Friday, February 3, 2012

Ultimate Warrior Presents - March Madness (Trailer)

For those who have been under a rock, New Jersey battle rapper Arsonal Da Rebel has been dying to get a battle in his hometown for quite some time. He's built a reputation of being the only rapper willing to travel anywhere and face anybody but wanted a battle on his turf for a change. So no battle league could provide that, he hooked up with some people and created Ultimate Warrior and their first event, March Madness is on Saturday March 17th.

A short but powerful lineup, Arsonal faces T-Rex in the main event, Calicoe faces O-Red and Cortez faces Shotgun Suge. I honestly dont know what to expect at this event (I'd be there but I made birthday plans). A few questions though: Is this some kind of middle finger to URL by Arsonal and the rest of them? Why isn't Tsu Surf on the card but he's battling Brixx Belvy in California before "retiring?" How many battle rappers are gonna try to start their own league now? I'll get the answers to these soon and when I know you people will know. The battle world is might get shaken up in 2012 man.

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