Saturday, April 7, 2012

Charlie Clips Vs X-Factor Preview

Posted to twitter/instagram by Twizz today. The wait is almost over. The world finally gets to see what 100 of us saw in February. Did X-Factor really get killed as bad as people say? Did Charlie Clips rap too long? Where does this battle place the both of them in rank on the battle scene from here on? All of these questions will be answered pretty soon.

Funny thing about this battle, I totally doubted Clips could beat X-Factor. I straight up told Charlie he was gonna get killed. Second time in a row I had to eat my words. I'll never doubt that fat man ever again. He's on a silent war path and he's not stopping any time soon. Anyone stepping in front of him risks being humiliated.

X-Factor is amazing. No matter how you feel after watching this battle you can't deny his talents. He's come a long way from being considered a choke artist. Now he's like the only one not choking and stumbling these days. His bars are dope, wordplay is top notch, and when it comes to overall presence, he moves around the stage like he owns it.

I just wish it wasn't a one round battle. Oh well. I look forward to seeing Charlie Clips vs. Big T and X-Factor vs Aye Verb in Chicago next month.

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