight up and down hot garbage. “If you ask me, this bitch is ass cheeks [insert hustle voice here].” QB ate Dutchess, and Hustle is coming off a debatable battle with E-Hart. How in the holy hell is Hustle battling Dutchess and not QB? Your guess is better than mine. I blame it all on folks being in their emotions coupled with bad business practices. But hey, who am I….

Aside from all the supposed-to-had-beens, some recent shit talking has led to what looks to be a certain battle. How it started? I couldn’t quite tell you, but I know one thing, I’m taking all bets on QB for the win. I won’t be a biased little cunt and say that Hustle doesn’t have material. That would be a lie. She has bars. I still don’t like her though. She could polish her delivery a little more to me. The arrangement and all that needs work. QB will win because she has that delivery and aggression. Now, QB, of course, could add more bars to the package for more impact.
This is just really heating up, but trust and believe, as it develops, I’ll keep you guys posted.  Twitter went CRAZY when it all popped off today. It is obvious that the fans really want to see it. URL and QOTR both claim to be platforms that “do it for the fans.” If this is indeed the case, we will see QB/Hustle wayyy before Hustle/Dutchess. As a matter of fact, Dutchess/Hustle won’t even happen. NOBODY IS CHECKING FOR THAT!!

 For now, interest yourselves in the tweets and most recent battles below from all the parties involved.

E-Hart vs. Ms. Hustle 

QB vs. Dutchess p. 1 and 2

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