Wednesday, November 16, 2011

URL Motor City Mayhem Trailer 2 - Big T vs Tsu Surf Is On

After being announced, then canceled, now re-announced for URL's Detorit card, Big T vs Tsunami Surf is officially going down on December 3rd. For some reason there seems to be more excitement over this battle than the main event Arsonal vs Calicoe. I'm not a fan of Big T honestly. He can rap but his raps just don't do it for me. Of course Surf is gonna put on a show (what mask will he wear when he lock picks his door?) and with Arsonal headlining, O-Red getting his shot at Aye Verb and Shotgun Suge likely rolling out with the team, expect Jersey to make headlines the next morning.

As for the rest of the card, Calicoe's gonna beat Arsonal. It won't be an easy win but he's on top of his game right now. Arsonal's gonna have some quotables though.

X-Factor is gonna beat Rich Dolarz but Rich might surprise us. Lately he's been feeling the pressure of being underrated and under appreciated by the fans after having put in so much work over the years so he's not gonna slack on this one the way he did with Tech 9. I think he's tired of being known as just the nigga with "the best resume in the game." He's no stranger to battling in front of a Midwest crowd so he knows what's up. X-Factor is Top 5 right now though. Funny as fuck and lyrically superior getting better with every battle. This is gonna be good.

Aye Verb vs O-Red? Smh. Listen, I love Verb. He's the reason I watch this battle rap culture as close as I do. But you're only as good as your last battle. So if we're going off him and Red's last matches (Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips and O-Red vs Rosenberg Raww) I can't see Verb winning. Red is hungry right now. Been waiting a whole year for this moment and now he's got it locked like a pit bull on a baby's neck. A one-round battle. 5 minutes, one chance to get your point across loud and clear. This slow flow Verb's been on better not show up or Red's gonna come out looking like he battled Rosenberg again. Don't disappoint me Verb. Don't do it man.

B Magic vs Young Kannon. I just watched B Magic teach M. Ciddy a lesson but word on the streets is Magic just took a bad one from Big Will. I'm still rolling with Magic cuz I want these new guys to keep rising up as we go into the new year. Young Kannon aint bad I just wish he'd stay the fuck still. Nigga moves like a chile with Tourettes Syndrome trying to catch a fly. He got some spit to him though so I aint sleeping. Kannon's got years in this so let's see if he pulls rank or gets pulled off out in a stretcher after B. Magic's relentless punchline barrage.

QP vs Tay Roc. It's no secret I'm the biggest Qleen Paper fan in the world at the moment. He's undefeated in my eyes (yes, B. Magic and Rosenberg Raww took a beating) and Tay Roc aint the one to change that. Nobody remembers Tay Roc's last battle in which he threw up on himself, came back and finished his rhymes and won like $1000. This is QP's first battle on the main stage and it's in his city so he's gonna show off. I just hope Tay Roc makes his rounds worth watching more than once.

There's more to be said but I'm chillin. Share your thoughts and get at me people!


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  1. Arsonal vs Calico: Arsonal is more skilled lyrically, and has a more fluent and powerful delivery. Arsonal's weakness has been his goofy content. Assuming Ars eliminates the GT type bars, he should win.

    X Factor vs Rich Dolarz- Both battlers are mediocre in terms of lyrics. They have wordplay and punchlines, but nothing special. Neither battler really sounds cool to me when they spit. I expect Xfactor to win due to hometown advantage, but it can easily go either way.

    Aye Verb vs O-Red: Ored at his best is lyrically superior to Verb with a crisper delivery. Verb's previous 4 battle performances (Miles, Math, Big Will,Clips) were average, with the last 2 being wack. Ored wins this silly 1 round battle.

    B Magic vs Young Kannon: Young Kannon is just corny to me , with that over hyped swag and delivery. Lyrically I haven't been impressed by Kannon either. B Magic isn't lyrically amazing either, but I expect him to win.

    QP vs Tay Roc: QP has better stage presence and is much more entertaining lyrically, as he adds his unique personality and lingo to his bars. Qp should win this.