Monday, April 16, 2012

X-Factor Doesn't Need Our Applause

"I don't need it"

The evening we all left the URL VIP event after witnessing Charlie Clips battle X-Factor, and X went on a rampage crying about "crowd bias", I told niggas X had no reason to complain. His bars were crazy and he didn't even have to rap as long as Clips. The footage would speak for itself.

Although I thought Clips won that night, a lot of fans including me, are giving this battle to X-Factor. He was THAT good.

Secondly, the picture above is one of two moments in the battle when the crowd started going crazy for X and he shut them up telling them "I don't need it." Wait. I'm confused. How do you call a crowd bias for cheering on the other guy but when they wanna cheer for you, you basically tell them to shut the fuck up? Then go home crying on twitter about the battle being unfair?

I'm beginning to not take this battle shit serious any more. Niggas complain about NY more than the people that live here. They say we're the most biased crowd but no one has yet to answer to why Rich Dolarz got booed soon as he touched the stage in Detroit.

SMACK/URL Presents: Big Kannon vs M. Ciddy

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Big Cheese Presents: Bill Collector - Swimsuits

Son. This dude is hilarious. same guy that immortalized Bill Collector during his quick bid in jail with "I Got Da Burna" now comes with another remix video of BC's most recent battle with John John Da Don.

No matter who battles Bill Collector, he'll always win when Cheese drops a remix.

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Charlie Clips Vs X-Factor Preview

Posted to twitter/instagram by Twizz today. The wait is almost over. The world finally gets to see what 100 of us saw in February. Did X-Factor really get killed as bad as people say? Did Charlie Clips rap too long? Where does this battle place the both of them in rank on the battle scene from here on? All of these questions will be answered pretty soon.

Funny thing about this battle, I totally doubted Clips could beat X-Factor. I straight up told Charlie he was gonna get killed. Second time in a row I had to eat my words. I'll never doubt that fat man ever again. He's on a silent war path and he's not stopping any time soon. Anyone stepping in front of him risks being humiliated.

X-Factor is amazing. No matter how you feel after watching this battle you can't deny his talents. He's come a long way from being considered a choke artist. Now he's like the only one not choking and stumbling these days. His bars are dope, wordplay is top notch, and when it comes to overall presence, he moves around the stage like he owns it.

I just wish it wasn't a one round battle. Oh well. I look forward to seeing Charlie Clips vs. Big T and X-Factor vs Aye Verb in Chicago next month.

King Of The Dot/Fresh Coast Presents - Pass vs Brixx Belvedere

King of The Dot makes it stateside debut, teaming up with Fresh Coast for their first collaborative event, CIA. Here's one of the highlights of that event, veteran battle rapper Pass (formerly known as Passwurdz) against the young gunner of the SONS crew, Brixx Belvedere.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mook Wants 25k To Kill A Nigga That's ill

Before I start this I would like to say I whole heartily feel Murda Mook DESERVES $25,000 for a battle because he is the the most popular battle rapper ever. I also feel that Mook coming back to battle would be the biggest thing EVER in battle rap. With that being said I’ve seen just about everyone say that Murda Mook wouldn’t be able to survive right now because battle rap is “different.”

I fully understand when people say that battle rap is a totally different ballgame now than it was back in the mid 2000's when Mook was battling. Back then you basically would run into someone and spit a whole bunch of random verses that were floating in your head at the time mixed with a few lines you may have came up with that actually pertains to your opponent, today it's the opposite. Another thing people bring up is the amount of people that are watching these battles live. Aye Verb brought up a great point by saying that Mook has never battled with over 500 people in the crowd. Will Mook be able to keep his composure and still perform at a high level with over 3000 people in the audience?

Now with all that say I think Mook would flawlessly transition into battling today without a hiccup. If you disagree all you have to do is look at T Rex, Rex is from the original era and is still a top nigga in this era. Rex hasn't changed a thing about his style at all. He can still go tit for tat with anyone in the battle game. Essentially Murda Mook is a bigger better version of T Rex, so if Rex can make the transition from the old era to the new Mook would have no problem.

Last week Aye Verb and Chigga Chase came up with a proposition to pay Mook the 25k and have him battle Aye Verb in Stl. Murda Mook was down but only wanted to have the battle in NY because he wants his return to be "big." Chase and Verb both said they'll only give him the money if it's in STL and Mook declined and said he'll just wait for someone to pay him to battle in NY. Now the matchup of Verb vs Mook is a dream matchup for a lot of battlers. Mook hasn't faced someone that can pick an opponent apart like Verb can, and it would be interesting to see how he'd handle that type of pressure. Millz and Lux may have been more lyrical, Jones more comical, and Party Arty[R.I.P] may have been more aggressive, but none of those guys are as cerebral and technical as Aye Verb. This battle has the potential to be an all time great if it ever goes down. We all know that Verb is despised in NY and never wants to battle there, while Mook insists on having the battle there. Will this battle ever come to fruition or will we just have to play the scenario over in our heads? Only time will tell, but I will tell you one thing, Murda Mook can and will adjust to the new style of battling very easy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nino Bless Presents: Raise The Bar Radio


Brooklyn MC Nino Bless keeps dropping the craziest freestyles lately and now he's doing a weekly radio show playing the best new and classic music, discussing a wide range of topics, and interviewing people in the music industry. Check out Episode 1.

Loaded Lux vs Midwest Miles Rematch (UPDATE)

Seneca Cayson of Battle America announced this morning that St. Louis will host one of the most unexpected battles of 2012, Loaded Lux vs Midwest Miles on Friday April 13.

Harlem's Lux and Detroit's Miles, had their first classic battle in Harlem on Smack DVD in the mid 2000's. What made them decide to do a rematch? Why in St. Louis? More info coming soon.

UPDATE: April Fool's?

King Of The Dot Presents: Madness vs HFK

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


URL's E. Beasley vs Arsonal Da Rebel

Arsonal took a trip to This Is 50 Radio to speak to Maya The B and Heineken about the Ultimate Warrior battles in Jersey and air some grievances with URL. Beasley calls in to defend URL. Beasley talked to Ars like his son lol

Queen Of The Ring Presents: Raine vs Ms. Murk

Another good match from QOTR's Watch The Throne event, this one between Bronx vet Raine and newcomer from Memphis, Ms. Murk. Shout out to Vague, Babs and Debo.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Breaking News: Hollow Da Don Returns To Prison

Some unfortunate news for battle rap fans. One of the best in the game, Hollow Da Don, is behind bars again for a while. He had previously made mention of possibly serving some time again from his twitter a few months ago and I'd been hearing he was trying to take care of some open cases and try to get a battle in Canada's King of the Dot. As most of you know he spent a few months in jail after his battle with Big T in 2010.

His last tweet, 10 days ago he stated "LOM 4 life, sorry to da REAL fans" and the LOM clothing twitter page posted "Free my nigga Hollow Da Don!!!" this morning. I'll get the details for yall as soon as possible. stay tuned to