Friday, November 16, 2012

Chilla Jones Guest Blog: Is Anyone Worth 100k?

Greetings battle rap world,

               Chilla Jones on the check in here. So recently, I went on a bit of a twitter rant about my feelings on “industry” artists wanting to jump in the URL. I didn’t really go in depth (there’s only so many patience I have with limiting each tweet to 140 characters), but it seemed to add to the mild firestorm amongst the battle rap community in the Twitter world. I was offered the invitation by the homie M. Phoenix to speak a little more on my perspective on things. What your about to read is MY point of view, and does not reflect the point of view of URL, this website, or anyone else except ME. Also, what your about to read is totally opinion, it is not right…but it is not wrong either. Just my feelings. You might find contradictions, or what you consider to be moot points...and well, so be it. Whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say… it’s not that serious…I’m not an esteemed writer or journalist, I didn’t spend months gathering facts in order to support my opinion… I have NO agenda here with this. Not trying to persuade your thought process in anyway, shape or form on this matter, I am just a battler speaking on what I feel…So with that being said…let’s continue.

                Within 90 days of the success of URL’s Summer Madness 2, which had high profile spectators such as P. Diddy (who even put up 10k of his own money to the winner of Aye Verb vs T-Rex), Busta Rhymes, Q Tip, Lloyd Banks, Cassidy, and featured the highly anticipated return of battle rap legends Murda Mook, Iron Solomon, Serius Jones, E. Ness, and of course, Loaded Lux, there’s been a buzz of a few names of people who were considering coming back to the URL for a battle. Specifically, and the name that incited the aforementioned twitter rant, Meek Mill said that for 100k he would step onto a URL stage and go to war with any emcee URL had to offer. This began to get the rumor going about possible matchups, an expected timeframe of when we may see this, and other things amongst the battle rap world. It would be exciting as hell to see...this is true. But for 100k? Hmm...lets discuss.

              Now, lets look at this from a business standpoint: Meek Mill said for 100k he would battle a URL emcee…that’s not a problem because Meek Mill has a HUGE hiphop following, and is one of the brightest, most popular stars in hiphop music today. Period. This is a fact that which can not be argued or taken away from him. And despite his battling ability, the name “Meek Mill” on a URL card will undoubtedly bring more spectators and more “mainstream” attention to the culture. I say all this to say, though it would cost URL 100k alone for 1 artist, he would probably bring that money back to them…and probably more. So from a business standpoint, while the initial investment is heavy, the potential payout is almost certainly worth it for any company willing to compensate him. But how would it affect the morale of the battlers who dedicate time and effort into the craft? How many other artists would we see try to make the transition and would it ultimately be GOOD or BAD for the culture? And would this move be worth everything that comes along with it?             

              Now, lets look at this from another standpoint: Meek Mill said for 100k he would battle a URL emcee…that’s not a problem because Meek Mill has a HUGE hiphop following, and is one of the brightest, most popular stars in hiphop music today. Period. However…this is battle rap. BATTLE RAP. The reason I said that twice is because, though the music industry and battle world are closely aligned, they are NOT 1 in the same. A battle rap emcee can not walk into a label and say “I love the albums I’ve heard from the artists from this label…I mean, I love it so much, I will create an album for your label….for ($x)” and get a check cut. It doesn’t work that way, right? Notice I put ($x), it doesn’t matter what number you put in there, chances are the label will call security to escort you the fuck off the premises. So…how does it work that way in this case? Is it because Meek Mill alone is more popular than the entire battle rap culture? Maybe he is…is it because there is no question he is worth the money he is asking for, and a label would not know what a battle rap artist’s album would be worth? Maybe that’s it… I’m sure there are logical reasons behind why these 2 scenarios aren’t a great comparison. That’s fine with me, I’ve got other more important points to make.

