Monday, March 26, 2012

URL Any Given Sunday - The Only Recap That Matters

This battle rap game is so unpredictable in 2012 it's like being in the fuckin twilight zone of Hip Hop. It's predictable, yet totally unpredictable at the same damn time. Back in NY for the first time since Summer Madness last August, URL weekend was full of surprises and upsets. Not as much as Summer Madness but very close to it. Something about that hot ass Webster Hall brings out the best and worst in rappers and fans.

Before I get into Any Given Sunday, I first have to speak on the Proving Grounds battles at Mash Studios Saturday night. Rumor has it I was drunk and fell asleep with a bottle of whiskey in my pocket. Don't believe @MzGracieBaby. I was meditating. Now, the winners for that night were Ivan The Great beating Vicci in a one round battle, McKims beating the shit out of Young Robbles, Logic over Lance, although it was a good battle from both of them, Lil Bro over J Dubb although that battle bored me, and Bigg K slaughtered Half Past Seven. All of the winners (except Lil Bro) have potential to make noise on the main stage. Salute to all of them though, they came out and did what they had to do.

The surprise of the night tho, the the rapper that stole the crowd was Nuborn. The man has been the butt of every bad battle rap joke for almost 3 years now. He slept on Calicoe and took what's considered by a lot of people the worst "bodybag" in URL history. Disappeared for a year, beat Cocky, disappeared for a year, then took an embarrassing loss to Young Kannon. Was once on the main stage now battling in the Proving Grounds he had a lot to prove coming into his battle against Dirt this past weekend. Long story short, Dirt, who had an amazing second round, and 3 great rounds altogether, may have lost to Nuborn 3-0. I know that sounds hard to believe but trust me. it happened. Dirt didn't get bodied but he definitely lost to a brand new Nuborn. Congratulations to both of them on a memorable battle. I hope Smack releases that and Nuborn gets the respect he deserves.

Any Given Sunday opened up with a Proving Grounds battle Chilla Jones vs Cash Eatin. We ran out of time on Saturday so they had their chance to open up the main show. They both went had bars but Cash Eatin was the better rapper.

The first battle on the main card was the highlight of the night on Sunday. Real Deal vs B. Magic. Almost every single person with the exception of me, Gracie, and Poison Pen, doubted Real Deal. Especially B. Magic. Conversations on Saturday had B. Magic predicting nothing but jokes from Real Deal. He wasn't expecting any bars and said RD's strength is personals which he couldn't have for this battle. B. Magic aint even write his 3rd Round until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Big mistake. B. Magic got tore the fuck up.

QP took the victory over Bill Collector, but QP might be falling off. This is coming from his biggest fan. Young Kannon failed in his attempt to "3-0" Swave Sevah and got 3-0'd himself. Tay Rock and Rich Dolarz was surprisingly good, the battle I had the least expectations for. Tay Rock won but Rich had some bars and did great in the third. I even approached him afterwards to give him his respect. I'm still not a huge fan but we laughed when he realized who I was after hating om him for like the past 2 years. I'm just a really harsh critic. I'm a man though and I'm always honest,

The main event, DNA vs Tech 9, was a terrible battle. I'm sorry. I love Tech 9 but his run has come to a screeching halt, put to a stop by some of DNA's corniest bars ever, and that's sad considering DNA has had some incredibly corny shit in the past. He topped it all by rapping about his new tooth then rapping to his old tooth. I damn near walked out before the battle finished. When DNA's on point he's on it, he hit Tech up a lot especially in the first and second rounds and won all 3 rounds convincingly.

Other Highlights, Surprises & Upsets:
- DNA & Tech both stumbled in their rounds, along with Rich Dolarz. They all recovered though.
- QP choked again. Tried to play it off but it was clear he didn't prepare a third round.
- Young Kannon pulled out a dirty sneaker. No one knows what the fuck for.
- Bill Collector made it rain. I caught a single and bought a bag of lays potato chips with my iced tea from Walgreens. Real nigga time.
 - Bill Collector and Young Kannon got booed a little bit. Not by the whole crowd but they definitely lost momentum.
 - Poison Pen announced his inclusion to the URL family. Head Ice vs Swave Sevah drops next week.
- Calicoe: "I'ma KILL John John Da Don!"

If I missed anything, drop em in the comments and let me know what you think. I got more stuff coming be back soon.


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  1. interesting blog. sounds like a really disappointing event. bc and qp both have that reputation of not really caring about writing shit, they're gonna fuck around and disappear like Tut