Monday, September 10, 2012

Did Nas Ghostwrite For Loaded Lux? Or Is This Just The Best Round Ever?

He gives respect to Aye Verb by referencing his classic 3rd round breakdown of Hitman Holla and the relationship between him and his father earlier when he says "If you noticed I mentioned Verb in that other round....Remember in that Holla beef when he checked the child? I'm bettin Cal that Holla the stick man and you wore the wedding gown. All I'm saying is yall married yo in scenarios same death and style" Then it gets ugly as Lux proceeds to school Calicoe. Read slow you might appreciate the realness of it.

I want yall to picture this as I paint the slide
Tombstone grain and scribe "here lies my beloved." Grave this wide.
I mean I had that much love for you. I know that cuz you got that much hate for I.
Don't want you to hang your eye, not for a second lil nigga catch it, brace your vibe.
Be froze, for death is cold. I wanna search your soul
And hold on to whatever holds it exposing the pain you hide
Bring me mine nigga, ah.
Now I don't wanna break this bond,
I just wanna break the cycle.
Thank your moms I liked you for nights he didn't write you
She stayed alive so your days could shine.
I might do one better, with a letter to tell her I appreciate her kind.
How strong a queen she is, and any man would be lucky for her to be made his bride
But see I take in mind your situation. And though I never met your father I see a lot of his ways in your stride
I mean you got that "talk it how I walk it" kind of attitude, you know its real good that he gave you pride
Every son should be proud of his father, and I look at my little one and I want the same for mine
That's why when I look up at you, I see what he can go through when a father don't take the time
I think its fucked up when them people gave him all that time
You wanna know what's even more fucked up?
For all them years he got away from you, has only been a way for you
To be more together would have been a cage in five *
That's why I'm angry guy
Cuz he didn't take the steps now you chase his rep but them running shoes aint your size
They say don't whine over spilled milk
But what a man supposed to do when his baby's crying?
Oh he say shit like "you know it cost to be the boss" what he too good for a paying job?
What was wrong with being a cable guy? A real estate agent, why?
Was that nigga too cool to go to flight school and learn how to fly planes through the friendly skies?
But nah, he told you he had to do what he had to do to put food on yall plate to dine.
You mean to tell me all that slanging and banging was to give yall greater lives when God gave him drive?
And that Big Meech back up singing ass nigga left your moms out here alone for the latest ride?
That don't plague your mind?
Them mistakes aint guides?
And you wonder why them Shotgun Suge shells still ate your spine?
"Look what Ray Ray got Lil Jimmy out here in New York doing!"
Tell your OG Bobby Johnson you tried to steal the wrong radio this time.
Something to think about next time you on stage waving signs,
Trying to be like the only daddy you got, I understand you wanna keep his name alive.
But youngin' I'm tryin to save you from your demise
You said it yourself  "my pops was a real. NIGGER" youngin that aint no lie.
He was in the business that the system perpetuates from the side
To keep us in the condition where we aint made to survive
But you think he a God
Well let me ask you this, would you kill at will* to save yourself nigga?
Yeah I aint think that was wise.

If you can't see the skill displayed in that (which isn't even the whole verse) I feel sorry for you. You don't know rap. Battle rap, rap songs, you just don't know rap period. This wasn't just a bunch of rambling, this was metaphors and real rap. From a nigga with metaphors that can really rap. Get it?

- Nix

* = possible misquote. but you get it


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