               Another point: Meek Mill put in work to get to where he is in the hiphop music industry/culture. He works hard, makes good music, is marketable, etc. I salute him for that 1000% and I think a lot of us who do music as well would love to be in his shoes but the truth is, he worked hard for all of it. Now, I am a product of something called the URL Proving Grounds, which is a start out point for emcees who either aren’t familiar to the URL fan base, or haven’t battled URL level competition, and for a lucky few will eventually lead into officially being apart of the URL. For me, and a lot of other battles over the past 18 months, it was where we began to put in work in order to prove to URL that we are both talented as battlers, and also worthy of their promotion and marketing dollars. It is the platform to REACH the platform, if you will. Most URL PG emcees hope to be invited to battle more established names on the “main stage” once they have proven to URL they can hold their own. In the best case scenario, A battler will eventually become “top tier”, or amongst the most popular names in battle rap, and be paid top dollar for battles (I’ll touch more on that term “top dollar” in a second). In the minds of most, this is the “star” level of battle rap…when you are elite according to general consensus, when your name sells tickets, and when you are paid “good money” to battle. We all have different motivations for battling…some of us have a passion for it, some of us just want to promote ourselves or our music, some of us are good and see it as an easy check… but regardless of the motivation, most of us are striving to get to “top tier”. There are a lot of people who work hard in THIS culture for the opportunity to reach that platform and to have a pay day like that…and IN MY OPINION, it’s almost insulting that someone who as a battler has never left a mark on battling themselves, nor done much to help advance the culture prior to Summer Madness 2, could cash in on everyone elses work to build up the leagues and the culture as much as all of us have. Shit…compared to a lot of people I haven’t done ANYTHING yet in my career…so I can imagine what other, more established and accomplished battlers MAY feel about this situation. Maybe some of us are just territorial…I’m sure that’s part of it. But shit... if an NBA player was about to get more than 10 times what a platinum artist got to headline Summerjam as a rapper…

              Now, lets discuss “top dollar”. Mind you the figures I’m throwing out here aren’t based on anything factual, as I would never release that information, but will give you an idea of the scale in which 100k really resides. Now, Meek Mill said for 100k he will battle a URL emcee…Do me a favor and name 5 emcees you consider “top tier”. Then name who you think is the GREATEST battle emcee, likely someone who was on the Summer Madness 2 stage just this past August. So you have a minimum of 5 names there, possibly 6, right? Now, if we add up what they ALL got for their very last battle, chances are that number is NOT above 50k. Yes, I mean combined. Again, this is all hearsay, but there are very few scenarios in which I can envision that number being above 50k…and even if it was, it’s not within 30k of 100k. This is almost a certainty. These are people who have represented battle rap on a VERY large scale, have put their reputations on the line time and time again, have basically given a lot of their time and effort to this culture. And we are potentially going to allow someone who likely hasn’t battled in 5+ years to come back and make at LEAST 5x what the “professional battle rappers” make? Also, it should be said that now that the popularity of the artform has grown, there are more sponsors willing to help accommodate some of the battlers monetary requests so it’s very likely that even if anyone received 100k, it wouldn’t all come directly from the league involved. But personally, I’d like to see someone like Tsu Surf, Hitman Holla, Conceited, Charlie Clips, Aye Verb, T Rex, Calicoe, DNA or any other battler widely considered top tier to get a payday like that. Shit…knock a 0 off of that and that probably ain’t bad for most them dudes neither (but I am not speaking for them). People like them are a huge reason URL is as successful as it is, right?

              So, in conclusion, this isn’t a Meek Mill/industry diss blog, I think he makes dope music, and I would love to see him, and others like Joe Budden, Cassidy, Fabolous, and JR Writer give it a go on URL. But…let’s be reasonable; Yes - certain artists will bring their fanbase to the culture…for a battle at least. But lets not overlook the flip side: Any artist who comes back and doesn’t completely suck, will probably become more popular as a result of this too, and will boost the value of THEIR brand, as well as URL’s. If you ask me, (and you didn't...) 100k, in my humble opinion, is just far too much to ask for, especially before proving you can even compete at the level of the best in the world. But, prior to Summer Madness 2, a lot of us thought 25k was a little much for Murda Mook to ask for…and some of us see him, or depending on how you felt about his Summer Madness 2 performance, saw him, as one of the greatest battlers EVER. Some of us thought he'd NEVER get it, and even if he did, that he wasn't deserving. But all found attention, Maybe it’s a sign of the culture growing, eventually reaching it’s peak of appeal to the masses, possibly breaching the world of cable television and turning “top tier” battlers into bonafide household names…Or, Maybe it’s a sign that the battle rap culture is going to walk down the same path some of us criticize the hiphop industry for venturing down, where the money made is more important than the integrity of the artform...Well, I guess we will find out soon enough. But if, and when it happens, salute to Meek & anyone else on the payday…and I hope they are ready for the wreck they will catch standing in front of a top tier URL emcee. Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Aye Verb Calls Out Loaded Lux

Make it a one-off, no huge crowd just a few niggas in the room, and I'm with it. I can't call a winner on this one.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Did Nas Ghostwrite For Loaded Lux? Or Is This Just The Best Round Ever?

He gives respect to Aye Verb by referencing his classic 3rd round breakdown of Hitman Holla and the relationship between him and his father earlier when he says "If you noticed I mentioned Verb in that other round....Remember in that Holla beef when he checked the child? I'm bettin Cal that Holla the stick man and you wore the wedding gown. All I'm saying is yall married yo in scenarios same death and style" Then it gets ugly as Lux proceeds to school Calicoe. Read slow you might appreciate the realness of it.

I want yall to picture this as I paint the slide
Tombstone grain and scribe "here lies my beloved." Grave this wide.
I mean I had that much love for you. I know that cuz you got that much hate for I.
Don't want you to hang your eye, not for a second lil nigga catch it, brace your vibe.
Be froze, for death is cold. I wanna search your soul
And hold on to whatever holds it exposing the pain you hide
Bring me mine nigga, ah.
Now I don't wanna break this bond,
I just wanna break the cycle.
Thank your moms I liked you for nights he didn't write you
She stayed alive so your days could shine.
I might do one better, with a letter to tell her I appreciate her kind.
How strong a queen she is, and any man would be lucky for her to be made his bride
But see I take in mind your situation. And though I never met your father I see a lot of his ways in your stride
I mean you got that "talk it how I walk it" kind of attitude, you know its real good that he gave you pride
Every son should be proud of his father, and I look at my little one and I want the same for mine
That's why when I look up at you, I see what he can go through when a father don't take the time
I think its fucked up when them people gave him all that time
You wanna know what's even more fucked up?
For all them years he got away from you, has only been a way for you
To be more together would have been a cage in five *
That's why I'm angry guy
Cuz he didn't take the steps now you chase his rep but them running shoes aint your size
They say don't whine over spilled milk
But what a man supposed to do when his baby's crying?
Oh he say shit like "you know it cost to be the boss" what he too good for a paying job?
What was wrong with being a cable guy? A real estate agent, why?
Was that nigga too cool to go to flight school and learn how to fly planes through the friendly skies?
But nah, he told you he had to do what he had to do to put food on yall plate to dine.
You mean to tell me all that slanging and banging was to give yall greater lives when God gave him drive?
And that Big Meech back up singing ass nigga left your moms out here alone for the latest ride?
That don't plague your mind?
Them mistakes aint guides?
And you wonder why them Shotgun Suge shells still ate your spine?
"Look what Ray Ray got Lil Jimmy out here in New York doing!"
Tell your OG Bobby Johnson you tried to steal the wrong radio this time.
Something to think about next time you on stage waving signs,
Trying to be like the only daddy you got, I understand you wanna keep his name alive.
But youngin' I'm tryin to save you from your demise
You said it yourself  "my pops was a real. NIGGER" youngin that aint no lie.
He was in the business that the system perpetuates from the side
To keep us in the condition where we aint made to survive
But you think he a God
Well let me ask you this, would you kill at will* to save yourself nigga?
Yeah I aint think that was wise.

If you can't see the skill displayed in that (which isn't even the whole verse) I feel sorry for you. You don't know rap. Battle rap, rap songs, you just don't know rap period. This wasn't just a bunch of rambling, this was metaphors and real rap. From a nigga with metaphors that can really rap. Get it?

- Nix

* = possible misquote. but you get it

SMACK/URL Presents - Loaded Lux vs Calicoe

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Open Letter To The Midwest

Dear Midwest battle MC's

Let me preface this letter by saying I've been a huge supporter and fan of all of you. Detroit, Chicago and especially St. Louis, have given battle rap a steroid shot that it desperately needed to grow stronger. Truthfully, with all due respect to URL and every MC that's put in work, battle rap wouldn't be where it is this very day if it wasn't for Aye Verb. So you all deserve a round of applause for your contributions to the current culture.

With that being said, let me kindly ask you all to slow your fuckin roles and get off your own jocks.

Firstly, in regards to Summer Madness, are yall gonna make it a tradition to get on twitter bitchin every year the monday after? Good fuckin lord what is with yall crying about being booed and us in NY being biased? Do you even know what bias means or do you just like throwing it around because it sounds good when you lose? Lets break it down real quick maybe I'm crazy or something. Bias:

Read that. Digest the definition. Now look at the names of every rapper who has been booed at a URL event in Webster Hall since the first Summer Madness.

Tech 9
Bill Collector
John John Da Don
Math Hoffa
Charlie Clips
Loaded Lux
Iron Solomon
E. Ness
Serius Jones
 Aye Verb
Hitman Holla
Midwest Miles
Young Kannon

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see 11 battle rappers from the east coast, and 6 from the midwest. If New York is supposedly biased against you as you claim, why are more New York and east coast rappers getting booed off the fuck off stage?

Next, scrolling through twitter yesterday I see you guys decided to start a union against URL because you feel you don't get paid enough or certain rappers got paid more. You all want 10k per performance. I hate to break it to you but none of you are individually worth 10k. Especially Big T, X-Factor, and Hitman Holla. Mook, Iron and Lux got paid whatever they were paid for a reason. Their names sold those tickets. You still got paid, including flights and hotel rooms, to rap for 9 to 15 minutes. What are yall complaining about?

