Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mickey Factz Guest Blog: Why Do You Hate T-Rex?

2001. Maybe 2002. There is a television cipher show titled Mad Ciphas. New Yorkers & out of towners come and spit on the show and begin gaining exposure. Jae Millz, J. Hood, Smoke Dza, Vado, Charlie Clips, JR Writer etc. I even get on Mad Ciphas around late 2004 early 2005 as Renegade. But earlier in the show days, I remember seeing a short kid. Couldn't have been older than 14 or 15. And he was BLACKING... With ease. I would soon learn the kids name was T-Rex.

Hailing from Harlem, the tales I've heard about Randy a.k.a. T-Rex's off-camera exploits were extraordinary. His name was rumbling in Harlem something vicious. He is actually quoted as the first battler to get money off of the sport. I had seen him on Mad Ciphas and was impressed with how he kept up his tenacity & clever/vivid punchlines & wordplay. Back when you would say the same word twice, one time he said "I was never good at science to bring my projects to school/ But when I had beef, I'd bring my whole projects to school/. He is most definitely the epitome of what a battle emcee should be. I don't care who you are or were, if there was a situation, he'd be ready right then and there. That was the school I grew up in. Don't get it twisted either. He was always great at making music. 8-30-85, one of Rex's mixtapes/albums was a classic in the streets.

So why do soooooo many people hate this legend? Let's look at his on-camera history. He battled Streetz Da Block on Hoodlife. Streetz had been battling all day. Went up against Rex and got buried. He then battled Young Miles in Harlem. Somewhere on Columbus Ave. Destroyed him. There were rounds cut from that battle. The Un Casa battle which started after the Mook/Millz battle. They were arguing about who lost and who didn't when they battled off camera. After 7 rounds, I'd have to say Rex had to have beaten him before. Cause he did then. Later on, he goes against NH, which to me is his best on camera performance. NH was blatantly disrespectful. Rex stood his ground and delivered quite possibly the best 3rd round ever! Next... Tech-9. Rex beat him 2-1 no problem.

Then Worldstar came around. It seemed every time Rex got on there, he'd be talking that Harlem talk. He was battling Math next and it was a spectacle to behold. They went back and forth on WSHH for months. Halloween came and despite a strong 3rd round from Math, Rex's consistency gave him the victory. That's the Rex, even I was a fan of.

Then the shit talking continued. More and more. He had turned so many people off he changed his twitter to @ihatetrex. He battles DNA & Okwerdz and considerably switches up his style. He came hard in both but I feel those are his only two blemishes on his stellar career. Even if he woulda been old Rex and smoked them, taking those guys still is bland for him. With talks of him battling damn near everyone from Cortez to Arsonal, the only ones that looks clear cut real are Calicoe & Yung ill.

At Summer Madness, he battled Conceited. I rooted for Rex BIG time and It is quite possibly the best back and forth match of the night. I scored it 2-1 Conceited. I do have a feeling watching it back on camera can sway my feelings. But that's neither here nor there. Outside of Aye Verb, T-Rex's antics are bar none thee best on URL. He will get under your skin and talk the best shit ever. He has rhymes for days so battling him on the spot would be a disaster for anyone. His shit talking should be embraced. However it is frowned and hated upon. He may be top 5 ever if he keeps it up. So the hate should def stop.

"This Nicca Dead!"


P.S. I have never, in ten years, heard Rex repeat the same rhymes in a battle to another battler. He hates the earth & doesn't like recycling apparently lol


  1. Mad late for a comment on this post....but that wasn't Streetz Da Block he battled, that was a different Streets. If you YouTube "Streets vs. Onasis" or "Oun-P vs. Streets" you can see who THAT Streets is.

  2. yo my nigga i will paypal you if you got that 8-30-85 or that old 'Best of Money ave Vol. 1' mixtape. it had a track on it called 'rex mook nym' and rex and nymesys freestyle. niggas used to have it on Phillyzoo and onsmash.