Monday, April 16, 2012

X-Factor Doesn't Need Our Applause

"I don't need it"

The evening we all left the URL VIP event after witnessing Charlie Clips battle X-Factor, and X went on a rampage crying about "crowd bias", I told niggas X had no reason to complain. His bars were crazy and he didn't even have to rap as long as Clips. The footage would speak for itself.

Although I thought Clips won that night, a lot of fans including me, are giving this battle to X-Factor. He was THAT good.

Secondly, the picture above is one of two moments in the battle when the crowd started going crazy for X and he shut them up telling them "I don't need it." Wait. I'm confused. How do you call a crowd bias for cheering on the other guy but when they wanna cheer for you, you basically tell them to shut the fuck up? Then go home crying on twitter about the battle being unfair?

I'm beginning to not take this battle shit serious any more. Niggas complain about NY more than the people that live here. They say we're the most biased crowd but no one has yet to answer to why Rich Dolarz got booed soon as he touched the stage in Detroit.


  1. Because nigas already knew that rich is one of the worst and had no business in dat ring wit x. And did he deserve an applause dat night? all

  2. that stated giving that nigga sympathy cheers, but true shit when Clips said some ok shit the crowd was going crazy, when X said some hot shit the crowd would go, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm