Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Next For Tsunami Surf?

So due to circumstances nobody really knows, one of the most anticipated battles Tsu Surf vs Big T, isn't gonna happen. At all. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it anyway. Big T is alright but Surf was better off antagonizing Hitman Holla until he agreed to battle. That would have been a far better match up. Nevertheless Surf was looking forward to Big T and since its not happening he's falling back on his music for a while. He's not inspired to jump back in the ring any time soon.

But, a few months ago Tsu Surf threw the idea of a 2 vs 1 battle out on twitter. Him versus any team, and he was dead serious. So, me being the voice of the people this is my petition to URL to make this happen. Who would be the team to take on this arrogant ass guy? Let me brainstorm real quick...

Illmaculate & Thesaurus

This is the most feasible team. For one, Illmac and Thesaurus have a history of teaming up to battle, currently beating the shit out of every team they face in King Of The Dot's $5000 Grand Prix (Finals are going down today at KOTD's Flatline event) These 2 vets would bring it hard to Surf. Especially Illmac. Illmac alone would bring some vicious shit to Surf. This would also bring in a whole new audience of battle rap fans to URL. People would come from all over to see this go down. I heard they were in talks with Illmac to bring him over anyway. He'd kill a lot of niggas too. This battle would bring the best out of Tsu Surf. Two veterans with a tag team history who know each other well and would be easily prepared. Yeah, I can see this one happening. Best fuckin idea ever. Get Smack on the phone right now. (Sidenote: I'd rather see this on King Of The Dot but getting Surf past Canadian customs would be almost impossible.)

Hitman Holla & Math Hoffa

Surf's been getting under Hitman's skin for months and was close to actually making this battle happen. I still think Hitman is scared to death. Math had some words with Surf on twitter also and was willing to battle him. Math and Hitman are both aggressive so I can see their styles meshing well with each other. If they collaborated, like really sat down and wrote together, they would put on a hell of a show. I think Surf would win this but it wouldn't be an easy win.

Arsonal & O-Red

Hear me out for a second tho. Yes Surf is cool with them but I don't think their too cool to do this. Could you imagine the bars that would come from this? Arsonal is one of the best and will battle anybody if the money's right. O-Red's on a rampage lately too trying to earn his respect that people don't seem to wanna give him. Arsonal's freestyle ability and energy mixed with O-Red's lyricism make them a great team. Arsonal might be the tougher challenge for Surf since him and O-Red use a ton of sports punchlines in their rhymes, making them evenly matched. The deciding factor would be how personal these guys get.

Qleen Paper & B. Magic

The two most talked about battlers of the new class, this would be crazy. QP's & B Magic's wordplay go well together. Magic being more smooth and witty, QP being more aggressive and animated. Plus Qleen already has Surf in his sights. Surf would be doing them a favor getting them a shot at a big name so soon and he could retire on that note. He'd have to come with his best shit though because these 2 are some of the hungriest MC's out there.

Bonus: Bad Meets Evil

Fuck it why not?


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