Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Gerald (Hitman Holla's Father) Breaks His Silence - Exclusive Interview

A Thousand Words...

On February 25th in St. Louis, one of the biggest battles of the year involved two people the battle rap world never thought would come face to face; Aye Verb and Hitman Holla. These 2 along with Yung ILL and others spearheaded the meteoric rise of the Midwest and have been the top contenders in their city. Rumors circulated for a while about tension between the 2 and it finally exploded when Hitman dropped a video detailing his displeasure with Aye Verb's lack of support since his battle with Arsonal. Aye Verb claimed that win got to Hitman's head and his ego got too big. They dug deep into each other's personal business when they faced off but the most talked about person in that battle is neither Hitman or Aye Verb. It's G-Had Two AKA "Big Gerald" Hitman's father.

In an Academy Award-worthy third round from Aye Verb he broke Hitman down to a child then called out Big Gerald. When Gerald responded "Yes Sir" Aye Verb let him know "That's how you talk to your son!" instantly cementing him in battle rap history. I had the absolute honor of speaking to the man yesterday (March 26th) and he brazenly spoke his mind about his thoughts on the battle, Aye Verb's motivations behind battling Hitman, and battle rappers that need to come out of retirement and face the 3 best in the Midwest.

Do you follow the battle rap scene closely?

Oh yeah of course, I live for it, I love it. Big fan of it.

So you always been a big fan of it, not just when your son got into it.

Yeah I'm a big fan of [Murda] Mook's, X-Factor from back in the day, and I like [Loaded] Lux, I'm a big fan of a few guys.

So Everybody wants to know was that really you that responded to Aye Verb in the 3rd round when he yelled "aye Big Gerald!"

Just for the record it was me. But it's kinda funny that it's a lot of stuff I was saying that night to Verb, I didn't hear none of that, haha. It's all good, it's all good, it was a great move by Verb I aint mad at all.

So there was other stuff you said to Verb during the battle?

During the battle actually Hitman was on the side Verb is at initially and that's why my friends and the rest of the family was kinda on that side. For some reason they switched sides on stage so it left me right there with Verb so I just kept that advantage to kinda go at him all night. All fun and games though.

How does it feel to be semi-famous due to your son's battle?

Aw man like I said I'm a big fan of the rap battles and a big fan of Hitman's of course so it's all good, Verb sent me a shot I got a few more followers and waitin' on some more

Was that your first time being at one of Hitman's battles?

No actually when he was doing the Word War battles here in St. Louis I went to a few of those. I also caught him and Big T which was a good one. I like a lot of these up and coming new guys also but I been following since back in the day.

What was it like seeing the battle when it was finally released on youtube?

I thought it was an excellent job in quality on film. I mean Smack always does a good job, tends to take too long personally for me, but always does a great job when it's all said and done. And it came a long way 'cause I first started following Hitman, in this area you used to have to be quiet, wasn't no mics just screaming at the top of their lungs, but it came a long way now with the microphones and everything.

What was it like being in the midst of that, watching the battle from where you were standing that night it went down?

The atmosphere was crazy man. You could tell it was like a big brother/little brother thing. Of course Verb the older guy so of course he's the big brother. Just like they got into it at a family picnic and got something off their chest, it was electrifying. It was electrifying.

What was some of your favorite parts of the battle?

Well of of course haha Verb he set it off pretty good but let me say this: I had something I was gonna say to Verb in the second round but I didn't get a chance to get it off and I was gonna say it the third round which my friends told me not to so I'm mad at those guys. So he kinda played with fire calling my name because I kinda thought about what I wanted to say and it just kinda went in "Yes Sir" or whatever so it kinda helped Verb. I helped Verb get the third round but he still lost 2 to1 haha.

Ha! That was gonna be my next question, who do you honestly think won the battle and why?

I mean honestly speaking, I gave Hitman clearly the first round and Verb clearly the third round. So as a rap battle fan, someone who really knows the game and when people look at that battle that second round is clearly the decider. So whoever chooses [Verb or Hitman] in that second round I can be honest and say that's who won. But I feel like Hitman got the first two rounds personally. Of course everybody gon' say I'm biased 'cause it's my son but don't ask me the question if they don't want the answer. So I just actually think Hitman edged him 2 to 1. You know Verb came on real strong in the third round. Actually Hitman's first round and Verb's third round was some of the best rounds I done seen in a long time. In a long time you know? So Hitman I say edged him 2 to 1 but some might say Verb won 2 to 1. I don't have problems with that I can see that also.

You say you had some words you wanted to say to Verb so If you could re-do that moment all over what would you have said when Verb said "Aye Big Gerald?"

It aint what I wanted to say it's what I was going to say. I know Verb of course. That's why Verb called me he kinda knew I'd say something but Verb been doing this a long time. So I was right on that feeling Verb was gon' say something 'cause  I had been on Verb head all day So I didn't know if he was gon' off the top of the head right there I didn't know. But I was planning on saying, if he said anything to me I didn't know if he was gon' call my name but if he just somehow brought my name up I was just gon' yell out that Verb is a fag and he suck dick haha  but you know my friends thought it might have been kinda harsh and it might have looked like I was messing up the scene for Hitman so I kinda bit my tongue on that. But if I could say it all over again, them exact words he would have got "Now put that together now!" Hey Big Gerald! "Now put that together!" He'd say that and I'd take him with that you know what I'm sayin? Haha! Them the choice of words I had but I aint get the chance to say them. But Verb played with fire so the next battle rapper that calls me out better have a counter punch.

How do you feel about the whole Midwest movement since they came on the scene with Verb, Hitman and Yung ILL?

I'm real happy with 'em 'cause like I said I was a big fan of X-Factor back in the day so when they teamed up and added Big T to the mix that made it even gravier. I'm a big fan of the Midwest, I think we been doing our thing. I was a little mad that these 2 guys battled, me personally. To be honest I felt Verb was really in his feelings 'cause you know that shouldn't have happened. Hitman didn't call for Verb out so I just felt Verb was in his feelings for either pride, battles, or he didn't like the hoopla Hitman was receiving but that came from hard work. I mean he's not questioning the hoopla Yung ILL is receiving. But it's all hard work why they receiving it so I just felt like it shouldn't have happened. But now that it's over I'm reuniting them to take down whoever.

You feel like the battle went down because Verb is jealous of the love Hitman is receiving?

Yeah I honestly believe that. I do believe that. It's kinda in the pudding to be honest. You just look at it as Hitman is getting a lot of hype that is well deserved and Verb is still one of the best out there to me it was kinda borderline he was going downhill in certain people's eyes. I feel Verb was a little jealous that's why the battle took place 'cause the battle shouldn't have even taken place to be honest. Why would they battle? It don't make any sense. You'll never catch Mook battling T-Rex. Arsonal battling Shotgun, Cotez battling Math, You'll never catch those guys battling each other I don't care what the situation is. So it just wasn't supposed to happen. Like I said I know Hitman wasn't jealous of Verb so all the arrows being a lil' jealous. Of course he'll probably say different but that's what I think.

You feel like any lines were crossed in the Aye Verb and Hitman Holla battle as far as certain things that they said to each other?

Really in that battle field nobody's exempt. You get it, you get it. I was right there for him to get me, I get it you know? Aint no "Don't say this, don't say that." What I know is Verb lied on a lot of stuff. I know personally and he know personally. I know Hitman as far as what he said personally about Verb a lot of those things happened. So as far as this being personal or whatever, nah say what you gotta say. Fans wanna see it any way.

What do you think that battles means for the Midwest as a whole and where do we go from here?

I think it definitely woke the country back up as far as the Midwest is because it was a few situations like Miles had a situation where they said he lost, and Verb had some situations. Hitman had the situation with Hollow Da Don, and T-Rex came and people feel like he put his hands on ILL in that battle. So it was kinda like a lot of situations that wasn't looking good but those 2 that night I feel like put us back on top.

What other battles would you like to see as far as guys that are active?

I'm glad you brought that up because if you noticed Hitman aint duckin anybody. You look at his resume, whether people wanna say he won or lost, look at those guys that he been in the ring with. Guys he went in the ring with, almost every last one of them are in somebody's Top 5. So these guys need to quit duckin and these guys need to come out of retirement; Mook, Lux, and quit asking for all this money now. Times is hard, record labels don't even wanna give you money so why you want somebody to give you so much money like that. Get in the ring man, you can call it practice or whatever you want, get your lil money it could just be petty cash money, you know? Just get in the ring with some of these new guys. Lux get in the ring with Verb. Mook get in the ring with Hitman. Let's see ILL get out there with Iron Solomon. Now that's a guy I like, that guy Iron Solomon I'm a big fan of his. Those guys need to come out of retirement.


  1. I agree that Verb touched on sum things he knew absolutely nuthin about!!! Ex:51 Scan is a crip set..noooo its not, my whole fam born & raised ova there & 51 scan is neither crip nor blood, its a family hood..Hitman greatgrandma lived in the area for 50 yrs in the 5100 block of cates,his aunt lived in the 5100 block of cabanne 4 15yrs...so that's a family thing..but let Verb tell it, "he's 4rm the streets"!! Lol

  2. "Verb is a fag, and he can suck a dick" is what you regret not saying? Really? That was the most creative thing that you could think of to say? Are you a fucking 5 year old?

  3. I wanna see hitman battle Kid Cassidy