It's just sickening to see this much whining in battle rap these days. Yall need to get it together. If yall wanna say fuck URL and never battle there again go right ahead. Organik aint giving you more than 1K so good luck. JC, B. Magic, John John and Chilla Jones would take your spots on the main stage in a heart beat.



Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Respect: Amzilla Uses Tall T's Death As A Punchline

Amzilla vs Luciano Crakk by otbva I should start saving my tweets. I called this early. For those that dont know, Stockton California battle rapper Tall T was murdered last month, shot at point blank range while with his girlfriend in a park. It made the news and sent shockwaves through the battle world amongst fans and artists alike. The show off support to his crew the SONS and his family was tremendous. But the battle scene being as ruthless (and sometimes really ignorant) as it is, I knew it wouldnt take long for someone to make light of his death and use it in a battle. Team HOMI member Amzilla battles Luciano Crakk, a member of the SONS crew and went for the lowest blow possible at the end of his third round. (13:25 mark in the vid)

"For the bills I don't play right, it's like I'm cheating motherfucker. I'll shoot this nigga in borad day light, Tall T this motherfucker!"

When Shotgun Suge dissed Proof in his battle with Calicoe he set the precedent. Yeah this is entertainment but aint nothing funny about disrespecting the dead for the sake of a hot line. ever. This type of shit is pathetic. I don't ever wanna hear Amzilla rap again. He's really corny for this. The Rest In Peace shout out doesnt negate the sucker shit buddy.

Summer Madness 2 Return Of The Legends Trailer

Buy your tickets or you'll be kicking yourself in the ass

Hunt - Ghost Protocol (Mixtape)

New music from Florida rapper Hunt.Just home off a bid he's back to doing what he was meant to do, making real music. stream and download link below

Download here

Monday, May 21, 2012

Troi Torain AKA Star Gets At Young Buck For Snitching

Star calls out Young Buck for allegedly snitching to avoid a 10 year jail term on gun charges. Star is hilarous. Catch him on Monday-Friday 7AM-11AM

OKC VS LAL Game 5 (Live)

why the fuck not?

Mickey Factz - Taking Pictures Of Girls Naked (Live @ SOB's NSFW)

This really happened. Shout out to everyone that was there that night. One of the best shows I've been to. Not just rap, music period.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Neenah - You (Produced By Neenah)

New music from singer/Super Producer Neenah. New projects coming soon so stay tuned and #SupportGoodMusic Follow: @NeenahMusic

UBL Presents: Loaded Lux Vs. Dee (Unreleased Footage)

Old footage of Loaded Lux puttin a verbal beating on some non-descript nigga named Dee. Poor kid. Probably aint even know what he was up against.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eyerone - Invitro EP (Full Stream)

Straight out of Virginia, new music from upcoming emcee Eyrone. Talented dude for real. Stream + download below

Young Ghetto - In A Ghetto Mindstate (Mixtape)

New mixtape from Bronx's Young Ghetto of GME. Reality music. No flash, no glamour, no fakeness. The kid spits from the heart with a lot of passion. He's got a story to tell and the whole world should listen. Stream it below.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

50 Cent x DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz The Lost Tape (Cover)

Dropping next tuesday.

Nino Bless - Alien Jesus

My nigga Nino Bless been on a roll lately. Crazy freestyles now more new music off the upcoming mixtape. Latin Marksman 2: R.O.A.M. will be here shortly.

Mickey Factz Presents - Mickey Mause: Taking Pictures Of Girls Naked + Live @ SOB's

Tonight, Mckey Factz is performing songs off his critically acclaimed mixtape Mickey Mause at Sounds of Brazil, and Livestream will have stream...of the event. Cool! Speaking to Mickey personally, he says expect it to be something incredible. I trust his word on that. So if you can't be at the show in person tune in here. tonight at 8PM Eastern time. Check out his newest video Taking Pictures Of Girls Naked plus the rest of the videos from Mickey Mause (Scenes 1-6) below

Mickey Factz Presents Mickey MauSe: Taking Pictures of Girls Naked {Scene 7} from Mickey Factz on

DOMO - London Bus (Video)

Official first single from Brooklyn newcomer D.O.M.O. Off his debut project Good Night Better Morning dropping in july. I fux with this guy. Dope visuals.

Monday, April 16, 2012

X-Factor Doesn't Need Our Applause

"I don't need it"

The evening we all left the URL VIP event after witnessing Charlie Clips battle X-Factor, and X went on a rampage crying about "crowd bias", I told niggas X had no reason to complain. His bars were crazy and he didn't even have to rap as long as Clips. The footage would speak for itself.

Although I thought Clips won that night, a lot of fans including me, are giving this battle to X-Factor. He was THAT good.

