Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing Neenah

Nowadays I'm not impressed much by today's music. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of good music out there but not enough great music. Music powerful enough to change the way you think and live,  becoming the soundtrack to your daily life. More often than not I gotta dig into classics of the past to find inspiration. It worries me because I think to myself when this generation grows up and need to look into the past, are they really gonna have to look to Chris Brown and Drake for their inspiration?(Sorry Bell)  But every once in a while I still come across a new artist whose music ignites that fire in me that says there's still hope for the youngins. One of them. ladies and gentlemen, is Neenah.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, known more for it's Red Light District and marijuana cafes than Hip Hop and R&B, Neenah's style is a refreshing blend of classic 90's R&B, raw Hip Hop and a cool, airy voice that floats smoothly on beats unlike any other singer out right now. She comes across humbly confident, laid back but strongly passionate without being boisterous or too cocky. On top of her incredible vocal abilities she's a highly respected producer and engineer. She took home the trophy in Canada's Battle Of The Beatmakers competition in 2010 and is the go-to woman for some of the biggest artists in Amsterdam including Regga and Mr. Probz. She's even lent her production, engineering  and vocal expertise to some underground favorites here including Nino Bless, Ras Kass and Joe Budden. All this with no official album to her name.

2012 she plans to change that and let her voice be heard here even more. Look I don't cosign just anyone so when I do, it's a strong cosign. Here is her first single just released on iTunes called "Chemistry." featuring Kel Spencer and produced by SoulSearchin' (if you like it support it!). Her B-Side, "Someday" is also out for free below (that song is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G)

Neenah's Soundcloud

The debut album "Open" is almost done but you can check out her mixtape Quality Selection below.

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