Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Respect: Amzilla Uses Tall T's Death As A Punchline

Amzilla vs Luciano Crakk by otbva I should start saving my tweets. I called this early. For those that dont know, Stockton California battle rapper Tall T was murdered last month, shot at point blank range while with his girlfriend in a park. It made the news and sent shockwaves through the battle world amongst fans and artists alike. The show off support to his crew the SONS and his family was tremendous. But the battle scene being as ruthless (and sometimes really ignorant) as it is, I knew it wouldnt take long for someone to make light of his death and use it in a battle. Team HOMI member Amzilla battles Luciano Crakk, a member of the SONS crew and went for the lowest blow possible at the end of his third round. (13:25 mark in the vid)

"For the bills I don't play right, it's like I'm cheating motherfucker. I'll shoot this nigga in borad day light, Tall T this motherfucker!"

When Shotgun Suge dissed Proof in his battle with Calicoe he set the precedent. Yeah this is entertainment but aint nothing funny about disrespecting the dead for the sake of a hot line. ever. This type of shit is pathetic. I don't ever wanna hear Amzilla rap again. He's really corny for this. The Rest In Peace shout out doesnt negate the sucker shit buddy.

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  1. Its the nature of the beast. but smallish is expendable to team homi