Secondly, the picture above is one of two moments in the battle when the crowd started going crazy for X and he shut them up telling them "I don't need it." Wait. I'm confused. How do you call a crowd bias for cheering on the other guy but when they wanna cheer for you, you basically tell them to shut the fuck up? Then go home crying on twitter about the battle being unfair?

I'm beginning to not take this battle shit serious any more. Niggas complain about NY more than the people that live here. They say we're the most biased crowd but no one has yet to answer to why Rich Dolarz got booed soon as he touched the stage in Detroit.

SMACK/URL Presents: Big Kannon vs M. Ciddy

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Big Cheese Presents: Bill Collector - Swimsuits

Son. This dude is hilarious. same guy that immortalized Bill Collector during his quick bid in jail with "I Got Da Burna" now comes with another remix video of BC's most recent battle with John John Da Don.

No matter who battles Bill Collector, he'll always win when Cheese drops a remix.

Follow on twitter: Bill Collector, Big Cheese

Charlie Clips Vs X-Factor Preview

Posted to twitter/instagram by Twizz today. The wait is almost over. The world finally gets to see what 100 of us saw in February. Did X-Factor really get killed as bad as people say? Did Charlie Clips rap too long? Where does this battle place the both of them in rank on the battle scene from here on? All of these questions will be answered pretty soon.

Funny thing about this battle, I totally doubted Clips could beat X-Factor. I straight up told Charlie he was gonna get killed. Second time in a row I had to eat my words. I'll never doubt that fat man ever again. He's on a silent war path and he's not stopping any time soon. Anyone stepping in front of him risks being humiliated.

X-Factor is amazing. No matter how you feel after watching this battle you can't deny his talents. He's come a long way from being considered a choke artist. Now he's like the only one not choking and stumbling these days. His bars are dope, wordplay is top notch, and when it comes to overall presence, he moves around the stage like he owns it.

I just wish it wasn't a one round battle. Oh well. I look forward to seeing Charlie Clips vs. Big T and X-Factor vs Aye Verb in Chicago next month.

King Of The Dot/Fresh Coast Presents - Pass vs Brixx Belvedere

King of The Dot makes it stateside debut, teaming up with Fresh Coast for their first collaborative event, CIA. Here's one of the highlights of that event, veteran battle rapper Pass (formerly known as Passwurdz) against the young gunner of the SONS crew, Brixx Belvedere.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mook Wants 25k To Kill A Nigga That's ill

Before I start this I would like to say I whole heartily feel Murda Mook DESERVES $25,000 for a battle because he is the the most popular battle rapper ever. I also feel that Mook coming back to battle would be the biggest thing EVER in battle rap. With that being said I’ve seen just about everyone say that Murda Mook wouldn’t be able to survive right now because battle rap is “different.”

I fully understand when people say that battle rap is a totally different ballgame now than it was back in the mid 2000's when Mook was battling. Back then you basically would run into someone and spit a whole bunch of random verses that were floating in your head at the time mixed with a few lines you may have came up with that actually pertains to your opponent, today it's the opposite. Another thing people bring up is the amount of people that are watching these battles live. Aye Verb brought up a great point by saying that Mook has never battled with over 500 people in the crowd. Will Mook be able to keep his composure and still perform at a high level with over 3000 people in the audience?

Now with all that say I think Mook would flawlessly transition into battling today without a hiccup. If you disagree all you have to do is look at T Rex, Rex is from the original era and is still a top nigga in this era. Rex hasn't changed a thing about his style at all. He can still go tit for tat with anyone in the battle game. Essentially Murda Mook is a bigger better version of T Rex, so if Rex can make the transition from the old era to the new Mook would have no problem.

Last week Aye Verb and Chigga Chase came up with a proposition to pay Mook the 25k and have him battle Aye Verb in Stl. Murda Mook was down but only wanted to have the battle in NY because he wants his return to be "big." Chase and Verb both said they'll only give him the money if it's in STL and Mook declined and said he'll just wait for someone to pay him to battle in NY. Now the matchup of Verb vs Mook is a dream matchup for a lot of battlers. Mook hasn't faced someone that can pick an opponent apart like Verb can, and it would be interesting to see how he'd handle that type of pressure. Millz and Lux may have been more lyrical, Jones more comical, and Party Arty[R.I.P] may have been more aggressive, but none of those guys are as cerebral and technical as Aye Verb. This battle has the potential to be an all time great if it ever goes down. We all know that Verb is despised in NY and never wants to battle there, while Mook insists on having the battle there. Will this battle ever come to fruition or will we just have to play the scenario over in our heads? Only time will tell, but I will tell you one thing, Murda Mook can and will adjust to the new style of battling very easy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nino Bless Presents: Raise The Bar Radio


Brooklyn MC Nino Bless keeps dropping the craziest freestyles lately and now he's doing a weekly radio show playing the best new and classic music, discussing a wide range of topics, and interviewing people in the music industry. Check out Episode 1.

Loaded Lux vs Midwest Miles Rematch (UPDATE)

Seneca Cayson of Battle America announced this morning that St. Louis will host one of the most unexpected battles of 2012, Loaded Lux vs Midwest Miles on Friday April 13.

Harlem's Lux and Detroit's Miles, had their first classic battle in Harlem on Smack DVD in the mid 2000's. What made them decide to do a rematch? Why in St. Louis? More info coming soon.

UPDATE: April Fool's?

King Of The Dot Presents: Madness vs HFK

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


URL's E. Beasley vs Arsonal Da Rebel

Arsonal took a trip to This Is 50 Radio to speak to Maya The B and Heineken about the Ultimate Warrior battles in Jersey and air some grievances with URL. Beasley calls in to defend URL. Beasley talked to Ars like his son lol

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Raine vs Ms. Murk

Another good match from QOTR's Watch The Throne event, this one between Bronx vet Raine and newcomer from Memphis, Ms. Murk. Shout out to Vague, Babs and Debo.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Breaking News: Hollow Da Don Returns To Prison

Some unfortunate news for battle rap fans. One of the best in the game, Hollow Da Don, is behind bars again for a while. He had previously made mention of possibly serving some time again from his twitter a few months ago and I'd been hearing he was trying to take care of some open cases and try to get a battle in Canada's King of the Dot. As most of you know he spent a few months in jail after his battle with Big T in 2010.

His last tweet, 10 days ago he stated "LOM 4 life, sorry to da REAL fans" and the LOM clothing twitter page posted "Free my nigga Hollow Da Don!!!" this morning. I'll get the details for yall as soon as possible. stay tuned to

Friday, March 30, 2012

Rest In Peace Spittage - Last Recorded Freestyle Before His Death

If you follow battle rap, and know Philadelphia's own Tech 9, you know the slogan: "S-P-I-2T-A-G-E, yall muhfuckas get it right, Wayne A.V.). It's a homage to another Philadelphia MC by the name of Spittage and their hood Wayne Avenue. For a long time people didn't know what Tech 9 was saying but by now most know though we never knew much about Spittage.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mickey Factz - Mickey Mause

New music from frequent contributor to the blog, Mickey Factz. Whats good homie!

Nino Bless - Get Ready x War Machine x Nameless Freestyles

3 New freestyles from Nino Bless. Strictly for niggas who like BARS. Pay close attention to this dude. He's about to have the internet going nuts this summer trust me. Don't sleep. I don't cosign just anything niggas.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Gerald (Hitman Holla's Father) Breaks His Silence - Exclusive Interview

A Thousand Words...

On February 25th in St. Louis, one of the biggest battles of the year involved two people the battle rap world never thought would come face to face; Aye Verb and Hitman Holla. These 2 along with Yung ILL and others spearheaded the meteoric rise of the Midwest and have been the top contenders in their city. Rumors circulated for a while about tension between the 2 and it finally exploded when Hitman dropped a video detailing his displeasure with Aye Verb's lack of support since his battle with Arsonal. Aye Verb claimed that win got to Hitman's head and his ego got too big. They dug deep into each other's personal business when they faced off but the most talked about person in that battle is neither Hitman or Aye Verb. It's G-Had Two AKA "Big Gerald" Hitman's father.

In an Academy Award-worthy third round from Aye Verb he broke Hitman down to a child then called out Big Gerald. When Gerald responded "Yes Sir" Aye Verb let him know "That's how you talk to your son!" instantly cementing him in battle rap history. I had the absolute honor of speaking to the man yesterday (March 26th) and he brazenly spoke his mind about his thoughts on the battle, Aye Verb's motivations behind battling Hitman, and battle rappers that need to come out of retirement and face the 3 best in the Midwest.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Interview with Battle America's Seneca Cayson

 Now, for a more in depth interview the way only we know how to do it here at My co-writer Ahmadou put in the work and spoke to Seneca. Here it is. - M. PHOENIXXX

Arguably the most mysterious man in battle rap, Seneca Cayson took 30 minutes out of his life to speak to me about his company, his visions, and goals.

When did you come up with the idea of battle America, when did you decide you were going to start a league?
Like I said before I never started a league, I started a Battle Agency which is the first of its kind to exist in the battle world. My goal was to represent some of my favorite battle rappers and take them to another level, that’s what I sought out to do.

Seneca Cayson Interview With Latrina Monae

Son, this girl is crazy with her approach lol. Interesting interview though with the CEO of Battle America. He explains what his inspiration for Battle America's creation is, takes some shots at Smack, and more. I'm still listening to it. Follow Latrina on twitter she's a huge battle rap fan. Much respect to her.

SMACK/URL Presents: Hitman Holla vs Aye Verb

URL Any Given Sunday - The Only Recap That Matters

This battle rap game is so unpredictable in 2012 it's like being in the fuckin twilight zone of Hip Hop. It's predictable, yet totally unpredictable at the same damn time. Back in NY for the first time since Summer Madness last August, URL weekend was full of surprises and upsets. Not as much as Summer Madness but very close to it. Something about that hot ass Webster Hall brings out the best and worst in rappers and fans.

Before I get into Any Given Sunday, I first have to speak on the Proving Grounds battles at Mash Studios Saturday night. Rumor has it I was drunk and fell asleep with a bottle of whiskey in my pocket. Don't believe @MzGracieBaby. I was meditating. Now, the winners for that night were Ivan The Great beating Vicci in a one round battle, McKims beating the shit out of Young Robbles, Logic over Lance, although it was a good battle from both of them, Lil Bro over J Dubb although that battle bored me, and Bigg K slaughtered Half Past Seven. All of the winners (except Lil Bro) have potential to make noise on the main stage. Salute to all of them though, they came out and did what they had to do.

The surprise of the night tho, the the rapper that stole the crowd was Nuborn. The man has been the butt of every bad battle rap joke for almost 3 years now. He slept on Calicoe and took what's considered by a lot of people the worst "bodybag" in URL history. Disappeared for a year, beat Cocky, disappeared for a year, then took an embarrassing loss to Young Kannon. Was once on the main stage now battling in the Proving Grounds he had a lot to prove coming into his battle against Dirt this past weekend. Long story short, Dirt, who had an amazing second round, and 3 great rounds altogether, may have lost to Nuborn 3-0. I know that sounds hard to believe but trust me. it happened. Dirt didn't get bodied but he definitely lost to a brand new Nuborn. Congratulations to both of them on a memorable battle. I hope Smack releases that and Nuborn gets the respect he deserves.

Any Given Sunday opened up with a Proving Grounds battle Chilla Jones vs Cash Eatin. We ran out of time on Saturday so they had their chance to open up the main show. They both went had bars but Cash Eatin was the better rapper.

The first battle on the main card was the highlight of the night on Sunday. Real Deal vs B. Magic. Almost every single person with the exception of me, Gracie, and Poison Pen, doubted Real Deal. Especially B. Magic. Conversations on Saturday had B. Magic predicting nothing but jokes from Real Deal. He wasn't expecting any bars and said RD's strength is personals which he couldn't have for this battle. B. Magic aint even write his 3rd Round until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Big mistake. B. Magic got tore the fuck up.

QP took the victory over Bill Collector, but QP might be falling off. This is coming from his biggest fan. Young Kannon failed in his attempt to "3-0" Swave Sevah and got 3-0'd himself. Tay Rock and Rich Dolarz was surprisingly good, the battle I had the least expectations for. Tay Rock won but Rich had some bars and did great in the third. I even approached him afterwards to give him his respect. I'm still not a huge fan but we laughed when he realized who I was after hating om him for like the past 2 years. I'm just a really harsh critic. I'm a man though and I'm always honest,

The main event, DNA vs Tech 9, was a terrible battle. I'm sorry. I love Tech 9 but his run has come to a screeching halt, put to a stop by some of DNA's corniest bars ever, and that's sad considering DNA has had some incredibly corny shit in the past. He topped it all by rapping about his new tooth then rapping to his old tooth. I damn near walked out before the battle finished. When DNA's on point he's on it, he hit Tech up a lot especially in the first and second rounds and won all 3 rounds convincingly.

Other Highlights, Surprises & Upsets:
- DNA & Tech both stumbled in their rounds, along with Rich Dolarz. They all recovered though.
- QP choked again. Tried to play it off but it was clear he didn't prepare a third round.
- Young Kannon pulled out a dirty sneaker. No one knows what the fuck for.
- Bill Collector made it rain. I caught a single and bought a bag of lays potato chips with my iced tea from Walgreens. Real nigga time.
 - Bill Collector and Young Kannon got booed a little bit. Not by the whole crowd but they definitely lost momentum.
 - Poison Pen announced his inclusion to the URL family. Head Ice vs Swave Sevah drops next week.
- Calicoe: "I'ma KILL John John Da Don!"

If I missed anything, drop em in the comments and let me know what you think. I got more stuff coming be back soon.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Ultimate Warrior Presents - March Madness (Trailer)

For those who have been under a rock, New Jersey battle rapper Arsonal Da Rebel has been dying to get a battle in his hometown for quite some time. He's built a reputation of being the only rapper willing to travel anywhere and face anybody but wanted a battle on his turf for a change. So no battle league could provide that, he hooked up with some people and created Ultimate Warrior and their first event, March Madness is on Saturday March 17th.

A short but powerful lineup, Arsonal faces T-Rex in the main event, Calicoe faces O-Red and Cortez faces Shotgun Suge. I honestly dont know what to expect at this event (I'd be there but I made birthday plans). A few questions though: Is this some kind of middle finger to URL by Arsonal and the rest of them? Why isn't Tsu Surf on the card but he's battling Brixx Belvy in California before "retiring?" How many battle rappers are gonna try to start their own league now? I'll get the answers to these soon and when I know you people will know. The battle world is might get shaken up in 2012 man.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

King Of The Dot Presents Hollohan vs Cortez

These 2 went in. King of the Dot is looking like they trying to take URL's spot cuz their events keep getting more and more crazy. Can't wait to see what else they got coming this year.

How are you the face of URL when since birth I been banging needles and smoke pipe
I should be running the Ultimate Rap League cuz I've been on smack my whole life!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mickey Factz Guest Blog: Why Do You Hate T-Rex?

2001. Maybe 2002. There is a television cipher show titled Mad Ciphas. New Yorkers & out of towners come and spit on the show and begin gaining exposure. Jae Millz, J. Hood, Smoke Dza, Vado, Charlie Clips, JR Writer etc. I even get on Mad Ciphas around late 2004 early 2005 as Renegade. But earlier in the show days, I remember seeing a short kid. Couldn't have been older than 14 or 15. And he was BLACKING... With ease. I would soon learn the kids name was T-Rex.

Hailing from Harlem, the tales I've heard about Randy a.k.a. T-Rex's off-camera exploits were extraordinary. His name was rumbling in Harlem something vicious. He is actually quoted as the first battler to get money off of the sport. I had seen him on Mad Ciphas and was impressed with how he kept up his tenacity & clever/vivid punchlines & wordplay. Back when you would say the same word twice, one time he said "I was never good at science to bring my projects to school/ But when I had beef, I'd bring my whole projects to school/. He is most definitely the epitome of what a battle emcee should be. I don't care who you are or were, if there was a situation, he'd be ready right then and there. That was the school I grew up in. Don't get it twisted either. He was always great at making music. 8-30-85, one of Rex's mixtapes/albums was a classic in the streets.

So why do soooooo many people hate this legend? Let's look at his on-camera history. He battled Streetz Da Block on Hoodlife. Streetz had been battling all day. Went up against Rex and got buried. He then battled Young Miles in Harlem. Somewhere on Columbus Ave. Destroyed him. There were rounds cut from that battle. The Un Casa battle which started after the Mook/Millz battle. They were arguing about who lost and who didn't when they battled off camera. After 7 rounds, I'd have to say Rex had to have beaten him before. Cause he did then. Later on, he goes against NH, which to me is his best on camera performance. NH was blatantly disrespectful. Rex stood his ground and delivered quite possibly the best 3rd round ever! Next... Tech-9. Rex beat him 2-1 no problem.

Then Worldstar came around. It seemed every time Rex got on there, he'd be talking that Harlem talk. He was battling Math next and it was a spectacle to behold. They went back and forth on WSHH for months. Halloween came and despite a strong 3rd round from Math, Rex's consistency gave him the victory. That's the Rex, even I was a fan of.

Then the shit talking continued. More and more. He had turned so many people off he changed his twitter to @ihatetrex. He battles DNA & Okwerdz and considerably switches up his style. He came hard in both but I feel those are his only two blemishes on his stellar career. Even if he woulda been old Rex and smoked them, taking those guys still is bland for him. With talks of him battling damn near everyone from Cortez to Arsonal, the only ones that looks clear cut real are Calicoe & Yung ill.

At Summer Madness, he battled Conceited. I rooted for Rex BIG time and It is quite possibly the best back and forth match of the night. I scored it 2-1 Conceited. I do have a feeling watching it back on camera can sway my feelings. But that's neither here nor there. Outside of Aye Verb, T-Rex's antics are bar none thee best on URL. He will get under your skin and talk the best shit ever. He has rhymes for days so battling him on the spot would be a disaster for anyone. His shit talking should be embraced. However it is frowned and hated upon. He may be top 5 ever if he keeps it up. So the hate should def stop.

"This Nicca Dead!"


P.S. I have never, in ten years, heard Rex repeat the same rhymes in a battle to another battler. He hates the earth & doesn't like recycling apparently lol

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Return Of The Fucking Bad Guy February 5th

Family, friends, money, hospitals, broken bones, cancer, love, life, death.  I don't know where to begin. But the past few months life's really been slapping the shit out of me. Blogging and battling took a back seat to bills, booze and bullshit.